The sudden appearance of light Force astounded everyone.
Especially the dark apparitions.
Light Force was their nemesis as it could restrain their dark Force.

They were like the day and night, complete opposites.

No one expected light Force to appear here.
Moreover, it came from a talent from the universe.

All the devil lords’ gazes landed on Biluo.

What kind of gaze was that?

They wanted to skin her alive and tear her into pieces!

All along, the dark apparitions had only one rule towards the possessors of light Force.

They would kill them before these martial warriors could grow up.

Every martial warrior who possessed light Force was a huge threat to the dark apparitions.
They would never allow them to grow powerful.

Argus, Kathu, and the other alien candidates turned their heads too.
They were also astounded by the fact that Biluo possessed light Force.

Light Force was rare.
Not many people had it.

Biluo’s light Force was more powerful than the wood Force she had been using all this while.
That meant that her true power was many times greater than what she displayed.

Biluo expected this reaction from the dark apparitions, but she was still shocked.
She felt a little scared when so many devil lords glared at her.
Her hair stood on ends.

However, she didn’t have the time to care about this.
Defeating Black Incubus in front of her was the top priority.

Biluo turned into a ray of white light and charged toward Black Incubus.

A battle ensued.
Biluo seemed to have turned into a goddess of light.
She soared through the sky, releasing powerful light Force in her every attack as she hurled it at Black Incubus.

Black Incubus kept moving back her hideous body.
The flesh on her body hissed as it got stained with light Force.
It started melting at a visible speed and turned into wisps of black smoke dispersing in the air.

“This lady is quite powerful.” Wang Teng was stunned.
He almost swallowed his tongue when he saw Biluo’s transformation.

He thought that Biluo was just a wood-element martial warrior.
He didn’t know that she was hiding her light Force, which seemed more powerful than her wood Force.
It was at least at the fourth level of the planetary stage.

She was bathing in white light like a goddess descending from heaven.

She switched on her goddess of light mode!

However, very soon, Wang Teng’s gaze was attracted by the attribute bubbles dropping on the ground without stopping.

Constellation Force (Dark)*130

Constellation Force (Dark)*120

Constellation Force (Light)*180

Constellation Force (Light)*220

This is good stuff.
This is the attribute I’m lacking the most.
I must pick it up quickly. Wang Teng smiled brightly.
He hurriedly released his spiritual power and collected the attribute bubbles diligently.

Seems like I’m not needed.
I didn’t know Biluo had this trump card.
It should be a piece of cake for her to finish Black Incubus.

Wang Teng collected the attribute bubbles and wondered to himself as he rubbed his chin.

While he was deep in thought, the situation in the sky changed.
Glaring light Force exploded from Biluo’s body, piercing Black Incubus like a large light Force sword.

Black Incubus gave a scream of agony.
Her voice was shrill and ear-piercing.
Everyone felt their eardrums hurting.

Black smoke wafted out of her mass of flesh.
She was getting purified by the light Force at a fast rate.
Parts of her body disappeared, and the large ball of rotten flesh disintegrated quickly.

“Let’s die together!” A crazy and furious yell escaped Black Incubus’s throat.
Her countless eyeballs swelled, and veins covered her flesh as if she had eaten a blood bomb.

Biluo’s expression changed slightly.
Force swarmed out of her body and turned into a defense shield.
At the same time, she retreated hurriedly, wanting to escape from the vicinity of Black Incubus.

The other devil lords squinted as they looked in this direction.

Black Incubus was forced into such a tight corner!

The next second, a terrifying explosion occurred at the spot where Black Incubus’s body was.
It resounded in the entire sky while violent Force fluctuations swept through the area.

With the explosion as the center point, the trees in a circular radius started to tumble and were destroyed by the strong residual forces.

The ground quaked.
Huge cracks appeared on the land, spreading out like spiderwebs.
Next, the entire ground collapsed.

The black explosion in the sky blossomed like a mushroom, releasing its beauty in the sky.

The residual impact traveled for more than a thousand miles.
It was exceptionally frightening.

The formidable martial warriors retreated involuntarily.

Biluo wasn’t able to escape in time and got swallowed by the explosion.
There was no sign of her.

Argus, Kathu, and the other alien candidates stared in the direction and furrowed their brows.
Unfortunately, they were held back by their opponents, so they couldn’t reinforce her.

After some time, the dark Force glow scattered in the air.
A white figure was finally revealed.

The white glow was a little weak and faint.
It was on the verge of collapsing.

She was in a bad state.
Her breathing was weak, and her face was pale.
Blood was dripping down the corners of her lips.
She had suffered grievous injuries.

Fortunately, she had managed to stay alive.

Black Incubus’s large body had already disappeared.
She seemed to have vanished from the world.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief.
The human side had gained a small victory in this battle.

If Biluo was killed, it would be a huge blow to humans.
After all, she was one of the five great stars in the universe.
If she got defeated, the other people wouldn’t have the morale to continue fighting with the dark apparitions.

However, at this moment, a change occurred.

“Be careful!” Argus warned Biluo in a loud voice.

Biluo’s expression changed.
She felt a chill behind her, aimed directly at her back.

Her face turned white as despair overwhelmed her.
With her current state and injury, she couldn’t evade the attack, much less resist.

But the expected pain didn’t come.
Instead, a dull thud was heard.

Biluo turned around hurriedly.
To her surprise, she saw a familiar figure blocking her back.

Biluo was filled with disbelief.
She didn’t expect Wang Teng to act.
Mind you, he had been standing at the side and watching her indifferently.
Yet, he still saved her.

What did this young man have up his sleeve?

“Don’t misunderstand me.
I just want to finish the duel I had with that skeleton,” Wang Teng replied in a calm voice without turning his head.
He seemed to know what she was thinking.

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