This was a planetary-stage battle technique, so he could sell it for some money.
Wang Teng had no idea that he was coming up with a plan that could get himself chopped.

After picking up the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng looked at the corpses.
He started to look through their bodies sneakily.

He was a professional at this.

After some time, Wang Teng received three space items and personal terminals.
These were his spoils of war.
He must keep them properly.
He could use them when he roamed the universe in the future.

“Of the dead, say nothing but good.
Go on!”

Wang Teng was prepared to leave when he remembered something.
An emerald flame appeared in his hand.
He flicked his finger, and it landed on the three corpses.

Amid the sizzle of the green fire, the three corpses were set aflame.
Wang Teng didn’t give them another glance.
He turned and left the cave.

Very soon, the three corpses turned into ashes.

In the sky, Wang Teng sat on Little White’s back and flew in a certain direction.

He took out the three space items.
There were two rings and one bracelet.

The owners of the items were dead, so the spiritual mark left on them also disappeared.
Wang Teng was able to use his spiritual power to invade the items easily.

“Oh my, the space is huge!”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up uncontrollably when he entered the space.
All the three spaces were around 500 square meters wide!

This was his first time seeing such a huge space within a space item.
These three candidates were indeed wealthy people!

Wang Teng went through their belongings and discovered many good things.

There was a small pile of energy stones in all the spaces.
The color of these energy stones was darker than the ones he saw in the past.

Wang Teng picked up one randomly and held it, sensing its energy.

The Force contained in these energy stones was more than a hundred times of that in yellow-rank energy stones.
This must be a dark-rank energy stone!

He didn’t know if there were many energy stones like this in the universe, but it was still a fortune.
It was better than nothing.

Besides the energy stones, there were some weird machines and luxury products.

Wang Teng didn’t place much attention on that stuff.
His gaze landed on one particular item in Wulf’s space equipment.

Wang Teng examined it carefully.
He realized that the runes on it were extremely complicated.
They were beyond his understanding.
He couldn’t even recognize a majority of them.

He suddenly felt ignorant.
His face turned black.

Damn it, I look so uneducated!

He took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.

Wang Teng pondered for a moment and activated his Eyes of Essence.
He looked at the rune gun to see if he could see through the structure inside.
He wanted to know what was the difference between this rune gun and the rune guns on Earth.

The internal structure of the rune gun was laid out clearly before him under his Eyes of Essence.
From the simplest gun barrel to the most crucial energy consolidation device, Wang Teng could see everything, even the material of the device.

He was astounded by the complexity of the rune gun.
Earth’s rune gun couldn’t be compared with it at all.
They were leagues apart.

It was like comparing the crude guns in the early days and the superior guns now.
There was an entire generation in between.

Of course, if there was no external intervention, Earth might not be able to reach this level of technology even after progressing for a few hundred years.

Wang Teng stopped using his Eyes of Essence.
He saw two strange words carved on the handle of the gun in the common universal language.

Fortunately, Wang Teng knew this language, so he recognized the two words—Scorching Python!

It was obvious that this rune gun was called Scorching Python!

As a gun that had a name, it shouldn’t be a mass-produced product.

There must be a story behind this gun.

Wang Teng wondered to himself and kept the gun.
He took out the other two weapons of the remaining candidates.
They were a sword and a double-edged battleax.

He realized that these two weapons exceeded the boundaries of a 9-star soldier-level weapon.
Their strength and sharpness had surpassed that level.

He took out his Mo Que.
It looked a little tragic now.
When he was fighting with the blue-haired young man, Mo Que didn’t get destroyed, but it wasn’t in a good state either.
There were many marks left on it.
You could see the material inside the weapon in some parts of the sword cuts.

His weapon couldn’t keep up with his ability anymore!

Wang Teng shook his head.
He suddenly thought of something.
“Oh right, I still have the blue-haired young man’s space equipment.”

He remembered that the blue-haired young man used an ice-blue sword.
It had wounded his beloved Mo Que.

It looked like the level of the sword was above Mo Que.

Wang Teng immediately brought out the blue-haired young man’s space ring and instilled his spiritual power into it.
He scanned the space and discovered many energy stones.
He didn’t look at them though.
Instead, he searched for the ice-blue sword and took it out.

Wang Teng compared it with Eric’s sword.
He felt that this ice-blue sword was sharper and more powerful.

“I’ll use you from now.” Smiling, he swung the sword gently.
The battle sword gave a soft ringing tone.

He kept the other weapons and stared into the distance.
“Little White, we’ll go to Country Neon.”

Little White cawed and flapped its wings.
It headed quickly in Country Neon’s direction.

For some reason, Little White was still unable to speak even though it had reached the 10-star low-tier lord level.
It could only communicate with Wang Teng through the spiritual pet contract.

While Wang Teng was heading to Country Neon, the other alien invaders scattered on Earth discovered a situation.

On their personal terminal, the spots that represented Country Glow, Country Sylo, and Country Annan had all turned blue.
It became the same color as Country Xia.

This meant that the three candidates from those three countries had either died or submitted to the other party.
They had lost their right to continue this trial.

Those three candidates had failed!

This was the first failure of this trial, and three of them had appeared at once.
The other candidates went into deep thought when they saw this situation.

No matter what, the other candidates started to fear the candidate from Country Xia.

Of course, those powerful candidates who had conquered large masses of land only took a small note of it.
They didn’t take the incident to heart.

A golden-haired young man sat on a huge throne in a large alien spacecraft.
He blinked and smiled with interest.
Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Send someone to Country Xia.
I want to know the situation there.”

A figure appeared out of nowhere and received the order in a respectful tone.
He half-kneeled on the ground and then disappeared once again.

“How’s our takeover of this country going?” the golden-haired young man asked again calmly.

“We have controlled all the states in this country and killed anyone that dares to disobey us.
We left no one out,” another figure appeared in the hall and replied respectfully.

“Good!” The golden-haired young man nodded elegantly.
“We can start expanding.”

“Yes!” The people below disappeared.

Country Star, on Mount Saint.
The young lady with long green hair was also looking at her personal terminal.
She smiled.
“Continue the fight.
This is just the start.”

Alais was beside her, but she didn’t care.
She even purposely showed it to her to let her know what was happening.

There was a flash of emotion in Alais’s eyes when she saw a change in Country Xia.
She asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“Guess!” The young lady with long green hair chuckled.

“Seriously.” Alais turned her head away without a change in her expression.
She knew that this young lady wouldn’t be explaining to her, so she didn’t bother to ask again.

“Wait and you’ll know.
Stay by my side and learn from me.” The green-haired young lady brushed Alais’s long hair and curled it around her finger.
Her tone was flirtatious.

Alais was rendered speechless.
She felt that this lady was a bad influence.

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