Wang Teng’s ice Force, lightning Force, and poison Force rose by a large amount.
Both the ice Force and lightning Force, which were at the peak of the 10-star brigadier-general stage, advanced to the 11-star general stage.

Ice Force: 3650/20000 (11-star)

Lightning Force: 4260/20000 (11-star)

His poison Force was still stuck at the 11-star general stage, but there was an increase too.
It wasn’t far from hitting the 12-star general stage.

Poison Force: 16800/20000 (11-star)

These three Forces had seen sharp improvements.
You could imagine how many sea beasts there were.
It was terrifying.

Unfortunately, no other elements appeared.
Wang Teng was still a little greedy.

Besides the Force attributes, he also gained a sizable number of blank attributes.

Blank attributes were a good thing.
He relied on his pile of blank attributes to raise his cultivation to the planetary stage.

This time, he had gained more than 30 thousand blank attributes at once.
Adding his past tally, he had a total of 36500 points.

Having a huge reserve of blank attributes made him feel at ease!

Finally, there was a special skill—Deep Sea Breathing!

Just as its name suggested, it was a skill that would allow you to breathe in the sea.

Wang Teng had collected this skill during the sea beasts’ riot in Donghai.
This was the second time it had appeared.

Deep Sea Breathing: 30/1000 (first rank)

First rank! Wang Teng wondered to himself.
He found this interesting.

This first-rank Deep Sea Breathing skill allowed him to breathe underwater without any external help.
It was a useful technique.

What if he raised it to the second rank, third rank, or even higher?

Wang Teng smiled and dropped the matter.

After taking care of the sea beasts around them, no other sea beasts appeared again.
They might have been scared by their ruthless slaughter.

The three martial warriors boarded the spacecraft and headed for Country Xia.

At this moment, in Country Xia, Nanhai, as well as the coastline of Donghai, were all suffering from the attacks of numerous sea beasts.

In all the mountain ranges, forests, lakes, and rivers, countless star beasts started to get restless and rushed towards the nearest human city.

Villagers, cities, highways… all the places with human presence were targeted by the star beasts.

Frightening beast tides swept through every inch of the country.

All the martial warriors in the country were activated.
They rushed to the places with star beasts and started fighting with them.

Ample heavy weapons were set up and battlecrafts were launched.
They bombed large areas of land to resist the beast tide.

Jingmen was the largest port city in Country Xia and was linked to various grand canals and the mouth of the sea.
It was the hub of the river and sea.

However, this geographical location was the most advantageous for the advancement of the sea beasts.

Violent explosions came from afar.
The sea beasts bellowed and attacked Jingmen City using the grand canal, starting their massacre.

Force attacks destroyed countless buildings.
Humans cried in despair as they fell into the debris.
Their voices were soon overpowered by the roars of the star beasts.

This scene looked like an apocalypse!

The Leader of martial arts and his men hurried over with the military martial warriors.
They were doing their best to resist the sea beasts while organizing manpower to rescue the ordinary people.

This star beasts’ riot came without any warning.
Their numbers were astonishing, and they covered the entire country, catching everyone off guard.

The Leader and his subordinates had to make arrangements hastily.
They sent martial warriors to reinforce all the cities that were suffering the star beasts’ assault.

In the skies of Jingmen, the Leader of martial arts was fighting with an enormous giant whale.

This giant whale exceeded the size of the biggest whale that had ever been found on Earth.
It was a few hundred meters in length and looked like a large aircraft carrier.

The waves rose in the sea, pushing the giant whale up and allowing it to stay in mid-air.

The Leader of martial arts was holding a long spear.
His expression was indifferent as he soared through the sky.
Force erupted and struck the sea horizontally as he collided with the giant whale.

The giant whale didn’t back down.
It flapped its tail and released a colossal wave.

The wave erupted while an indomitable spear glow pierced through the air.
It was aimed straight at the giant whale’s body.

A thunderous bellow shook the eardrums of the listeners.
It didn’t sound like the song of a whale any more.
The appalling soundwaves echoed in the air.
At the same time, a powerful blue pillar of light shot up and smashed into the spear glow.

The two of them crashed and released a violent explosion.
The powerful impact swept throughout the sea.

The giant whale slammed its giant body forward.

The Leader’s expression changed.
He released his fist, and a huge golden palm print landed on the whale, forcefully stopping it in its path.

The giant whale’s ability was between the peak of the general stage and the planetary stage.
Although it hadn’t reached the planetary stage, it was extremely powerful.
Yet, it was stopped by the Leader of martial arts and couldn’t take another step closer to land.

The human and the beast collided brutally at the junction between the sea and the land.
It was a scary sight.

