“Why did this happen?” Wang Teng asked solemnly.

“We just received the news too.
We have yet to find the reason.” The Leader of martial arts shook his head.
“If my guess is correct, we are not the only country suffering.
The other nations might be facing this ordeal too.”

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.
“No matter what, let’s solve the star beast riots in our country first.”

“Yes!” The Leader of martial arts nodded grimly.
“However, there are too many cities facing this calamity.
We might not be able to help all of them at once.
By the time we go over, it might be too late.”

“We can only reinforce the areas with the worse star beast tides.” Wang Teng contemplated before turning his head.
“Jin Yuan, Hadock.”

“Yes, boss!” Jin Yuan and Hadock replied with smiles plastered on their faces.

The Leader and Dan Taixuan finally noticed these two figures.
They immediately thought of aliens when they saw Hadock’s tentacles.
They were shocked.

“They are?” the Leader asked.

“That’s right, they’re alien martial warriors.
But they’re on our side.” Wang Teng glanced at the two aliens intently as he spoke.

“Boss is right.
We have abandoned the candidates’ side and joined the Earth’s faction.
We are honored Earthlings now,” Jin Yuan immediately stated his stand without any dignity.

“I’m born an Earthing and will die as the Earth’s ghost,” Hadock added on firmly.

The Leader of martial arts: …

These two aliens seemed a little shameless!

“Alright, stop fooling around.
One of you will head north and the other will go to the west.
I don’t care what method you use, but you must suppress the riots.
I’ll give you half an hour.
Is it enough?” Wang Teng said angrily.
The muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably.

“No problem! Half an hour is enough!” Jin Yuan said with ease.

“A piece of cake.
Fatty, let’s see who can end it faster,” Hadock said.

“Sure, you said it.
The one who loses will give up half his serving of barbecued octopus tonight.” Jin Yuan sniggered.
He said to Wang Teng, “Boss, we’ll leave now and meet again half an hour later at the capital of this country!”

They turned into rays of light and disappeared into the horizon, one heading north and the other west.
Their speed was incredible!

“Planetary stage!” Bewilderment flashed passed the Leader’s eyes.
His voice was a little hoarse as he exclaimed.

These two happy-go-lucky aliens were planetary-stage martial warriors!

Where did Wang Teng find these two planetary-stage martial warriors? This was as surprising as Wang Teng becoming a planetary-stage martial warrior himself.

They were planetary-stage martial warriors, not some vegetables in the market!

The Leader of martial arts didn’t know what to say.

“Yes, they’re planetary-stage martial warriors.
With them around, the star beast riot will be suppressed quickly,” Wang Teng said.

“It shouldn’t be a problem since there are planetary-stage martial warriors reinforcing us.” The Leader nodded in agreement when he remembered how Wang Teng had defeated the star beasts.

“I’ll be paying a visit to Beijiang,” Wang Teng said.

I’ll arrange people to take care of the other small star beast riots,” the Leader of martial arts replied.

Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t waste any time and disappeared into the north.

His destination was Beijiang!

The Leader of martial arts looked at his disappearing back view with a complicated and emotional gaze.

“I’ll leave everything to you, Wang Teng!”

A figure dashed past the sky, breaking the sound barrier and reaching an impossible speed.
He couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

Wang Teng flew towards Beijiang at the maximum speed he could for a planetary-stage martial warrior.
At the same time, he counted his gains.

He had to admit that the harvest this time was greater than the previous batch.
He had received another round of attribute bubbles.

His ice Force, lightning Force, and poison Force had risen recently, but they shot up again.

Ice Force: 17900/20000 (11-star)

Lightning Force: 18600/20000 (11-star)

Poison Force: 12500/35000 (12-star)

Both his ice Force and lightning Force were still at the 11-star general stage, but they were not far from achieving a breakthrough.
His poison Force hit the limit and reached the 12-star general stage.

In just a few hours, Wang Teng’s ability had improved tremendously.
The speed of progression was a little appalling.

He also gained many wind Force attribute bubbles, so his wind Force jumped to the 12-star general stage too.

Wind Force: 8560/35000 (12-star)

These four Forces were getting closer and closer to the 13-star general stage.

If he found the relevant planetary stage scriptures in the future, he would be able to raise these four Forces to the planetary stage.
Everything would be perfect then.

Of course, Wang Teng also gained a large number of water Force as well as the other four basic element Forces attributes.
After all, there were sea beasts that possessed the other basic elements.
Water Force wasn’t the only one.

The sea beasts also dropped many attribute bubbles containing weird skills.
Though they were useless to Wang Teng.

There was only one exception—Whale Swallow!

This was a special skill dropped by the whale lord.
Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as he went through the traits of the skill in his mind.

In essence, this was a special skill that could allow him to swallow large amounts of food or Force like a whale.

This skill would be of great help in increasing a martial warrior’s cultivation speed.
Once they used it, they could absorb a large amount of Force at once or swallow much food and extract energy from them…

In summary, the application of this skill exceeded Wang Teng’s expectations.

Whale Swallow: 265/10000 (1-star)

“Only 1-star?” Wang Teng retracted his gaze from the attributes panel.
He realized that all the skills he received came in different ranks.
The perfected stage was no longer the highest level.

Having ranks meant that a rise in rank would result in a jump in the strength of a skill.

This was a piece of good news for Wang Teng.

As his ability got stronger, some battle techniques would be useless if they couldn’t catch up with his progress.

Wang Teng also discovered that these ranks only appeared on the techniques had had greater potential.
For instance, the Space Physique and the Deep Sea Breathing skills had space for improvement, so they were segregated into different ranks.
For other normal skills, the perfected stage was the limit.

The system divided the skills clearly.

Wang Teng could also understand the potential of his skills.
The Space Physique and Whale Swallow required ten thousand points to advance.
On the other hand, Deep Sea Breathing only needed a thousand points.
This was the difference.

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