Candidate no.
15 gives up the trial!

A line of words written using the common universal language appeared on the personal terminal.

The words were red and extremely eye-catching.

Wang Teng wasn’t the only one.
The other candidates had probably seen it too.

He was amazed.
This fatty did give up his chance.
He was so decisive that Wang Teng had to view him in another light.

This fatty wasn’t a simple man!

“Me too! Me too!” Hadock didn’t want to be left behind.
He hurriedly operated his personal terminal.

Candidate no.
22 gives up the trial!

Another line of red words appeared.
Hadock’s decisiveness was no weaker than Jin Yuan’s.

Wang Teng was speechless.
These two were weirdos.
This chance was extremely important to other people, but to them, it was just a piece of trash they could throw away at any time.

Even more, they were fighting to give up their spot, afraid that they would be a step too late.

Wang Teng squinted.
Many thoughts flashed through his mind.
These two candidates had given up their position in the trial.
By right, his motive was achieved, so he didn’t have a reason to target them anymore.
However, he didn’t have much trust in the aliens from the universe.

Should he just kill them?

After all, dead people were the safest.
He could pick up more attributes from them too.

Wang Teng was eager to move.
However, at this moment, he heard a cautious voice beside him.

“Brother, what do you think about this?”

Wang Teng glanced beside him and saw the fatty’s timid look.
He was caught between laughter and tears.

“Why should I keep you?” Wang Teng asked.

“We’re useful, very useful.
I specialize in collecting information and this tentacled monster is an analyst.
He can multitask.
His brain runs faster than a normal guy,” Jin Yuan said hurriedly.

Wang Teng glanced at them curiously.

These two weirdos had specializations?

He remembered the 18 Tasks Multitasking attribute dropped by the octopus monster.
They should be speaking the truth.

Wang Teng touched his chin and nodded.
“That’s quite useful.”

“Brother, you’re our boss from now on.
If you point to the left, we won’t go to the right,” Jin Yuan immediately gave his promise when he noticed they had a chance.

“That’s right, boss, we are your long-lost little brothers~” Hadock was even more outrageous.
He stretched his tentacles out and wanted to hug Wang Teng.

“Go away!” Wang Teng glared at him.
These two weird aliens were even more shameless than him.
Their skin was so thick.
Their ability to grasp an opportunity was perfect.
Did they study it in school?

In the end, Wang Teng decided to keep them.
In this era, talents were important.
If wasn’t easy to find people like them, so he would keep them under observation.
It wouldn’t be too late to kill them if he learned they had other thoughts.

Wang Teng was extremely confident in his ability.
He believed that he could deal with two first-level planetary-stage martial warriors.
Besides, they were two timid rats.

“Wait for a while.
You’ll return to Country Xia with me later.”

Since he had made his decision, Wang Teng didn’t waste any time and gave them his response.
The duo’s eyes lit up, and they heaved a sigh of relief.
They felt fortunate.

Their lives were finally saved!

Wang Teng disregarded them and turned to look at the people from Country Neon.

His gaze paused on Shennai Tongji for a second.
Then, he saw a person who kept retreating in an attempt to hide herself.

“Long time no see, Miss Zuotian Liehua,” Wang Teng said with a mysterious smile.

The other people from Country Neon were stunned.
They followed Wang Teng’s gaze and looked in her direction.

“You…” The emperor glanced at the two of them in surprise.

He suddenly remembered that Zuotian Liehua was the one who brought back the news that Wang Teng had annihilated the Zhenli Clan.
However, she never mentioned how she learned of it, so he didn’t think that there was any interaction between them.

From the looks of it, there seemed to be something going on between them!

“Senior Sister, do you know him?” Shennai Tongji asked curiously.

“Liehua, what’s the matter?” a scrawny elder beside them opened his mouth and asked.

This elder was normal-looking, but he held a high position in Country Neon.
He was the famous Yin-Yang Master of Country Neon, Anpei Yuansan.
He had grasped many secret scriptures of the Yin-Yang family.

He was Shennai Tongji and Zuotian Liehua’s master.

A hint of hesitance flashed past Zuotian Liehua’s eyes.
However, she had to reply to him.
She said in a respectful tone, “Master, I didn’t make it clear to you in the past, but I had some dealings with him.”

“Oh, since you know him, go out and meet him.
Why are you hiding at the back?” Anpei Yuansan said.

“This…” Zuotian Liehua was in a dilemma.

“Liehua, Wang Teng is extremely powerful now.
Even the universe martial warriors aren’t his match.
If you know him, you can interact more with him and build a better relationship,” the emperor spoke to her using voice transmission.

Zuotian Liehua’s expression turned even bitter.
She felt that she was so unlucky.
She didn’t have any good relationship with Wang Teng!

She gave him her spirit core and finally found a way to escape when he wasn’t noticing.
Yet, they were asking her to follow him again.

Zuotian Liehua wanted to cry.
She was so frustrated that she felt like vomiting blood.

“Why are you hiding? We haven’t seen each other for such a long time.” Wang Teng walked over with a smile.

“What do you want?” Zuotian Liehua knew she couldn’t hide anymore.
She gritted her teeth and stood up.

“One of my little pets ran away and I caught it.
How should I punish her?” Wang Teng asked in a teasing tone.

“You, don’t go overboard!” Zuotian Liehua’s face turned pale.
She had suffered the burning of her soul when she escaped the previous time.
Just the thought brought sent shivers down her spine.
She didn’t want to experience it again.

“What is this?” The emperor and the other martial warriors noticed that something wasn’t right.
Their relationship wasn’t what they thought it was.

“I’m not speaking to you all,” Wang Teng glanced at them and said indifferently.

The emperor and Anpei Yuansan were stunned.
They had always treated Wang Teng as a formidable martial warrior on Earth, so they didn’t respect or fear him that much.
When they saw his reaction, they finally understood.

They finally understood how stupid they were.

He was able to defeat two universe martial warriors, who were now following him obediently.
In comparison, what were they?

Shennai Tongji stood behind the emperor and felt dejected.

She was a little unconvinced when she lost to Wang Teng during the Global Exchange Conference.
She hoped that one day, she would have a chance to fight with him again.

But his ability had surpassed her greatly, and she was tossed far behind by him.
She couldn’t even bring herself to compare with him.

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