Biluo’s expression changed slightly.
She didn’t dare to be careless.
Her sword conscious billowed out, forming an impenetrable defense around her.

She was the renowned martial arts talent of the Emerald Abyss Galaxy!

Ask for help? That would never happen!

She might treat Wang Teng politely, but in her heart, she more or less looked down on this martial warrior from Earth.

Some things couldn’t be erased with a few sentences.

The foundation of Earth couldn’t be compared to the Olant Federation’s at all.
The difference was wide as a chasm.

It was like a noble lady from the upper-class society meeting a beggar from the slums.
No matter how outstanding the beggar was, the noble lady would never place him at the same level as her.

Wang Teng didn’t get impatient even though Biluo didn’t beg him for help.
He just smiled and watched them from the side.

He understood what these alien candidates were thinking.
They were a bunch of arrogant and conceited fellows.

Their arrogance made them look down on martial warriors from Earth.
They thought they were high and mighty and above all beings on this underdeveloped planet.

Wang Teng would step on the dignity of these talents and rub it on the ground.

They looked down on Earthlings, right?

Well, he would crumble and destroy their pride.
If the dark apparitions hadn’t invaded them, Wang Teng would have looked for the alien candidates and defeated them one by one.

Since these talents placed so much importance on this trial, he would turn their trial into nothing.

This was the real revenge.

Wang Teng was a true-blue Earthling.
He had deep feelings toward his homeland.

These alien candidates descended on his planet as invaders and treated this place as their trial ground as if it was a hunting ground for opportunities.
As an Earthling, he couldn’t accept this.

At this moment, Black Incubus’s eight clones surrounded Biluo in all directions and slashed a black blade glow in the air.

“Die!” An angry scream came out of her mouth.
It was filled with ruthless killing intent.

She knew better than Biluo how scary Wang Teng was.
Before he reached the general stage, he could already force her into a miserable state, much less now.

No one should underestimate this fellow!

Biluo’s expression turned grim.
She realized that all the eight blade attacks were real.
They weren’t illusions.

She was in disbelief.
Since not all the eight clones were real, how could they release eight real attacks at the same time?

Biluo turned serious.
Even as an outstanding talent, she had to remain cautious in front of eight mighty blows from a devil lord.

The constellation Force in her body churned violently.
It turned into numerous sword glows and merged into the defense shield around her, protecting her from all corners.

Just as she completed her move, the eight black glows fell on her.

The black Force glow and the green Force glow exploded when they met, engulfing Biluo completely.
No one could see what was happening inside.

Powerful Force impact echoed in their surroundings.
A large patch of sky-towering trees collapsed, throwing dust and soil into the sky.

Black Incubus stared intently at the center of the explosion.
Suddenly, her expression changed.

A figure shot out from the center.
Her long green hair was a little messy, and her clothes were torn and tattered.
Blood dripped down from the corner of her lips.

Many alien candidates turned pale when they saw this scene.

Biluo was one of the five great stars, who were the most powerful and famous candidates in this trial.
Yet she was at a disadvantage when she fought with a devil lord!

“You’re not dead.” A sharp glint flashed in Black Incubus’s eyes.
She was shocked.

“You don’t have the power to kill me.” Biluo might look a little disheveled, but her expression didn’t change.
She had her pride as a top talent of her generation.

Even if she couldn’t win, she mustn’t lose her dignity.

Constellation Force (Wood)*800

Constellation Force (Dark)*950

Darkness Clone Technique*360

Wang Teng happily picked up the attribute bubbles at the side.
Then, he looked at Biluo and gloated in her misery.
“Are you alright? If you can’t handle it, you can seek my help.
Don’t be so stubborn!”

To hell with being so stubborn!

The corners of Biluo’s eyes twitched slightly, and she almost couldn’t maintain her expression.

How could he make such irresponsible and sarcastic remarks?

She glared at him from the corner of her eyes.

“How heartless.
We’re old friends, but you’re helping this lady to kill me.” Black Incubus winked seductively at Wang Teng, pretending to be heartbroken.

Wang Teng was stunned.
He stared at Black Incubus in astonishment.

Black Incubus might look beautiful, but Wang Teng still remembered her devil transformation.
It was etched deep in his mind.

Whenever he recalled the assembly of decayed flesh, his hair would stand on ends.

It was so disgusting! Sob.

However, Biluo didn’t know anything.
She turned and looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.

This fellow had a relationship with this dark apparition?

Although love between different races was touching, she had to admit that Wang Teng had a unique taste.

You can never judge a book by its cover.

“F**k, what does that expression mean?” Wang Teng was infuriated.

This lady thought that he had some weird relationship with this female dark apparition?! He couldn’t bear it.

Right then, Black Incubus vanished.
She took the chance when Wang Teng and Biluo were distracted to launch her attack.

She wanted to kill Biluo as soon as possible.
She felt helpless even though she was a devil lord.
This was too difficult!

She felt ill at ease because Wang Teng was eyeing her as if she was his prey.
Fortunately, Wang Teng never went by the script.
If the two humans worked together, she could only run away.

She needed to finish this lady before he decided to act.

Biluo had been vigilant of Black Incubus all this while.
Seeing her attack, she moved too.

The human and the dark apparition turned into two lingering shadows as they collided fervently in the air.

“Tsk, women are so brutal when they’re fighting,” Wang Teng clicked his tongue as he exclaimed.
He raised his head, touching his chin as he watched them.

Biluo was one of the most outstanding geniuses of the Emerald Abyss Galaxy.
She was extremely powerful.
When she got serious, she was on par with Black Incubus and even inflicted some serious injuries on her.

They crashed into each other again and got thrown back.
Their hair was in a mess, and they were vomiting blood.
They looked like two lunatics.

Black Incubus suddenly gave an ear-piercing roar.
A thick black glow erupted from her body and started expanding like a black heart palpitating furiously.

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