ils constricted uncontrollably, and he was flabbergasted.

Wang Teng possessed the Forces of all five elements!

Even Argus was shocked.
He forgot to be angry at Wang Teng for interfering with his duel and stared at him absentmindedly.

How could this Earthling possess such talent?!

As a renowned universe talent, he felt a little jealous.

The other alien talents also noticed the situation on this side and were astounded.
Was Wang Teng really an Earthling? How could he be so talented?

Everyone found it unbelievable.
It was hard to imagine such a gifted martial warrior being born on this underdeveloped planet.

The giant devil lord didn’t dare to let down his guard when he saw Wang Teng pouncing on him.
He retaliated instantly.

His eyes turned bloodshot, and black light swarmed around his body.
His killing intent was burning as if he had used some secret scripture.

A powerful aura erupted from his body.

This giant devil lord was a formidable figure too.
Instead of retreating, he shot forward and welcomed Wang Teng’s eight fists with his thick arm.

An intense battle ensued.
This was a battle of fists.
It was simple and crude.

The giant race was known for their tough bodies, so they always used their physical body to suppress their opponents.

Unfortunately, he met the unpredictable Wang Teng.
Instead of having an advantage, he was the one getting beaten.

The giant devil lord didn’t have the time and effort to take care of all the eight arms hurled at him.
It was hard to fight against four arms, much less eight!

The devil lord was on the brink of tears.

The giant devil lord raised his arms and stopped the attack from two rock arms.
Just when he was about to pull his arms back, Wang Teng suddenly opened his fists and grabbed the giant devil lord’s wrists.

The giant devil lord’s expression changed.
All his muscles tensed up, and strong energy exploded from his body as he tried to break free from the rock arm’s control.

The two rock arms seemed to have frozen in the air.
They remained firm and tight.
He couldn’t pull his arms out.

“Your strength is too weak.
You can’t fight with me.” Wang Teng snorted.
The other six arms slammed down aggressively.

As the six fists crashed into the giant devil lord’s body, all five Forces exploded.
One of the arms even contained poison Force.
It invaded the giant devil lord’s body while hiding within the five basic element Forces.

Wang Teng was indeed sly.
The five elements weren’t enough.
He had to add more ingredients.

Even a devil lord wouldn’t be able to handle the poison of the Demon Lotus Poison Body.

The muscles on the giant devil lord’s body sunk in.
He suffered a serious injury as the five basic element Forces, along with the poison Force, exploded in his body.
He opened his huge mouth and bellowed in anger while struggling frantically.
He wanted to break free from Wang Teng but couldn’t.

Wang Teng controlled the remaining six arms and attacked the devil lord again and again.
All the fists landed squarely on his body.
The frightening energy and the boundless Force surged into the devil lord’s body.

“No!” The giant devil lord started to get frightened as Wang Teng’s fists landed on him.
Fear crept up his heart, and he roared in terror.

His voice was soon overpowered by an explosion.

The giant devil lord’s body… had exploded!

Wang Teng blew up his body with brute force.
Flesh and blood rained down in the air, splattering all over the ground.

There was dead silence after the spectators saw this scene.

Argus stopped in his tracks without a word.
His face turned green, and he lost his voice.

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