Black Incubus’s body puffed up like a balloon, emitting intense black light.
It looked like a black sun.

This sudden change attracted everyone’s attention!

A devil lord had executed the terrifying devil transformation!

Mind you, devil transformation was a special skill that devil lords possessed.
The devil transformation of every devil lord was different.

But there was one similarity.
They were all powerful and frightening!

Of course, devil transformation wasn’t something they could execute whenever they felt like it.
Not many dark apparitions were willing to use this skill unless they were forced into a tight corner.

The devil lords in the area were astounded.
All of them turned and looked at Black Incubus.

“Wow, Black Incubus executed her devil transformation.” The green ghost flames in Wu Gu’s eye sockets jumped violently.
He moved his jaws and made a weird sound.

“What is she doing? That human lady didn’t have the power to force her to this stage.” A vampire devil lord frowned.

“Idiot!” The sheep-head devil lord scoffed.

The other devil lords wore different expressions on their faces.
Some sneered, some frowned… these dark apparitions weren’t as harmonious as they seemed.

They didn’t know that Wang Teng was the reason why Black Incubus executed her devil transformation so quickly.

Yes, it was that simple.
There were no other reasons!

They didn’t understand Black Incubus’s plight.
Wang Teng stood at the side without doing anything, but it gave her immense mental pressure.
Hence, she decided to unleash her devil transformation.

Of course, another reason was that Biluo’s ability was on par with her.
She couldn’t take her down easily, so she had to do this.

“Oh my, devil transformation!” Wang Teng looked up and exclaimed in surprise.

This was the third devil transformation he saw.
The first time was this Black Incubus Devil Lord and the second time was Devil Lord Chi Yan.

That fellow was still in Wang Teng’s space fragment.
He had to suffer the burn from three divine fires continuously.
This pain was worse than being imprisoned under Mount Saint.

At that time, he was only tormented by one divine fire.
Now, there was the flame of light, the Emerald Glazed Flame, and the dark Flame.

One could imagine how painful it was.

The third time also belonged to Black Incubus.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t who he was in the past anymore.
He wasn’t a newbie who hadn’t even reached the general stage.
He was already a planetary-stage martial warrior!

No matter how powerful Black Incubus’s devil transformation was, she wouldn’t exceed the fifth-level planetary stage.

Hence… Wang Teng could still wreck her!

Biluo saw this scene, and her face turned grim.

These aliens were extremely familiar with the dark apparitions.
They didn’t just exist on Earth.
There were signs of dark apparitions everywhere in the universe.

It seemed that there were records of dark apparitions ever since the birth of the universe and the existence of civilizations.

Naturally, there were many records of battle experiences with the dark apparitions over the centuries.
Hence, there was detailed data on the devil transformation.

Biluo understood how scary it was.

At this moment, the glaring black light retracted, revealing the current appearance of Black Incubus.

Her body had expanded greatly.
She looked like a mashed-up ball of rotten flesh, which was squirming with flesh whiskers hanging down and flying in the air.

The thin purple long hair turned as thick as a giant python.
It danced wildly.
A pair of sharp horns grew out from it.
It gave off an eerie and sharp glint.

Numerous blood-red eyeballs were etched in the flesh.
They looked evil and ghastly.

She opened her giant mouth, revealing her sharp teeth that looked like a sawtooth.
Saliva dripped down uncontrollably as she gave a loud roar that sounded neither human nor beastly.

Wang Teng realized that Black Incubus’s appearance was a little different from before.
She didn’t have so many eyeballs in the past.

These eyeballs were scattered around Black Incubus’s body.
Anyone with trypophobia would probably shudder in fear and pee on the spot if they saw her.

What the f**k, she transformed?

Wang Teng was startled as he muttered to himself.

Black Incubus twirled her pupils as if she had noticed Wang Teng’s gaze.
Her numerous eyeballs stopped on him in unison.

Her eyeballs were bloodshot and filled with chaos, evil, distortion, indifference, bitterness… and various negative emotions.

As the eyeballs turned, a savage spiritual fluctuation surged out and penetrated right into Wang Teng’s mind.

Wang Teng snorted.
A look of disdain flashed in his eyes.

His spirit was at the Planetary Realm.
This spiritual fluctuation might be chaotic, but it was only at the Imperial Realm.

Black Incubus was embarrassing herself when she tried to use her Imperial Realm Spirit to affect him!

Instantly, in Wang Teng’s consciousness, his vast and terrifying spiritual power turned into numerous bolts of lightning and struck down.
It was like the punishment from heaven.

The chaotic spiritual power was destroyed in an instant and turned into pure attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng absorbed them all.

Imperial Realm Spirit*360

Unfortunately, he was already at the Planetary Realm, so these 360 points of Imperial Realm Spirit were only 36 points of Planetary Realm Spirit to him.
But it was still the first spirit attribute bubble he received after his advancement.
It was worth mentioning.

Not bad, Black Incubus did make some contributions!

He should kill her quickly later and prevent her from suffering too much.
Of course, he would get all he could out of her first.

Wang Teng squinted.
Many thoughts went through his mind.

Black Incubus shuddered for some reason.

At the same time, she felt that wisp of spiritual power disintegrating.
Her countless pupils narrowed as they stared at Wang Teng simultaneously.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid, but the eyeballs were horrifying!

He glared at them.
“What are you looking at? If you continue looking, I’ll eat—pfft, I mean, I’ll beat you up!”

F**k, he almost said the wrong thing!

Black Incubus looked disgusting.
He felt nauseous just looking at her.

Eat her? That was too challenging!

Biluo stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

You almost exposed yourself! Are you still saying that you have no relationship with her?!

“Go away!” Wang Teng glared at her, feeling irritated by her gaze.

Black Incubus knew that Wang Teng wasn’t easy to deal with.
She stopped testing him and rushed towards Biluo instead.

The horrendous body was like a ball of flesh.
It opened its sharp teeth and wanted to swallow Biluo.

“F**k!” Biluo cursed uncontrollably.

This Black Incubus Devil Lord was the perfect example of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.
She couldn’t beat Wang Teng, so she attacked her.

“Do you think I’m easy to bully!” Biluo was infuriated too.
Her face turned cold, and a dazzling ball of white light erupted from her body.

She possessed the light Force!

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