The Leader of martial arts’ eyes shone brightly.
His gaze turned sharp.

“Did you say that you have reached the planetary stage? Is it the stage above the general stage?” He stared at Wang Teng with an intense gaze.

“That’s right.
It’s the level above the general stage!” Wang Teng nodded and said.

The Leader of martial arts couldn’t explain his bewilderment.
This was the stage every country on this planet was looking to advance to.
Yet no one had exceeded.

However, Wang Teng was telling him that he had achieved the breakthrough and reached a higher stage.

He displayed great composure by not showing any exaggerated expressions or actions on the spot.

“The planetary stage! When you reach that level, you can escape from the boundaries of Earth.” The Leader took a deep breath and asked, “Did you form a Force star in your body?”

“It looks like you have already guessed it.
Once you advance to the planetary stage, you can roam the universe with your body, and you will have a Force star in your body too.” Wang Teng was surprised.
He couldn’t help but respect the Leader’s sensitivity.
He only mentioned it, but the other party already knew what this stage represented and guessed the secret of the advancement.

“This isn’t hard to guess.
We have studied the planetary stage for a long time, so there must be some results.” The Leader shook his head when he saw Wang Teng’s expression.
“Anyway, it’s a good thing that you managed to reach the planetary stage.”

The three great commanders and the other family heads finally regained their senses.

Wang Teng had reached that stage!

Everyone stared at Wang Teng intently, especially the family heads.
They wished that they could cozy up to him now.

He must have found a scripture that helped him to break through to the planetary stage.
If they could get some advice from him, the planetary-stage martial warriors might appear in their family after a few years.

This was a huge opportunity!

They must keep close to him and not let him get away!

No one asked him how he managed to reach the planetary stage.
Scriptures were a secret, no matter what situation it was.
No one would share their scriptures with others.

Even the Leader didn’t dare to force Wang Teng to give them his planetary stage scriptures for the nation’s sake.

Also, even if he gave them the planetary stage scripture now, only the Leader might have the chance of advancing within a short time.
The others wouldn’t be able to achieve their breakthrough without long hours of practice.

Talent wasn’t something you could learn.

Not everyone was a genius like Wang Teng.

You mustn’t be impatient sometimes.

Fortunately, everyone at the scene was smart.
They wouldn’t be so insensitive and ask such stupid questions.

After some time, they walked out of the spacecraft.

The Leader stood at the entrance of the spacecraft and looked down.
The entire place was in ruins.
The center of Capital Xia was destroyed.
There was sorrow in his eyes.
“It’s been many years.
I watched the city progress step by step only to get destroyed by the alien invaders today.”

“There’s no construction without destruction.
This might be a good thing for Capital Xia or the Earth in general,” Wang Teng said.

The Leader nodded.
He knew that this wasn’t the time to grieve.
He quickly gathered his emotions and said, “We need to be prepared to tackle the alien invasion.
Gather all the martial warriors for a meeting two hours later; we have to come up with a plan.
What do you think?”

The Leader placed Wang Teng in the same or a higher position than him.
He stopped treating him like a younger generation with huge potential.
He asked for his opinion about the meeting.
Without Wang Teng, this meeting would lose its purpose.

In the martial arts era, the ability was the main thing.
Country Xia could only rely on Wang Teng now.

“I’m fine with it.
You can arrange the meeting and inform me when it’s decided.” Wang Teng clapped his hands and threw the responsibility away.
He didn’t want to care about these troublesome matters.
Let the Leader and the others get busy over them.

He turned and ran away without any hesitation.

The Leader and the three great commanders were stunned.
Then, they shook their heads and laughed.

“This fellow!” The Leader was caught between laughter and tears.

“Looks like we still have to continue working.
This young lad doesn’t like to deal with work,” Commander Hong shook his head and said.

“He can reach this stage because he has cultivated single-mindedly without any distractions,” Commander Yong commented.

“Let’s go, there are many things we have to settle,” the Leader said.
He then turned to Dan Taixuan.
“Tidy up the city.
Find the number of casualties, the power of the alien invaders, and write up a report for discussion at the meeting.
I’ll have to trouble you these few days.”

Dan Taixuan felt frustrated.
She cursed Wang Teng in her heart.
This fellow ran away and all the work landed on her.
She couldn’t even reject it.

“Yes!” She nodded and received the order.

Capital Xia, residential district.

Wang Teng brought his family and friends here and settled them down.
“This is my military lodging.
Safety isn’t a concern, so don’t worry about it.
Have a good rest here.
I have other things to attend to, so I won’t be accompanying you.”

Wang Teng went to the cultivation room below the ground.

The cultivation room was spacious.
The walls were made of durable material, and there were runes on them, so they could bear heavy blows by martial warriors without getting damaged.

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