In other areas, countless sea beasts were charging toward the human martial warriors’ defense line.
The other martial warriors weren’t as powerful as the Leader, so they kept retreating under the sea beasts’ offensive.
The sea beasts won in numbers.
The human martial warriors were only able to withstand until now with the help of all kinds of rune weapons.

If not, Jingmen City would already have fallen.

On the other side, Dan Taixuan was fighting with a lord-level sea beast.

This sea beast was a hideous-looking monster.
It didn’t look like any animal that could be found on Earth, and it was frighteningly powerful to boot.
From the aura it exuded, one could tell that it was a 12-star lord-level sea beast.

Wang Teng would never forget how Dan Taixuan took care of him, so she was one of the first to receive the planetary stage scripture from him.

Dan Taixuan was a double-element martial warrior, possessing wind and fire Force.
Wang Teng didn’t have a wind Force scripture on him.
He could only pass her the fire Force planetary stage scripture, the Star Fire Scripture.

Her ability rose exponentially after practicing the Star Fire Scripture.
She had already reached the 12-star general stage, and most of the Force in her body had been converted to constellation Force.

She had the upper hand against the sea beast.
The sea beast was retreating continuously under her onslaught.
Flames burned on her fists as she hurled them at the sea beast.
It cried in pain continuously.

Right then, roaring waves suddenly shot up in the sea below.
A large and thick tentacle came out like a javelin, aiming straight for Dan Taixuan.

Dan Taixuan had her back toward the tentacle, so she only felt a strong gale blowing against her back.
Without any time to think, she instinctively shifted to the side.

The tentacle changed from a stab to a sweep when it failed its first attack.
It hit Dan Taixuan’s body, throwing her off her feet.

She suffered a heavy blow and vomited a mouthful of blood.
Her face turned pale.

The surface of the sea erupted again and numerous tentacles shot toward her, attempting to crush her to death.

Dan Taixuan’s expression changed.
Force gushed out of her body as she got ready to fight for her life.

At this moment, she heard an angry shout.

A figure appeared in front of her and punched towards the sea below.

The water parted, and a giant deep sea squid was thrown out of the sea forcefully.
It was more than ten meters long and was almost as huge as the whale.
However, its body had exploded from the fist and turned into a flesh rain.

Dan Taixuan was stunned.
As she calmed down, all she saw was the familiar and tall figure in front of her.

“Are you alright?” Wang Teng turned and looked at her.
There was concern on his face.

For some reason, Dan Taixuan’s eyes turned slightly red.

She shook her head hurriedly to hide her emotions.
She said agitatedly, “I’m fine.
Go and help the Leader.
There are too many sea beasts.
A large part of the city has fallen in less than half an hour.
Many people are dead.”

“Don’t worry.
I’ll send these bastards to hell now.” Wang Teng nodded and went silent.
Intense killing intent burned in his eyes.

The next instant, he disappeared.

The Leader was battling with the giant whale when Wang Teng appeared out of the blue.
He released a terrifying sword glow that slit the air into two.

The giant whale was thunderstruck.
It could sense danger and the threat of death inching toward it.
It roared, and Force erupted from its body.

Large waves crashed into the sky.
Layers and layers of waves rose behind it, reaching a hundred feet in height.
It was trying to block the sword attack.

However, the giant wave was like a piece of paper in front of the menacing sword glow.
It got torn into two, revealing the body of the giant whale behind.

Within a split second, the sword glow slashed down, and a sword mark appeared on the enormous body of the whale.

The sword mark cut through the whale’s entire body, from the head to the tail.
Fresh blood turned the surrounding water red.

The giant whale’s eyes were filled with disbelief and unwillingness.
They gradually lost their vitality.

The gigantic body was chopped into two, and it plummeted into the sea, forming large waves like a tsunami.
It was terrifying.

Then, its body sunk into the bottom of the sea and disappeared…

The Leader had retreated some distance away.
He held his long spear and stood there with astonishment in his eyes.

Was this the power of the planetary stage?!

He was sincerely dumbfounded.

He had seen Wang Teng attacking before but never so directly and at this close range.
He finally understood how vast the difference was between the general stage and the planetary stage.

Not far away, Dan Taixuan was in awe too.
She thought that Wang Teng would need some time and effort to deal with that giant whale, but all he required was one sword attack.
One slash and the giant whale died.

How frightening was that sword move!

The sea beasts around him, including the human martial warriors, were stunned.
They stared at the corpse of the giant whale as it sank into the sea.
All voices were lost for a moment.

“He killed the giant whale! We have hope!”

“Hahaha, this is great! We are saved!”

Everyone regained their senses, and an earth-shattering cheer erupted.

Someone started shouting this nickname.
Within a few seconds, the cheers turned into resonant chants, reverberating in every corner of the city ruins.

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