“Sigh… that brat is finally willing to leave!”

Wu Gu looked at the figure flying away and gave a long sigh.

When he couldn’t see that figure anymore, he placed his hands behind his back.
The ghost flames in his eyes flickered a few times, becoming darker.

“Why did he seem a little happy when he left?”

Wu Gu felt puzzled when he thought about this.
He shook his head and said, “This fellow is a little strange.
Did I shoot myself in the foot by making a bet with him… Pfft, how can I lose?”

Wang Teng left the snow mountain where the dimensional rift was.
He crossed over Beijiang and headed straight for Capital Xia.

He left because he had already collected many space attributes.

Space Physique: 25800/100000 (first rank)

He had picked up more than ten thousand points of space attribute this time.
This was a huge number.
His Space Physique rose tremendously.

The dimensional rift was huge; that was why it had dropped so many attribute bubbles.

The only regret was Wang Teng had to leave even though the dimensional rift was still expanding.
If not, he could collect even more attributes.

The Leader of martial arts, the three great commanders, and some other people were gathered in the imperial palace.
Zhou Xuanwu had returned to Capital Xia and was standing in front of everyone.

A huge map of Country Xia was displayed in front of everyone through a projector.

A patch of dark clouds had started to spread out from the top of the map where Beijiang was.
It had covered a large area and was moving towards the other area of Beijiang at a fast speed.

Everyone’s expression turned grim.

“Sigh, this is a troubled era!” Commander Yong sighed.

No one spoke.
A tense atmosphere filled up the entire room.

First, there was the star beast invasion, then the dark apparitions.
Everyone sunk into negative thoughts.

Was there a way for the humans to survive?

The Leader opened his mouth.
“Xuanwu, you said that Wang Teng remained there and didn’t come back?”

“Yes, he asked me to return to inform everyone, but he… stayed behind.” Zhou Xuanwu was filled with sorrow.
He nodded his head solemnly and continued, “I’m afraid Wang Teng…”

“I don’t think so.” Commander Hong frowned.
“Based on his personality and ability, he won’t put himself in danger.
I believe that he has a way to escape.”

“I believe him too.
Wang Teng won’t die so easily.” The Leader of martial arts smiled and nodded.

Zhou Xuanwu was surprised.
He didn’t expect the commanders and the Leader to have so much confidence in Wang Teng.
How could he survive in that situation?

“Alright, let’s discuss how we should deal with the dark apparitions.
Since Wang Teng asked you to bring this piece of news back, we need to make preparations and not disappoint him,” the Leader waved his hands and said.

The others started a heated discussion.
There were many generals who specialized in battle formations, so they gave their suggestions and made arrangements for the troops.

This discussion lasted for more than an hour.
When everyone was prepared to leave, Commander Yong suddenly asked, “I wonder if we can ask those two people to act?”

The Leader’s eyes flickered.
He obviously knew who Commander Yong was referring to.

“It’s hard to say.
If Wang Teng was around, it wouldn’t be a problem.
But he isn’t…” the Leader of martial arts hesitated.

Even though he had trailed off, everyone knew what he meant.

Two planetary stage martial warriors!

It would be a pity if they couldn’t use them.

The main issue was still Wang Teng.
If he came back, everything could be solved easily, and they wouldn’t be in this such a difficult position.

Everyone sighed uncontrollably.

“Why are y’all sighing?” A burst of soft laughter suddenly interrupted them.

Everyone was elated when they heard the familiar voice.

They turned and saw a figure strolling in.

Although this was a special time, the imperial palace still wasn’t a place where everyone could come.
Except for Wang Teng, who else could enter so easily?

“Hahaha, Wang Teng, I know that you wouldn’t die.” Commander Hong came forward to welcome him.

“Oh, you thought that I was dead?” Wang Teng asked angrily.

“Cough, that was what Zhou Xuanwu said.
He said that there were countless dark apparitions and many devil lords, so you would never be able to make it back alive.” Commander Hong laughed and pushed Zhou Xuanwu out mercilessly.

“Pfft!” Zhou Xuanwu’s face turned black.
He didn’t expect Commander Hong to be so evil!

He saw a different side of Commander Hong today.

“No, it wasn’t me.
That wasn’t what I meant.” Zhou Xuanwu felt wronged.
He shook his head and denied it fervently.

When did he ever say that Wang Teng wouldn’t come back alive? He just mentioned that the chances were extremely small.

Having a small chance was still a chance.

If he knew Wang Teng was so tough, he wouldn’t have said anything.
He had wasted his sorrow.

“Alright, alright.
Look at how frightened you are.” Wang Teng waved his hand.
“You should have more faith in me.
How can a few dark apparitions stop me?”

“That’s right, you’re right.
It’s just a few dark apparitions.
They won’t be able to hold you back.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded his head firmly.

Wang Teng felt speechless.
“I never knew that you were quite shameless too.”

Zhou Xuanwu smiled in embarrassment.
He realized that he went a little overboard.
He was given a scare when he saw Wang Teng arriving suddenly.

He wasn’t afraid of what Wang Teng would do to him.
He was just scared that he would remember him.
Getting remembered by someone as evil as Wang Teng wasn’t a good thing.
You wouldn’t be able to sleep properly at night.

“Alright, stop wasting time, and let’s talk business.” The Leader shook his head with a smile and said, “Wang Teng, how’s the situation?”

“Not good.
The dark apparitions are going to launch a huge invasion.
From the size of the dimensional rift, there must be at least a few million dark apparitions and numerous devil lords.” Wang Teng shook his head with a grave expression.

Everyone gasped involuntarily.
A few million dark apparitions!

This magnitude was a little frightening!

Where was the humans’ hope?

Everyone went silent.
They were still discussing a moment ago, but the stimulation was too great.
They lost all desire to resist.

“But we do have a chance.
I made a bet with the dark apparitions.
We will choose a battlefield to have a duel.
The winner will be the king, and the loser will submit to the winner,” Wang Teng said hurriedly.
He saw everyone’s dejected expression, so he decided not to hide the truth any longer.

“Bet?!” Everyone was astounded when they heard this.

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