the dark apparitions.

“Alright, here it is.” Wu Gu took out the spiritual contract they had signed the previous time and threw it to the devil lords.

The spiritual contract opened automatically in mid-air.
The devil lords slit their fingers casually and signed their names on the scroll with a wave of their hands.

The scroll flew down to the alien candidates.

The alien candidates, including the top talents like Argus, Kathu, and Biluo signed their names without any hesitation.

They were similar in their attitudes towards the dark apparitions.
They would fight for their lives!

Wang Teng’s gaze shimmered when he saw this scene.

It looked like dark apparitions existed in other parts of the universe too.
This was why the alien martial warriors weren’t surprised when they saw them and even chose to face them together.

This was good.
He didn’t have to worry about anyone creating trouble.

In the current circumstances, he needed to rely on the strength of these alien candidates if he wanted to save Earth.

Wang Teng opened his mouth excitedly after everyone had signed the contract.
“Come, let’s start.
I can’t wait.”

Everyone glared at Wang Teng as if he were an idiot.
They had countless complaints pent up in their hearts that they didn’t know how to express.

These were dark apparitions!

It wasn’t hard to guess how tragic and intense the battle would be.

However, this brat was getting all excited like it wasn’t even a huge thing!

“Hehe, let’s get started.” Wu Gu let out a weird laugh and looked at the devil lords behind him.
“Who wants to play first?”

“I’ll go.” An enormous giant apparition who was almost five meters tall came out, speaking with a thick, thunderous voice.

“Wow, what a huge one.” Wang Teng took a step back and looked at the alien candidates with a frightened expression.
“This guy seems so strong.
One look and I know that I can’t beat him.
Does anyone want to go?”

It was so easy and natural for him to utter those words.
How shameless was he?

Furthermore, this duel was decided by him and the dark apparitions.
If he couldn’t beat them, why did he even do that?

All the alien candidates couldn’t wait to kill Wang Teng right now.

“Don’t just stand there! A friend from afar must be killed regardless of the distance!” Wang Teng saw that no one was reacting and continued to talk.

The alien candidates were stunned and speechless.
But when they heard those words, they felt that it made a bit of sense.
However, they didn’t dare to let Wang Teng continue embarrassing them.

“Hmph!” An impatient alien candidate snorted and glanced at Wang Teng contemptuously.
He stepped out with a sword in his hand, pointing it directly at the giant apparition devil lord.

“I’ll fight you!” Without another word, the candidate and the dark apparition charged toward one another.

“Kill!” The giant apparition devil lord was armed with a huge pole.
With a black streak of light, he slammed it forward.

The alien candidate was fearless.
He condensed a terrifying glow on his sword and slashed straight out.

The battle broke out in the sky.
There were streaks of black and yellow clashing against each other, producing a violent roar that resounded in all directions.

The terrifying aftermath of the Force swept across the surroundings, destroying the trees and peaks in the forest below.
The land quaked as if the doomsday was here.

After a few minutes, the yellow ball of light suddenly shattered, and the alien candidate flew out while vomiting blood.
He looked pale as he almost slammed onto the ground.

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