Chapter 82: Snatch!

When the three martial warriors saw Wang Teng digging up a star core from the corpse of this volcano salamander, they were flabbergasted.
They hurriedly went to the one they killed and cut opened its stomach…

There was nothing!

They searched for a long time, but they didn’t find anything!

Was this the difference between a lucky and an unlucky person?

Wang Teng looked at the trio and suddenly felt that their faces were a bit black.

Ji Quan took a deep breath and looked at the star core in Wang Teng’s hands.
He was slightly jealous as he said, “Wang Teng, you are really lucky.
There are only two star beasts, and one of them actually had a star core.
You even killed the one that had it.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m more handsome,” Wang Teng replied casually.

The three martial warriors: …

We’re sorry that we’re ugly!

The three martial warriors felt as though a horde of horses had stampeded on their hearts and trampled on their small weak souls.

“It looks like you have already resolved the issue!”

At this moment, a voice came from the entrance of the cave.
A valiant-looking man walked out the next instant.

Wang Teng turned around and met the man’s gaze.
A powerful aura surged towards him, leaving him dumbstruck.

What a terrifying aura.
Who is this person?

The moment this thought appeared in Wang Teng’s mind, the three martial warriors ran forward instantly and bowed in respect.



Wang Teng was shocked senseless when he heard this address.
A stunned expression was written all over his face.

There was only one person in the entire Donghai who had the right to use this address.

The governor of Donghai!

The most powerful person in the entire Donghai.

If Director He was a tycoon, the governor of Donghai was the tycoon among the tycoons.

Wang Teng had lived twice.
If he hadn’t practiced martial arts the second time, based on his original status and identity, he would never be able to meet someone at this level.
However, he met him now, and the person was just in front of his eyes.

“I’ve seen your performance during the actual combat assessment.
Not bad,” Governor Jiang suddenly spoke to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng didn’t expect the guy would compliment him.
His heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly replied in a modest tone, “You’re speaking too highly of me.”

Governor Jiang nodded.
He didn’t continue and turned to look at the three martial warriors.
“You killed these two star beasts in time and prevented the volcano from erupting.
You will gain merit!”

The three martial warriors were elated.
They exchanged glances with one another.
Just as they were about to say something, hurried footsteps were heard outside the cave.

Director He, Fu Tiandao, and Qin Hanxuan had arrived.

“The examinees have all been sent to safe places.
However, there are many deaths,” Director He walked beside Governor Jiang and whispered to him.

Governor Jiang nodded expressionlessly.

Director He immediately felt pressured.
Large beads of perspiration filled up his forehead.

He bent down slightly and saw Wang Teng and the two star beasts’ corpses from the corner of his eyes.
A glimmer appeared in his eyes.

“Ji Quan, you killed these two star beasts?” Director He suddenly asked the three martial warriors.

Ji Quan smiled bitterly and replied, “Governor, Director He, we only killed one of the two star beasts.
The other star beast was killed by Wang Teng here.
Without his help, we wouldn’t have been able to complete this mission.”

The second he finished speaking, everyone was shocked.
Their gazes immediately landed on Wang Teng, who was standing at the side, in unplanned unison.

Director He had somewhat predicted this situation.

He had a clearer understanding of the three martial warriors’ abilities, so he knew that it was difficult for them to tackle two star beasts at once, much less kill them in such a short period.

Thus, there was a high possibility that someone had lent them a hand!

Besides this little young man, Wang Teng, who hid his true capabilities, he couldn’t think of anyone else.

However, he was still astounded and suspicious when he heard that Wang Teng had killed a star beast alone.

He wasn’t the only one.
Even Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan, who already knew that Wang Teng was a martial warrior, found it surprising.

Becoming a martial warrior at his age was impressive enough.
If he also possessed the battle prowess to kill a star beast alone, this fellow must be a monster!

The two principles of Bailian Martial House and Leiting Martial House were also in disbelief.
They stared at the three martial warriors and asked, “Are you sure that this fellow killed the star beast alone?”

“Are you sure?” Governor Jiang frowned and questioned them too.

Martial warrior!

And he was able to kill a star beast!

Was there really such an amazing and extremely talented genius in this batch of examinees?

“Ji Quan, you need to be responsible for your words.
Don’t compromise your own interest,” Director He reminded him.

Although he wished that Wang Teng was able to make a stellar performance and gain Governor Jiang’s attention, he didn’t want the three martial warriors to lie to them.

Ji Quan gave a bitter smile and replied, “Governor Jiang, Director He, how can we lie to you about this? If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at the wound on the volcano salamander’s corpse.
It died not long ago, so traces of Force should still be left.
The Force on it is different from ours.”

Governor Jiang and the other leaders came beside the corpse.
They observed and felt the wound.
Soon, they made their judgment.

“Indeed, there’s only one Force!”

“But, this Force is…”

“Ice Force!”

The next moment, Wang Teng felt the intense gazes of multiple powerful bosses landing on his body.
An uncomfortable feeling engulfed his entire body, and he shuddered.

Ice Force was a special mutated Force outside the five main element Forces, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

In summary, these five basic Forces were more commonly seen while the other mutated Forces were harder to find.
These mutated Forces were powerful, and they also came with special effects.

The ability to possess a mutated Force was a sign of his talent.
Other people could only be envious.

Governor Jiang suddenly burst out laughing.
He patted Wang Teng’s shoulder heavily and said, “You’re good.
You’re very good.

“Our Donghai will definitely shine this year.
Let’s see who dares to look down on us!”

The other leaders were elated too.
All of them started chiming in.

“The governor is right.
Donghai will definitely make its mark this year!”

“That’s right.
We’ll show the other large provinces that as a coastal special economic zone, our Donghai is an important city too.
We will not lose to them!”

“Good boy, are you interested in joining my Leiting Martial House? You can make any request!”

“Jiang Hong, where is your face? Wang Teng, why don’t you come to my Bailian Martial House? Whatever Leiting Martial House can give you, we can give you more.”

“You two bastards, Wang Teng is a member of my Jixin Martial House.
How can you be so shameless and snatch my man right in front of me?”

Fu Tiandao was jumping around in anger.

These two people were so shameless! How could they be so forthright! Were they looking down on him?

“I’ve asked my men to check.
Wang Teng is just a martial disciple student at your Jixin Martial House.
He isn’t an official martial warrior member.
He has the right to choose.” Gu Hefei sneered.

“That’s right.
He can choose the person who gives him the most benefits.
That’s absolutely normal!” Jiang Hong crossed his arms in front of his chest and said calmly.

“Oh my temper, are you looking for a fight? Come, come, come…”

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