ing stuck in his throat.
It felt dry and uncomfortable.

This was a sinister move!

Zhou Xuanwu felt that only Wang Teng could think of such a dirty trick.
It suited his style!

The star beasts closing in paused in unison.
The atmosphere turned strange.

This human seemed a little scary!

Was it alright for them to charge forward?

Wasn’t it better to stay at home and have a nice sleep? Why did they have to come out and fight for their lives? Why?

The giant ape finally remembered that he could shatter the rock with force.
It moved its throat and spat out the broken pieces of rocks.

It bellowed in anger and shouted at the star beasts around it.
“Have you forgotten our purpose? Kill this human!”

The ape’s words ignited the ferociousness in the star beasts.
They screeched in anger and charged in that direction.

The forest trembled, and the ground shook violently.
The commotion was petrifying.

Very soon, a sea of star beasts could be seen crashing towards them from the woods below.
The entire forest seemed to have turned black from their numbers.

Zhou Xuanwu looked down from the sky and swallowed a gulp of his saliva.
He said in a hoarse voice, “Wang Teng, you’ve poked the hornet’s nest.”

“Haha, what are you afraid of? It’s good that they’re here.
I wish all the star beasts would come.
I can catch them all at once.” Wang Teng laughed without any worry.

Zhou Xuanwu didn’t know what to say.
This man had a big heart!

He was still thinking of trapping all the star beasts in one go when facing such a frightening beast tide.

Was this the confidence of a planetary-stage martial warrior?

The howls of the star beasts merged together, and a ferocious aura gathered into the air.
It surged towards Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.

Normal martial warriors would be filled with terror when they saw this scene.
Even Zhou Xuanwu, who was a 13-star general-stage martial warrior, started to panic.
His face turned slightly pale.

He wasn’t being a coward!

He was just getting a little nervous.

“Why don’t we go back and discuss the plan first?” Zhou Xuanwu gulped silently and asked.

“Are you afraid?” Wang Teng asked with a smile.

“How is that possible? I never knew what fear feels like,” Zhou Xuanwu said confidently.

Wang Teng glanced at Zhou Xuanwu, but he didn’t expose him.
He turned and scanned the star beasts below with a cold expression.

A loud explosion erupted.

A terrifying flame burst out of Wang Teng’s body.
The emerald flame spread out and swept through the sky like a fire dragon.
Scorching heat covered heaven and earth.
The temperature in the region rose tremendously within a split second.

Ever since Wang Teng advanced to the planetary stage, the power of the divine fires he controlled rose multiple times compared to the past.

With a wave of his hand, the flames in the sky merged to form numerous fierce green dragons.
The dragons bellowed at the sky.

The star beasts stopped in their tracks and looked up.
Their eyes were filled with emerald flames.
They were dumbstruck.

The lord-level star beasts started howling in fright.
They were unnerved.

“Go!” An angry shout echoed in the air.
The green dragons shot out, and countless emerald flames fell from the sky.

This felt like a scene from the end of the world.

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