This mountain range was an extremely chilly place.
It was covered with snow all year round and bred many ice element star beasts.

When the rain of emerald flame fell on the ground, a flock of ice vultures opened their beaks and sprayed ice and snow into the sky.

In an instant, there seemed to be heavy snowfall.
Coldness spread through the air and turned into a gale, aiming straight for the flames.

The snow danced wildly in the sky, wanting to extinguish the emerald flames.

However, these ice vultures had underestimated the Emerald Glazed Flame.
The instant the snow touched the flames, it melted and evaporated.

The ice vultures screeched angrily and circled in the air.
Large patches of snow dawned on earth, turning this place into a world of ice and snow.

“Naive!” Wang Teng sneered.
He allowed the snow to fall with an indifferent expression.

Suddenly, the emerald flame exploded and swallowed all the snow and ice.
The temperature in this area rose multiple times.
Not only that, but the giant dragon formed from the Emerald Glazed Flame also shot into the air and soared towards the ice vultures.

The ice vultures gave a shrill cry of fear.
They flapped their wings frantically and wanted to escape.
But after flying for about ten meters, the emerald flame caught up and swallowed them.

Screeches of despair resounded in the sky.
Within a split second, the green flames disappeared entirely.
Pitch-black objects plummeted down the sky.

They had truly become burnt birds!

The star beasts below were flabbergasted when they saw this scene.

Wang Teng squinted.
He waved his hand, and the emerald flames swept down again, engulfing numerous star beasts.

Cries of fear reverberated in the woods continuously.
There was no end to it.
The star beasts had no chance of resisting the onslaught of the Emerald Glazed Flame.
They got burned into ashes instantly.

The star beasts behind were terrified.
They didn’t dare to rush forward anymore and started escaping in all directions.

“Thinking of running away?” Wang Teng wouldn’t give them a chance to leave.
After spending so much effort to lure them out, he must kill to his heart’s content.

Spiritual power gushed out of his forehead.
He controlled the Emerald Glazed Flame and threw it at the star beasts that were escaping.
The star beasts got submerged by the flames one by one.

Fortunately, the mountain range was full of rocks and accumulated snow.
If not, the entire mountain range might have turned into a sea of fire.

Even so, the flames continued burning in the forest.
The Emerald Glazed Flame was a divine fire.
It could burn anything that it came in touch with.
Nothing could escape its wrath.
Even the stones.
You could see small stones burning everywhere.

Zhou Xuanwu was stunned.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.
He felt that he was in a dream.

Wang Teng used a single flame to destroy the frightening beast tide.
The star beasts scurried away miserably.

This beast tide was their greatest worry.
There were numerous powerful star beasts in every beast tide.
The damage and impact of this large and strong group of beasts were terrifying.

They weren’t some random dogs and cats lying on the street.

Yet they were burned to death like ants now.

Zhou Xuanwu suddenly felt appalled.
He had a feeling that he was just here to watch the show.

The chief commander of the Xuanwu Troop had become a spectator!

For a moment, tears of inferiority dripped down Zhou Xuanwu’s heart.

It was too difficult for him!

Wang Teng didn’t know what Zhou Xuanwu was thinking.
The army of star beasts had collapsed.
He decided to release Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion.

Zhou Xuanwu was astounded when he saw these two star beasts.

They were lord-level star beasts!

“Go and hunt the star beasts.
The one who kills the most will receive more rewards at the end,” Wang Teng told his two spiritual pets.

He was using this chance to train his spiritual pets.
He was progressing quickly.
If his spiritual pets didn’t increase their cultivation speed, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

Wang Teng didn’t expect them to follow his pace, but he hoped that they wouldn’t fall too far behind.
After all, as his spiritual pets, it wouldn’t be presentable if their abilities were too low.

The amazement in Zhou Xuanwu’s eyes got stronger.
Wang Teng was probably the only person who dared to release his spiritual pets at a time like this to train them.

Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion were excited.
They immediately charged toward the star beasts below and started their crazy massacre.

The experiences of a spiritual pet depended on its master.

If Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion grew up normally, they would just be ordinary star beasts.
However, under his guidance, their ability exceeded other star beasts at the same level and they loved battles.
They showed no mercy when they killed other star beasts.

Zhou Xuanwu was shocked.
He almost bit his own lip.

Wang Teng was already a monster, but his spiritual pets were perverts too.
Could he give other people some chance!

This was a huge stimulation for Zhou Xuanwu.
With his cultivation and ability, he wouldn’t have had this mentality in the past.
Now, he kept promising himself that he would cultivate with utmost effort after he went back.
He must raise his strength quickly.

He never wanted to experience the frustration of being a spectator again.

Under the torture of the Emerald Glazed Flame, the majority of the star beasts had turned into ashes and floated away with the win.
They disappeared without a trace as if they had never been in this world.

The other star beasts knew that death was inevitable, so they kneeled down and started howling in despair in the direction of the mountain range.

There was a sky-high snow mountain in that direction.
Clouds covered the peak, making it impossible to see it.

All the star beasts started howling as if they were paying their last respect.
Their voices merged together and the soundwaves shook the mountains.

“What are they doing?” Wang Teng was stunned.
He frowned slightly.

He activated his Spiritual Sight and looked at the snow mountain, wishing to see the secret behind their actions.

There was a distorted force blocking his Spiritual Sight.
He was unable to see through it.

Wang Teng possessed space talent, so he knew right away that this was an obstacle caused by space distortion.
It must be extremely powerful since his Spiritual Sight couldn’t even see through it.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Xuanwu also noticed something amiss.
He flew beside Wang Teng and asked him.

“There’s something strange over there.” Wang Teng smiled.
“My luck is not bad.
I made a random choice to come to Beijiang, and I met the big boss.”

Zhou Xuanwu suddenly thought of something.
His expression changed.
“Wait, that is where the dimensional rift is!”

“Dimensional rift! I’m right!” Wang Teng nodded.
He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “If that is the dimensional rift that connects to the Darkland, why are the star beasts paying their respects in that direction? Did they throw themselves into the laps of the dark apparitions?”

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