In this world, some skills could be learned without any teaching.

For instance… admitting defeat!

The fatty was timid.
However, he didn’t think that he was a coward.
To him, he who understood the times was a wise man.

Thus, he displayed his most humble side to Wang Teng.
He lowered his back and made himself look extremely harmless and innocent.

Wang Teng looked at him with a strange expression.
He saw a part of him on this fatty.

Oh my god, this fatty is copying me!

The thought suddenly popped up in Wang Teng’s mind.

He started to sympathize with this fatty…

How could he sympathize with fatty? He must have lost his mind!

Wang Teng shook his head to fling this absurd thought out of his mind.

He had removed his spiritual power, so Hadock was finally above able to move.
He crawled up from the ruins.

He looked at Wang Teng with a trembling gaze.
He put on a similar inferior and cowardly look on his face and said, “I think we can discuss properly.
There’s no need to fight to the ends of the world.
We don’t have to be enemies.
We can win together by cooperating with one another.

Wang Teng was speechless.
He saw bits of himself on this octopus monster too.
This fellow was as unique as the fatty.

No wonder they were good friends.

“Shut up!” Wang Teng couldn’t stand their shamelessness.
He glared at them and asked, “Tell me about your background.”

Jin Yuan and Hadock looked at each other.
Then, Jin Yuan opened his mouth and explained first, “I’m the eldest son born to the first wife of the Jin family from Tako Planet.
Do you know the Jin family? They possess the development rights of two life planets.
The family head, who is my grandfather, is a celestial-stage formidable warrior.
He’s a boss-level figure.”

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
He tilted his head towards Hadock.

“I’m from the Labrod Planet.
I’m the son of the head of the Celestial Python Clan… My father is the most powerful person in the clan.
He’s at the celestial stage too,” Hadock said proudly.

Wang Teng touched his chin.
For some reason, he felt that these two fellows were… bullshiting.

Although they spoke seriously and there were no loopholes in their words, he could sense a strange aura.

These two aliens were definitely lying.

Wang Teng believed in his gut instinct.
“You’re not lying to me, are you? If you do, you will have hemorrhoids on your butt and tumors on your head.
They will rot, so you better speak the truth.”

Jin Yuan and Hadock felt the corners of their eyes twitching slightly.

“So you have anything else to say?” Wang Teng asked.

They shook their heads in unison.

“I have an ability that can make you speak the truth obediently.
Why don’t you have a taste of it?” Wang Teng sniggered as he glanced at them.

“… Brother, are you kidding? It’s not right to delve into other people’s privacy,” Hadock stuttered.
He was shocked.

Idiot! Jin Yuan cursed in his heart.
He knew that they were dead.

“Indeed, you’re not being honest.” Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
A flash of red light shot past his eyes and stabbed into Hadock’s.

This fellow was stupid, so it was easier for him to get affected.

As expected, Hadock only struggled for a second before his consciousness got controlled by the Bewitch skill.

Jin Yuan was flabbergasted when he saw this scene.
He had a bad premonition.

How could he have such a skill!

He wanted to wake Hadock up, but he didn’t dare to move when he saw Wang Teng smiling at him.

‘”Brother, I think this isn’t good.
We can talk properly,” Jin Yuan said weakly.

“I want to speak properly with you, but you guys didn’t cooperate.
It can’t be helped.” Wang Teng shrugged.

F**k, so it’s our fault? Jin Yuan complained in his heart.
He was shocked by Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

This fellow was worse than them.

“Come, tell me where you are from.
What’s your identity?” Wang Teng asked Hadock.

“We’re from the Abandoned Star M3.
We don’t have any status.
We are just low-level citizens that escaped from the abandoned star,” Hadock replied honestly.

There was such a place in the universe?

It looked like these two people had stories on them.

As expected, they were spouting nonsense.
Eldest son of the Jin family? Son of the head of the Celestial Python Clan? That was all fake.

Fortunately, he was smart and saw through their lies.

Hmph, you’re too naive if you think you can fool me!

Wang Teng glanced at Jin Yuan.
He was covering the frustrated look on his face with his hands.

“Based on what I know, it’s not easy to get the right to participate in this trial.
You probably don’t the right.”

“That’s simple.
We heard of this trial and ambushed two candidates along the way.
We killed them and gained their spots.
A candidate’s spot can be snatched,” Hadock replied.

“Not bad!” Wang Teng gave Jin Yuan a thumbs up.
He thought that all the participants of this trial were descendants of elite families in the universe, but there were two anomalies inside.

“You’re too polite.” Jin Yuan laughed awkwardly.

“Do you think I’m complimenting you?” Wang Teng snapped back.

Jin Yuan became embarrassed.
He stopped talking and stood obediently at the side.

Wang Teng questioned Hadock again and gained a lot of information from him.
Then, he stopped his Bewitch skill.
His eyes shimmered, and he went into deep thought.

Hadock woke up and stared at Wang Teng with a pale face.
There was fear in his eyes.

He knew what Wang Teng had done to him.

“Brother, are you planning to kill me?” Jin Yuan looked at Wang Teng carefully and noticed his indifferent expression.
He continued hurriedly, “Killing me won’t do you any good.
We have some small skills that might be useful to you.
Keeping us with you is better than killing us.
We can leave the trial, so we won’t be of any threat to you.”

“Oh, you can leave the trial?” Wang Teng asked.

“Of course.” Jin Yuan was afraid that Wang Teng would go back on his words, so he didn’t think why Wang Teng didn’t know this simple piece of information.
Instead, he immediately started operating his personal terminal.

“Look, I’ve already given up the trial!”

Wang Teng glanced at the fatty curiously.
He lowered his head to look at his personal terminal and saw an announcement.

Candidate no.
15 gives up the trial!

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