Wang Teng forcefully caused a devil lord to explode.
The scene was gruesome.

All the devil lords pulled a long face.
They were astounded and infuriated.
Anyone who witnessed their fellow companion getting beaten up so badly would be dumbstruck.

The other alien candidates were in awe too.
They couldn’t describe their emotions.

They were planetary-stage martial warriors, but they knew they couldn’t replicate what Wang Teng had done.
He had destroyed the body of a devil lord.
Moreover, it was a giant race devil lord who was known for his tough body.

In the battlecraft floating around the parameter of the Central Continent, the martial warriors from the various countries were staring at the image on the screen with their mouths agape.
Their words seemed to be stuck in their throat.
They wanted to speak, but there was no sound.

This was a terrifying scene!

The appearance of every single devil lord level represented catastrophe.
The Xingwu Continent had suffered greatly, so all the countries knew how powerful devil lords were.

But these devil lords were being beaten by Wang Teng like sandbags.
They had no chance of retaliating at all.

The death of the giant devil lord showed how formidable Wang Teng was.
This astounded all the general-stage martial warriors from Earth.

The important figures from the White Eagle Nation, Country Boar, Country Star, and other big nations turned to stare at Country Xia’s battlecraft.
They didn’t hide the envy and jealousy in their eyes.

Why was there such a huge difference?

Why didn’t an indomitable talent appear in their country? Why did Country Xia have one?

The martial warriors had a mental breakdown.
Their eyes turned red.

After witnessing the power of planetary-stage martial warriors, they finally understood that a major shift was happening in the world.

Just like the Industrial Revolution, this was a chance for civilization to take a major leap.

The opportunity was right in front of them!

Such a revolution also meant a reshuffling of the major powers.

The rise of Country Xia, which had Wang Teng, was inevitable.
They might even obtain the leading role after the dust settled.

Many thoughts went through the martial warriors’ minds.
The battle in front of them hadn’t ended, but they were already contemplating the future.

This was the mindset of a politician.

The Leader of martial arts and the other martial warriors in Country Xia’s battlecraft were thunderstruck.
Then, boundless joy overcame them.

“Good!” The Leader clapped his hands loudly.
He couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Hahaha, Wang Teng is getting stronger!” Commander Hong laughed.

Commander Yong and Commander Long nodded fervently.
They couldn’t suppress their happiness either.

People in their generation had a strong national identity, especially since they were from Country Xia.
This identity was ingrained in their souls.
Hence, they were overjoyed when they saw Wang Teng rising up.

This meant that they—or rather, Wang Teng would bring their nation to achieve unprecedented glory.

In the sky above the Central Continent.

“This fellow…” A strange glint flashed in Biluo’s eyes as she muttered to herself.
No one heard the rest of her sentence.
Only she knew what she said.

“He’s very powerful.” Kathu got excited and shouted uncontrollably, “Wang Teng, fight with me after this battle.”

“Go away, you ugly freak!” Wang Teng glanced at Kathu in surprise and replied to him in a cold voice.

Kathu’s expression froze.
The corners of his lips twitched violently.

Am I ugly? You should give a better reason if you want to reject me, you bastard!

Wang Teng couldn’t care less about him.
He was elated because he would receive many attribute bubbles since he killed another devil lord.

He swept his spiritual power over and picked up the attribute bubbles around him.

Constellation Force (Dark)*2300

Imperial Realm Spirit*520

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*240

Wang Teng felt that he had become extremely composed as the bubbles merged into his body.

Wang Teng could face his gains calmly after picking up attribute bubbles from three devil lords consecutively.

However, when he saw the Three Heads Six Arms attribute, his expression still changed.

He did wonder if there would be a similar attribute, but he didn’t think it really existed.
It was worth killing that giant devil lord.

He didn’t know how to use these dark apparitions’ physiques in the past, but he was enlightened now.

This physique was extremely useful when combined with the Heart Of Magnetic Essence!

The Heart Of Magnetic Essence had a high upper limit, so Wang Teng could use it for a long time.
He might be able to continue using it even after he reached the celestial stage or higher.

He recalled the feeling of smashing the giant devil lord to death.
Although the method was crude and simple, it felt refreshing.

Wang Teng focused on the changes in his body.

The Three Heads Six Arms attribute was similar to the Eight Arms Devil Physique he had received in the past.
They were both physique talents, but one had three heads.

Hmm… he wouldn’t become smarter with three heads, but his vision would improve.
There wouldn’t be any blind spots.

Well, that sounds quite useful.

Please call me Nezha Wang Teng in the future!

After collecting the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng turned to Argus.
He saw the anger on his face and said nonchalantly, “I’m sorry.
I killed him accidentally and forgot to leave a body for you.”

Argus felt his eyelids trembling.
He wanted to curse, but he couldn’t.
It was so annoying.

This bastard was definitely doing it on purpose!

His attitude was a little bad, but Wang Teng didn’t have to stimulate him like this.

This fellow is narrow-minded!

Argus suddenly regretted offending Wang Teng.
This young man wasn’t someone easy to bully.

However, this thought only appeared in his mind for a split second.
His pride as a universe talent forbade him from admitting his mistake.

Argus stared at Wang Teng indifferently and sneered.
“Don’t think too highly of yourself.
All you did was kill a devil lord.”

“Really? You sure are talking big.
Why don’t you kill one?” Wang Teng sneered.

“Open your eyes and look carefully.” Argus snorted and turned away from Wang Teng.
After locking onto a devil lord, he charged over angrily.

The vampire devil lord was fighting with an alien candidate.
The alien candidate was at a disadvantage and had suffered many serious injuries on his body.
Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.
He looked miserable.

“Move!” Argus dashed over and shouted at the alien candidate.
Then, he threw his punches at the vampire devil lord.

The alien candidate was mad at Argus for looking down on him, but at the same time, he felt fortunate.
He didn’t linger around and retreated far away.
Staying alive was the most important thing.

Argus collided with the vampire dark apparition.
He might have said that he didn’t care, but Wang Teng did stimulate him.
Thus, when he attacked, he used his ultimate move directly.
A terrifying fist aura swept toward the vampire.

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