“Hello, everyone’s here!”

Just as when everyone’s eyes were fixed on Argus and the other geniuses from Olant Federation, a peal of laughter broke their concentration.

The voice appeared out of the blue.
Even the group of planetary-stage martial warriors didn’t notice it beforehand.

The alien candidates were all startled and turned toward the source of the sound.
They saw a young man on a black crow in the sky, looking at them with a smile.

Two more people appeared behind the young man: a fatty and an octopus with dozens of tentacles.
This was quite an odd and peculiar combination!

The expressions of the alien candidates turned grave, and no one dared to underestimate this strange group.
That was because everyone knew that the fat man and the octopus were planetary-stage martial warriors.

And no one could see through the strength of the young man, which made him seem like an enigma.

What was even more surprising was that no one noticed when the three of them had appeared.

The young and golden-haired Argus had a calm expression, but there was a sharp glint in his eyes.

Kathu folded his arms and grinned slightly as he looked at Wang Teng with interest.

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Biluo was full of smiles.
She glanced at Alais, and the smile on her face became brighter.
She looked at Wang Teng with glimmering eyes.
After Biluo looked away, Alais’s eyes flickered slightly.

“It’s really him!” She felt uneasy.
It hadn’t been that long, yet he had already come this far.
It was truly unbelievable that he could compete with alien martial warriors now.

Meanwhile, Loggins and Pulin were looking at Wang Teng with different expressions.
No one knew what they were thinking.

“Who are you?” Loggins from the Uros Galaxy asked with a dull expression.

“I’m Wang Teng from Earth.
Please take good care of me!” Wang Teng smiled.

“A martial warrior from Earth!” Everyone’s eyes flashed, and the corners of their mouths showed a meaningful arc.

That was quite an introduction!

The alien martial warriors were all present there, and Wang Teng had introduced himself as an Earth martial warrior.
It was like he was trying to oppose them.

“Were you the one who released the news that there was going to be a duel with the dark apparitions?” Argus questioned.

“That’s right.
It seems that you are interested in participating as well?” Wang Teng pretended to be clueless and replied.

He released the news to attract them here, but he was putting on a pretense.
He must think that all of them were idiots.

“Do you think that you can do it alone?” Loggins said with a little contempt.

“I’ll only know after I fight them.” Wang Teng didn’t care and smiled.
“But I was the one who decided on this duel.
If you want to participate, you can either talk to the dark apparitions yourself or shut up.”

Loggins’s expression changed.

“How dare you!” behind him, an alien martial warrior shouted.

Wang Teng’s expression remained unchanged.
His gaze landed on the alien martial warrior behind Loggins, and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Since when was it your turn to speak, planetary disciple?” Jin Yuan, who was behind, seemed to understand Wang Teng well.
He glared back and shouted coldly before Wang Teng could speak.

The planetary-stage martial warriors’ aura instantly surged towards them.

In the universe, planetary disciples were martial warriors who had yet to reach the planetary stage.
They couldn’t do anything to the planetary-stage martial warriors.

The alien martial warrior’s face went pale, and he couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

“Hmph!” Loggins snorted.
His powerful aura surged out, clashing against Jin Yuan’s aura.

Although auras weren’t visible, they still made a violent roar when they clashed against each other.

Jin Yuan’s aura was instantly overpowered.

“You have no right to teach my disciple a lesson.” Loggins’s face had a cold expression as his aura rushed forward.
It wasn’t just directed at Jin Yuan but the whole group.

Jin Yuan’s expression was grim as though he was facing a great enemy.
As a talent from the Uros Galaxy meant that Loggins’s strength had to be extraordinary.

To be able to stand out in a vast galaxy, Loggins was definitely the cream of the crop.

The aura came in an instant and pressed down on the heads of Wang Teng’s group.

Loggins’s sudden move was not only to protect his own people but also to test Wang Teng, the Earth martial warrior who had suddenly appeared.

The alien talents didn’t think too much of the martial warriors on Earth.
Even if Wang Teng had reached the planetary stage, in their eyes, humans were much worse off than them.
There was no point in comparing them.

Wang Teng’s expression remained unchanged.
Just as when the aura was about to engulf them, he waved his hand gently.

With a muffled sound, the overwhelming aura evaporated.

There was a slight change in Loggins’s expression as he stared at Wang Teng.
He was quite surprised.

The other alien martial warriors were taken aback as well.
Even Argus and the others were no exception.
They all had different expressions on their faces.

Jin Yuan and Hadock’s hearts were filled with amazement as their eyes flashed.
It hadn’t been that long, and they could feel that their boss had become much stronger.

The two of them exchanged glances, making sure that there wasn’t anything wrong.
Their hearts pumped even faster.

However, Wang Teng wouldn’t let it go like this.
A bright light flashed in his eyes, and his spiritual power condensed into a formless sword before stabbing forward.

“Oh shit!” Loggins’s expression changed slightly.
He wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

The sword of spiritual power was too fast.
It had already pierced into the eyes of the planetary disciple.

The planetary disciple’s body shook.
Blood was flowing out of his seven orifices.
His body lost its support and tumbled backward.

His body fell on the top of the spacecraft.
His consciousness was gone, and he had completely lost his vitality.

“You!” Loggins’s eyes were filled with rage.

“Your subordinate’s mouth is too filthy.
Let me send him back for reformation.
You don’t have to thank me.” Wang Teng ignored his gaze.

“Bastard!” Loggins was furious.
He had never been ignored like this!

And he had never been offended like this!

This Earthling had killed his most capable subordinate in front of him.
It was like he was trampling on his face.
There was no way he could bear with it.

“If you can’t accept this, let’s fight.
I’ll be your opponent.” Wang Teng finally stopped smiling and looked at him emotionlessly.

He only had one principle when facing enemies.
If they couldn’t accept it, he’d hit them till they could!

If they still couldn’t accept it, he’d hit them till they died!

He would kill them, even if they were talents.

In an instant, the surrounding atmosphere tensed up.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on Wang Teng and Loggins.
They were either shocked, mocking, or gloating…

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