The three candidates stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.
They didn’t know if they should believe him.

An Earthling had killed a candidate? This was absurd.

The candidates had only been on Earth for a few days, and one of them had already died.
This had never happened during the trials in the past.

No matter what, the three of them wouldn’t let him go so easily.

“What do you want?” Eric asked with a grim expression.

“I came… to kill you!” Wang Teng replied with a smile.

He sounded as if he was talking about a simple affair.

The three candidates felt indignant.
They were a bunch of planetary-stage talented martial warriors.
They had never been looked down upon by others.

Yet this person told them that he wanted to kill them right in their face.
Moreover, his tone was so casual as if they were nobodies.
His attitude was infuriating.

“Eric, stop wasting time talking to him.
If we attack together, he might not be our match,” Wulf bore with the excruciating pain in his right arm and said viciously with bloodshot eyes.

“That’s right.
This person won’t let us go.
We can only fight.” Basa’s gaze was sharp.
He gave off a frightening aura like a bear that had gone wild.
It was terrifying.
A huge double-edged ax appeared in his hand.
It hung beside his thigh naturally, but one could tell that he was ready to act from the bulging muscles on his arms.

“Yes!” Eric nodded.
A sword appeared in his hand with Force glow covering the entire blade.

They were planetary-stage martial warriors who had experienced many battles.
Even though they knew that their opponent was powerful, they didn’t panic or lose their confidence.

Based on the ability he had displayed a moment ago, they had no chance of escaping.
They would be killed by him if they did.
Hence, they would rather fight for their lives.

The three of them spread out in unplanned unison, surrounding Wang Teng in the middle.

Wang Teng glanced at them and smiled.
The curve of his lips ignited the anger of the three candidates.

Basa acted first.
With a bellowed and a sharp glare, he took a step forward and wielded his double-edged ax.
He formed a semicircle Force glow.

On the other side, Eric and Wulf acted too.

Eric slashed his sword, shooting a sword glow toward Wang Teng’s head.
He wanted to chop his head off.

Wulf’s right hand was crippled, so he could only use his left hand to hold his gun, which was a rune weapon.
As energy gathered in it, a Force bullet hurled out, aimed directly at Wang Teng’s lethal spot.

The rune bullet traveled like light.
It disappeared on the spot and appeared again in front of Wang Teng within a split second.
He had fired his shot after Basa and Eric, but it reached Wang Teng faster than theirs.

Wang Teng felt a tingling pain on his forehead.
He was surprised when he saw the Force bullet spinning at high speed a few meters away from him.

The power of this rune gun was greater than the rune guns made on Earth.
He felt the energy in the rune bullet and realized that the bullets fired by this gun could hurt a planetary-stage martial warrior.
He didn’t dare to take it easy and instantly released his spiritual power.

Wang Teng compressed his spiritual power into a shield the size of his palm.
It blocked the path of the Force bullet.

It wasn’t hard for him to predict the path of the Force bullet since he had mastered the Gun Kungfu.

The Force bullet erupted as it smashed into the yellow round shield.
It left a deep hole, but it didn’t break it.

Basa and Eric’s attacks also arrived.
Basa’s terrifying ax attack bore down on Wang Teng’s head while Eric’s sword cut through his throat.
However, the two of them didn’t show any signs of happiness.
Instead, their expressions changed, and they retreated like a scared rabbit.

They could feel that their attacks didn’t land on anything.
That was just a lingering shadow.

They were flabbergasted and filled with disbelief.

How did this guy disappear from their sight without any detection? This was unbelievable.

A few sharp glows appeared behind them and silently targeted the critical parts of their bodies.

Eric and Basa squinted.
They felt a sense of danger and dodged instantly.

But it was still a little late.
A sharp glow slit Eric’s arm, leaving a trail of blood.

Another two rays of light soared past Basa’s left ribs.
If he had moved a step later, the sharp glows might have penetrated his body.

“Behind you!” Wulf’s agitated voice was heard suddenly.

Wang Teng had appeared behind Eric and Basa without any warning.
He slashed Mo Que down, forming a blade glow in the air.

Wulf’s expression changed when he saw this scene.
He gathered energy in his rune gun and fired three shots continuously.
They charged toward Wang Teng at a weird angle.

A cold glint appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He used his spiritual power to control a few flying daggers to intercept the three bullets.

The stronger your spiritual power, the stronger the attacking power of the weapons you controlled.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was almost at the peak of the Imperial Realm.
Thus, the power of the weapons he controlled was similar to an attack from a planetary-stage martial warrior.

Blocking the Force bullets was a piece of cake for him.

The flying daggers, which were spinning at high speed, collided with the Force bullets under his control.
Amidst a series of violent explosions, the rune bullets burst in mid-air.

“Divine spirit master!” The three candidates finally saw Wang Teng’s attacks.
The words escaped their mouths in astonishment.

“You’re a divine spirit master!” Eric shouted as if he had seen a ghost.

Divine spirit masters were extremely rare in the universe.
Every single one of them was a rare talent.
The divine spirit masters who managed to climb higher on the martial path were even more frightening.
They were almost invincible among their peers.

Ordinary martial warriors couldn’t fight with them at all!

Basa and Wulf’s expressions were no better.
They never imagined that there would be such a powerful divine spirit master on Earth.

Eric looked at the flying daggers dancing around him and realized something.
He was elated.
“No, you have Spirit, but you don’t have a legacy.
You only know the easiest skills like controlling objects.
You can only release less than 20% of your true potential.”

“Divine spirit master legacy?” Wang Teng frowned.
The other party was right; he didn’t possess any legacy.
He had learned some skills from Gorlin, but they couldn’t keep pace with his power, becoming a little useless.

“Kill him! We mustn’t let him grow stronger!” Wulf’s expression turned ruthless.
There was jealousy in his eyes.

“This fellow is extremely gifted.
He can’t be left alive,” Basa said grimly.

Their expressions were distorted.
The talents Wang Teng had displayed made them envious and fearful.
He was just an Earthling.
How could he possess the divine spirit master talent?

Even if I don’t have a legacy, I can still kill you easily.
Do you think you can stop me?” Wang Teng snorted.
Killing intent poured out of his eyes.

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