Chapter 80: Volcano Salamander

Wang Teng landed on a protruding rock on the rock wall.
He scanned the environment inside the crater.

Indeed, this looked like an extinct volcano.
The walls around him had been eroded by the wind and were fragmented.

But, this was what gave him a place to land.

Where are they?

There was no one in sight.

He frowned.
Wang Teng could only continue going down.
There were many broken layers and blindspots below, so it was tough to see.

The three martial warriors that went down a moment ago were nowhere in sight.

There must be something underneath!


Suddenly, the protruding rock that Wang Teng was stepping on cracked without any warning.
His entire center of gravity dropped, and his body fell uncontrollably.

Wang Teng stepped on a falling piece of rock in mid-air.


The rock exploded into fragments.

Wang Teng used the recoil to leap onto the nearest rock.


Just as he heaved a sigh of relief, his pupils suddenly constricted.

There’s a cave!

On the right side of the place he landed on, he could see a concealed long and narrow entrance of a cave.

He wanted to go over, but he stopped abruptly.

Spiritual Sight!

He executed his talent and saw huge amounts of fire Force seeping out from the cave.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings again and noticed that this was the source of the Force he saw spurting out of the crater.

As expected, there’s something wrong with this place!

He pondered for a moment before putting his feet forward.
He sneaked into the cave.

The cave was narrow and long, barely wide enough for one person to walk.
Wang Teng moved forward carefully.
The vigilance in his heart kept rising.

With the help of his Spiritual Sight, he could see the fire Force getting thicker as he walked deeper into the cave.
The situation inside must be tricky to handle.

Once he entered the cave, he noticed that the temperature was much higher than outside.
As he got deeper, the temperature kept rising.


A strange sound suddenly came from the depth of the cave.

What sound is that?

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks.
He hesitated for a second before hastening his pace and rushing towards the depth of the cave.

The sound had probably come from some unknown mutated beast.
Considering the density of the fire Force in this area, it might even be a star beast!

With Lin Chuhan’s ability, if she was inside, the odds were stacked like a mountain against her!

What is wrong with the exam board? Why is an accident like this happening during the martial arts exam? They are so unreliable!

Not long after, a light appeared in front of Wang Teng.
He had reached the end of the tunnel.
A red light shone in.

The scorching heat overwhelmed him.
As he got nearer, he felt the temperature rising exponentially.
Wang Teng secretly moved the ice Force around his body.

That was the only way to prevent him from feeling like he was in a furnace.

Wang Teng tilted his body and stood at the edge of the entrance.
He allowed the protruding rock wall to block his body.
Then, he peeked inside.

There was a massive space inside the cave.
In the middle, there was a pit where magma could be seen flowing below.
This was the source of the scorching heat.

As for the three martial warriors that entered before him, they were fighting with two star beasts!

Star beasts!

They must be star beasts! They had Force in their bodies!

The two star beasts looked a little like salamanders.
However, they were enormous, and their entire body was red.
They had scale armors covering them, with long horns decorating their heads.
They kept giving off ‘Wa’ sounds that sounded like babies crying.

It’s a star beast!

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
Didn’t they say that there were only mutated beasts here? Where did star beasts come from?

He hurriedly searched for Lin Chuhan’s figure.

Lin Chuhan would be helpless in front of these two star beasts.
It was the same as serving herself to them on a platter.
These two beasts might not even feel full after eating her.

However, after searching for one round, he didn’t discover any signs of her…

Hmm… was she eaten? Or was she eaten? Or was she eaten?

Or maybe she never came in?

Wang Teng was extremely anxious as the same thought kept looping in his mind.
At this moment, the fight between the two star beasts and the martial warriors intensified.


The star beast blew Force out of its mouth and formed a round magma ball.
The ball flew towards the wood element martial warrior at high speed.

Honestly, this wood element martial warrior was restrained by the fire element star beast.

He was exhausted during the battle just now, so when the star beast released a powerful move, he was taken by surprise.


The earth element martial warrior at the side shouted.

The wood martial warrior was guarding against the Force attacks from the star beasts too.
He was a little flustered, but he managed to evade the attack precariously.

The ball of magma slammed into the rock wall behind him.
Its destructive ability was astonishing, as evident from the collapsed rock wall.

A huge piece of rock smashed into the back of the wood element martial warrior, bringing with it a frightening impact force.


The wood element martial warrior vomited a mouthful of blood.
His body flew out, and he almost fell into the magma pit in the middle.

“Ling Dong!”

The earth element martial warrior screamed in fear.

“I’m fine.
The volcano salamander’s magma burst is extremely powerful.
Be careful!” The wood element martial warrior, Ling Dong, wiped the traces of blood off the corner of his lips as he reminded his companions.

He struggled to get up from the ground, but he seemed to be heavily injured.

Wood Force*1

Fire Force*2

Oh my god, they dropped Force attributes. Wang Teng’s gaze was suddenly fixed on the ground.
The impact just now had caused two Force attributes to drop.


The volcano salamander noticed that Ling Dong was seriously injured and wanted to kill him first.
It moved its huge body and tumbled over.

Ling Dong’s expression changed.

The earth element martial warrior dashed to Ling Dong’s side.
Earth Force exuded out of his body, forming a shield in front of him.
He forcefully blocked the volcano salamander’s collision again and again.
But, the two of them still flew out because of the impact.

“Hurry up and leave.
These two volcano salamanders are too difficult to deal with.
We’ll retreat first.”

The water element martial warrior, who was fighting with another volcano salamander alone, was stronger than the other two.
However, the situation was awful, so he rushed towards his comrades.


The earth element martial warrior held Ling Dong up and retreated towards the entrance of the cave.


Do you think you can come whenever you want and leave when you feel like it? Have you asked me for my opinion?

The volcano salamander’s thinking was apparent.
It blocked the entrance with its huge body, cutting off the only path of retreat for the three martial warriors.


The other volcano salamander attacked them from the back.
These two volcano salamanders actually knew how to cooperate with each other.

Wang Teng was astounded when he saw this scene.

He retracted the aura on his body to prevent the two star beasts from noticing him.
At the same time, he felt worried for the three martial warriors.
They were in extreme danger!

“Damn it!”

The water element martial warrior in the lead couldn’t help but curse.
He looked at the two volcano salamanders closing in on them with an ugly expression.

“Ji Quan, what should we do?”

The other two martial warriors looked at him.

“What else can we do? We can only fight with our lives!

“I hope that the other people will arrive soon.
If they come slightly later, they can only bury our corpses for us.”

Ji Quan’s face turned cold as he said fiercely.

“Let’s do it!” Ling Dong and the other earth element martial warrior gritted their teeth.

As martial warriors, they had seen all kinds of dangers.
They just had to give it their best and fight with their lives. If we live, we live.
If we don’t, we don’t!

The three of them were already prepared to die.
They remained alert and combat-ready, seeking the right opportunity to attack.


At this moment, the volcano salamander blocking the entrance suddenly let out a howl of pain.

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