“… Alice, are you making things difficult for me?” Jin Yuan was speechless.

“No, Master.
There are really many sea beasts below.
They’re attacking us like crazy,” Alice replied.

The spacecraft shook violently as if to confirm its words.

“Show us what’s happening outside,” Jin Yuan frowned and ordered.

“We’re not introducing the candidates anymore?” Alice asked.

“Let’s take a look at the situation outside first.” Wang Teng was speechless too.

Is this the right time to introduce the candidates? This intelligence system of the spacecraft seems a little stupid. Wang Teng complained to himself.

“Listen to the boss and show us what’s happening outside.” Jin Yuan felt guilty.
This intelligence system was dismantled from another abandoned spacecraft.
Although they had managed to put it into use after much effort, the technology level was still lacking.

Alice was honestly a little stupid.

Brainless with a good figure.
This was probably how one would describe it.

“Alright, my master.” As an AI mascot, Alice executed its master’s order obediently, even though he had labeled it as brainless.

Suddenly, the pictures of the candidates disappeared, replaced by terrifying images.

The boundless sea was densely packed with sea beasts.
They were fighting to emerge from the bottom of the sea and hurling powerful Force attacks into the sky.

Most of these sea beasts were below the lord level.
However, there was a huge number of them, so their combined attack was still formidable.
It shouldn’t be underestimated.

There were also a few giant lord-level sea beasts lying flat on the surface of the sea, blocking the spacecraft’s path.

A giant octopus waved its thick tentacles that were more than a hundred meters long in the air.
They swung towards the spacecraft like long whips.

There was also a giant sea serpent that had a body as thick as a pillar twirling in the sky.
Its large tail lashed down and landed on the top of the spacecraft, giving off a loud bang.

The commotion a second ago was caused by the attacks from these two lord-level sea beasts.

Mind you, a spacecraft that could travel through the universe was anything but ordinary.
Its defense mechanism was amazing.

Numerous runes blinked on the surface of the spacecraft, forming an oval light shield.
The attacks only caused a slight tremor when they landed on it.
They didn’t hurt the main body of the spacecraft at all.

Wang Teng stood up and frowned slightly.

“Boss, don’t worry.
They are just lord-level sea beasts.
We can destroy them easily.” Jin Yuan patted his chest confidently.

“Fatty, leave the octopus to me.
I need to nourish my body.” Hadock was staring straight at the octopus on the screen.
His eyes were shimmering.

“Why don’t we have barbecued octopus tonight?” Jin Yuan suggested with glistening eyes.

“Holding all my hands up in agreement.” Hadock nodded.

“Cough, let’s take care of these sea beasts first.” Wang Teng swallowed his saliva secretly and coughed.

Zuotian Liehua was speechless.

He just swallowed his saliva!

Why was this fellow still thinking of food at this time?

Zuotian Liehua was extremely worried about the situation of Country Neon.
As an island, the emergence of these sea beasts would be a huge threat to it.

However, no one noticed her expression.
She had no right to speak in front of three planetary-stage martial warriors.

The three martial warriors left the spacecraft and flew out.
These sea beasts were nothing to mighty fighters like them.

“Kill!” Wang Teng scanned the sea below with a sharp glint.
He didn’t forget what had happened during the sea beasts’ riot in Donghai.

But he wasn’t who he used to be.
Since these sea beasts came to find him, he would kill them.

At this moment, the lord-level sea beasts in the sky noticed the trio.
They ignored the spacecraft and charged toward them instead.

The octopus was a 12-star lord-level sea beast.
It lashed its tentacles out, bringing along a strong gale with it.

Wang Teng held his sword and gave it a simple slash.
A glaring golden light flashed past.
Eight tentacles were thrown into the air and landed on the surface of the sea.

The lord-level octopus bellowed in pain.
It looked extremely funny without its tentacles.

“Oh my, it’s almost wasted.” Hadock had nimble fingers.
He quickly swept the eight tentacles into his space ring and smiled at Wang Teng.
“Boss, these tentacles are delicious.”

Wang Teng glanced at Hadock’s tentacles and suddenly felt respect for this fellow.

An octopus monster eating another octopus monster~

Wang Teng shook his head.
He had no time to care about him.
With a stab of his sword, he ended the octopus’s life.
He allowed Hadock to keep it.

“Kill all the sea beasts and return to Country Xia at once,” Wang Teng ordered Jin Yuan and Hadock.

He was worried that something bad had happened in Country Xia.
The appearance of these lord-level sea beasts was too sudden and strange.

The surface of the sea was packed with sea beasts.
Even though he had killed a lord-level sea beast easily, the other sea beasts showed no signs of retreating.
They continued attacking them crazily.

“Yes!” Jin Yuan and Hadock didn’t dare to laze around when they saw his serious expression.
They acted immediately.

To planetary-stage martial warriors, killing these sea beasts was a piece of cake.
Soon, the majority of the sea beasts were dead.
They had cleared an empty space a hundred meters in diameter around them.

The corpses of the sea beasts sunk into the bottom of the sea.
The bloodstained surface of the sea was the only evidence of the terrifying massacre.

Wang Teng glanced around him.
He released his spiritual power and pulled over all the attribute bubbles in a split second.

Constellation Force (Water)*125

Constellation Force (Earth)*140

A huge amount of Force started flowing through Wang Teng’s body.
The two constellation Force sunk into the sea of nihility and merged with his earth and water stars.

The other Forces, including the lightning Force, ice Force, and poison Force were all common Force attributes in sea beasts.
They remained in Wang Teng’s Force nucleus.

These Forces hadn’t reached the planetary stage, so they hadn’t formed the Force bridge to reach the sea of nihility.

Since his water Force had turned into constellation water Force, even the ordinary water Force was stored in the water star, waiting to be converted into constellation Force.

It couldn’t be helped.
The star beasts on Earth didn’t possess constellation Force.
Wang Teng had to convert them personally.

Fortunately, all his planetary-stage scriptures were at the perfected level.
He could complete the conversion quickly.

Although it was an ordinary Force, the Force he absorbed through the attribute bubbles was the purest and most concentrated.
It could save him half of his cultivation time.

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