Everyone was attracted by his words.

A bet with the dark apparitions?!

Only Wang Teng could come up with such a bold idea.
If he didn’t say it, no one would have thought of this method.
Also, would the dark apparitions agree?

Everyone found it unbelievable.
Even the Leader of martial arts frowned.
He was filled with astonishment.

They didn’t know that Wang Teng wasn’t the one who came up with this gamble.
There was another happy-go-lucky fellow among the dark apparitions who suggested this idea voluntarily.
Wang Teng just went with the flow.

“You can do that?” Commander Hong hesitated before asking.

“Do you have a better way?” Wang Teng found a chair and sat down.
He randomly picked up a piece of pastry and ate it lightheartedly as if he wasn’t worried at all.

“This is a good idea.” The Leader’s gaze turned sharp.
He nodded in deep thought and continued, “The dark apparitions won’t attack us suddenly, and we will have room to breathe.”

“That’s right.
That was what I thought.” Wang Teng nodded.
“If we can’t solve it, other people will only make unnecessary sacrifices by participating in the battle.
It will be useless.
However, if we can solve the issue, they won’t have to die.”

“However, the people here are not the dark apparitions’ match either,” Commander Yong lamented.

“Including the other two martial warriors, we have three planetary-stage martial warriors on our side.
How many devil lords does our opponent have?” the Leader asked.

“I saw four dark apparitions at the devil lord level,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Everyone took a deep breath.
They started to get more hopeful.

The difference was only one!

They still had some chances!

“That’s on the surface.
Who knows if there are other devil lords hiding behind?” Wang Teng continued.

Everyone’s expression froze.
They looked at Wang Teng bitterly.

He shattered their hope a second after he bestowed it to them.
He must have done it on purpose.

“Of course, there’s a way out.” Wang Teng chuckled.

They were like ants on a hot pan.
They almost couldn’t control their anger towards Wang Teng.

Why couldn’t he say everything at once?

Why did he have to make them ride an emotional rollercoaster? Would he be responsible if they had a heart attack?

“We are not the only planetary-stage martial warriors on Earth.
Since the dark apparitions are determined to destroy this planet, no one can stay out of this matter.” There seemed to be another meaning behind Wang Teng’s words as he spoke with an evil smile.

“You mean?” The Leader’s expression changed slightly.

The other people weren’t stupid either.
They understood who Wang Teng was referring to.
Their gazes flickered, and they put on a sinister smile.

Their expression was exactly the same as Wang Teng’s.

“That’s right, them.” Wang Teng nodded.
He touched his chin and asked, “What’s the situation like in the other continents?”

“The Afel Continent, North Sea Continent, South Sea Continent, and Central Continent have suffered the most from the star beast raids, especially the center of the Central Continent.
This area is completely cut off from the other mainlands and contains the largest primary forest in the world.
Before Force dawned on Earth, it had the greatest biodiversity.
Naturally, it has the largest number of star beasts with terrifying and unpredictable abilities.
The Central Continent is heavily affected by the beast tide.”

The Leader of martial arts paused before continuing, “As for the North Sea Continent and the South Sea Continent, the alien invaders there are more powerful, so they managed to suppress the star beasts quickly.

“But dimensional rifts linking to the Darkland have appeared in these two continents.
We detected large amounts of dark Force in there.”

“Dimensional rifts have appeared in the North Sea Continent and the South Sea Continent?” Wang Teng was surprised.

“That’s right.
After Xuanwu came back with the piece of news, I asked my men to pay close attention to the world situation.
Actually, before this, we had already noticed the abnormality in these two continents.
That was how we locked down these two dimensional rifts rapidly,” the Leader of martial arts explained.

“Are there other dimensional rifts linking to the Darkland in the other continents?” Wang Teng asked grimly.

“We didn’t discover any unusual movements in the other three continents.
There are many countries in the Aroba Continent.
The factions there are complicated, so it’s harder to get information from there.
Few people tread the North and South Poles which makes it hard for us to detect anything.
On the other hand, the Afel continent seems peaceful.
I haven’t heard of any dimensional rifts appearing there.” The Leader shook his head.

“That means that there must be other devil lords in the North Sea Continent and the South Sea Continent.” Wang Teng frowned and snorted, “Hmph, Wu Gu came up with a good plan.
The other devil lords didn’t sign the spiritual contract, so this duel is only limited to our land.”

“In that case…” The Leader hesitated.

Thinking about it, the other alien invaders might be busy with their own affairs so they wouldn’t have the time to care about their duel.

“No.” Wang Teng smiled and shook his head.
A sharp glint flashed in his eyes.
“In fact, they will be excited to participate in this duel.
The alien invaders might be powerful, but they won’t be 100% confident that they can defeat the dark apparitions.
If the dark apparitions invaded Earth and destroyed this planet, they will fail in their trial.”

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