The gazes of the alien candidates went back and forth between Wang Teng and Loggins.

“You can’t tell Wang Teng’s strength!”

“He’s definitely at the planetary stage.
Otherwise, he couldn’t have been able to withstand Loggins’s aura.”

“But that looked too easy for him!”

“That was spiritual power, right?

“An attack that’s hard to defend against, that’s definitely spiritual power.
This Wang Teng is an extremely rare divine spirit master!”

“However, Loggins is a renowned talent of the Uros Galaxy.
How can Wang Teng be compared with him? What he did just now is tantamount to courting death!”

Discussions echoed in the surroundings, and everyone was stunned.
They all marveled at the fact that Wang Teng was a divine spirit master.

There was a divine spirit master on such a backward planet!

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Even so, they were not optimistic about Wang Teng’s chances.
They felt that he couldn’t match up to Loggins.
Angering him was like asking for his own death.

Loggins’s face was ashen, and his heart was seething with rage, almost to the point where he was about to explode.
However, he took a deep breath and calmed down before looking at Wang Teng silently.

The crowd was disappointed.

They thought that Loggins wouldn’t be able to stomach this and would definitely kill Wang Teng on the spot.
No one expected the end to be so anticlimactic.

He didn’t say a word, choosing to avoid any conflict for now.

The alien candidates were not idiots and naturally knew the reason why.
Their gazes swept over Argus and the others, and they couldn’t help but shake their heads.

With them around, Loggins wouldn’t reveal his strength just because of an Earthling.

“How boring!” Wang Teng muttered when he saw that Loggins had no intention to do anything.

“…” A throbbing vein popped up on Loggins’s head, and the muscles on his face twitched.

This brat just loves to stir trouble!

He’s literally asking for death!

The phrase appeared in the crowd’s mind.

“Everyone is here for the dark apparitions.
There is no need to do anything for a trivial matter.” Pulin, the talent of the Wood Fairy Race from the Silver-Blue Galaxy, opened his mouth.

A planetary disciple’s life and death were just a trivial matter in their eyes.

“That’s right.
Let’s talk about how we are going to deal with the dark apparitions.
Wang Teng, you probably know about the trial.
Although you are a martial warrior from Earth, you are eligible to participate since you have obtained the personal terminal.
Olant Federation’s top academy, Saint Star Pagoda, will be admitting students from the participants of the trial.
It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for you,” Biluo, the talent from Emerald Abyss Galaxy, said with a smile.

“I don’t really care about the trial.
I’ll play with you guys since I think it’s fun.” Wang Teng responded indifferently.

Biluo’s expression froze slightly.

Such a great opportunity was disregarded by Wang Teng just like that?

Biluo couldn’t believe it.

She could only say that Wang Teng was putting on an act!

Wang Teng knew that it was a great opportunity for him to be able to participate in this trial to enter the Saint Star Pagoda.
He wasn’t as casual about it as he showed.

Biluo and the others all thought so and felt that Wang Teng was just bluffing.

Wang Teng didn’t intend to explain anything to these people and found a comfortable spot on Little White’s back.
He sat down with his legs crossed.
“Oh, I’m exhausted from running around.
Since you want to talk, let’s talk.”

The spectators’ were left speechless when they saw Wang Teng’s passiveness.

Was this guy really the talent of this entire planet?

Something didn’t feel right.

He didn’t look like one with that attitude of his!

“Don’t just stand there.
Feel free to speak if you have anything to say.
Come, let’s talk.” Wang Teng prompted everyone as if he was the host.

The corners of their eyes twitched involuntarily, and a sense of helplessness emerged in their hearts.

“This duel was decided by you and the dark apparitions.
What are the rules? Tell us about it,” Biluo took a deep breath and asked helplessly.

“There aren’t any rules.
It’s just like what you’ve heard.
There’s nothing else.” Wang Teng spread his hands.

“… You decided on a duel with the dark apparitions without setting any rules?!” Biluo’s emotions went out of control again.

This brat was too infuriating!

“That’s right.
Just like that.” Wang Teng nodded.

“You!” Throbbing veins appeared on Biluo’s head.

“It looks like there’s nothing else to talk about.
Let’s wait for the dark apparitions to come.” Argus looked at Wang Teng and shook his head.
He then sat down on his spacecraft, closing his eyes.

“Hahaha, I like you.
There’s no need for a plan; we’ll just fight.” Kathu laughed as he looked at Wang Teng with bright eyes.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like guys.
Thank you.”

Biluo and the others cast strange glances at Kathu.

“…” Kathu choked suddenly as the corner of his mouth twitched.
An urge to kill Wang Teng birthed inside him out of nowhere.

He finally understood how helpless Loggins, Biluo, and the others felt.
As long as you spoke to Wang Teng, you would definitely experience it.

Wang Teng was born with the ability to mock others!

And he was especially annoying!

Kathu obediently closed his mouth, expressing that he didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Biluo and Pulin were waiting on top of their respective spacecraft, but they were extra relaxed.
They ordered their men to put out tables and chairs, even enjoying afternoon tea under their parasols.

Seeing that, Wang Teng’s eyes lit up slightly.
He asked Little White to land on Biluo’s spacecraft.

Wang Teng jumped off Little White’s back and smiled at Alais, who was sitting next to Biluo.
“Your Highness, it’s been a long time!”

While speaking, he took out a chair from his space ring and sat down naturally.

Wang Teng picked up a rather delicate-looking pastry from the table and popped it in his mouth after looking at it carefully.
While chewing, he said, “Is this a signature pastry from your universe? Let me see how the taste compares to the ones on my planet.”

:… Has anyone ever told you that you’re really shameless?” Biluo was dumbfounded.

“Yes, quite a few actually.
But I ignored them.” Wang Teng thought about it and shook his head.

“Are you here to meet your acquaintance or for my afternoon tea?” Biluo squinted.

I’m actually here to get to know you, the talent and beauty of the Emerald Abyss Galaxy,” Wang Teng replied shamelessly.

“Oh, you know me?” Biluo was a little surprised.
Wang Teng actually knew her name and that she was from the Emerald Abyss Galaxy.
How did he learn that?

“It’s not just you.
I know all the talents that are here.” Wang Teng smiled mysteriously.

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