The blood-red flower blossomed on her forehead.
It was gorgeous.

This was a lethal flower!

It took away a beautiful life.

Zi Ling’s big eyes were wide open as the glimmer in them disappeared gradually, replaced by stillness.

The fear and disbelief remained on her face.

She didn’t think that Wang Teng would really kill her without any hesitation after he said he would.
He didn’t even give her a chance to beg for mercy.

Her life was taken away in a split second.

The blue-haired young man wasn’t saddened by her death.
However, his heart palpitated, and he had an ominous feeling.
It sent chills down his spine and caused goosebumps on his body.

This Earthling was so scary!

He killed without batting an eye!

His expression didn’t change from the moment he murdered Zi Ling.
He remained extremely indifferent.

How many people had he killed to gain this ruthless personality?

Many talents he knew in the universe couldn’t reach this stage.

He suddenly regretted provoking this Earthling!

They were nothing compared to his life.
They could all be forsaken.

He was afraid that Wang Teng would kill him immediately.

It was possible based on the decisiveness and cruelness he had just displayed.
The power of the Lan family might not be able to scare a ruthless man like him.

Wang Teng didn’t know what the blue-haired young man was thinking.
However, he would kill anyone that hurt Lin Chuhan and his family.
There was no room for negotiation.

He didn’t care who it was!

This was his bottom line!

He didn’t just frighten the blue-haired young man.
Even Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were stunned.
They were touched.
Their gaze turned soft and gentle as they looked at him.

This young man was able to do this for them! It was worth it!

Dan Taixuan, Ye Jixin, and the others didn’t interrupt him.
They had seen too many deaths and knew that you mustn’t show mercy to your enemy.
They might have been shocked by the blue-haired young man’s background a moment ago, but after thinking about it carefully, they understood that there was no room for discussion.

Would the blue-haired young man let them go if they begged for mercy?

Hence, everyone looked at Wang Teng to see his decision.
The atmosphere turned tense.

The blue-haired young man felt the palpable tension too.
His gaze flickered.
However, his arrogance didn’t allow him to plead for his life.
He could only force himself to remain calm.

“You can’t kill me.
The entire planet will have to take responsibility for your actions.
You can’t bear the consequences.

“Think about your parents, your companions.
They won’t remember your good deeds.
They will only know that you were the one to get them killed.
You will be condemned by everyone!

“If you let me go, I promise I’ll pretend nothing had happened.
All of our grudges will be thrown away, and we’ll stay in our own lanes from now onwards.

“Based on your talent, the universe will be a huge stage for you.
You will gain greater strength and see a broader future.
You don’t have to struggle with me.
You’re a smart person.
You should understand the ways of the world.”

The blue-haired young man guided him systematically to remove Wang Teng’s thought of killing him.
He was smarter than Zi Ling.
He didn’t force Wang Teng too much, but he still remained a little tough.

Although his face was being stepped on, he was still able to remain calm and negotiate his survival.

He was the direct line descendant of a large family, so he wouldn’t give up easily.

Wang Teng lowered his head.
There was an ambiguous smile on his face as he said with interest, “Do you think I care about what others think of me?”

“… What do you mean?” The blue-haired young man was stunned.

“What do I need to care about other people’s death?” Wang Teng asked.

The blue-haired young man looked at Wang Teng’s nonchalant expression and felt his blood running cold.
He realized that he had made a huge blunder… he overestimated Wang Teng’s bottom line!

“How cruel.
You don’t care about their lives.” The blue-haired young man felt a bitter taste in his throat.

“You’re the vicious one.
After all, you killed them, not me.
Even if we went to hell, you will get punished.
It has nothing to do with me.
When I have the ability, I’ll take revenge for them,” Wang Teng said righteously.

The blue-haired young man was speechless.

Damn it, he felt that Wang Teng made so much sense.
He didn’t know what to say.

“Anyway, if I bring my family and friends away from Earth, will your Lan family be able to find us?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.

“You!” The blue-haired young man was astounded.
He guessed what Wang Teng wanted to do.

The universe was huge.
If Wang Teng brought his family and friends with him, the Lan family would be looking for a needle in a haystack.
It would be almost impossible to find them.

Besides, if Wang Teng killed him, he didn’t know if the Lan family would create a fuss over a dead descendant.

After all, the Lan family was just a normal elite family in the Olant Federation.
It wouldn’t be hard for Wang Teng to find a more powerful family to support him with his amazing talent.

The blue-haired young man’s face turned ugly.

He thought that this Earthling was inexperienced, so he would listen obediently to him after scaring him a little.
Yet, he wasn’t affected by his words at all.

Wang Teng squatted down and smiled.
“So, don’t think about threatening me.
I don’t mind threats.”

A golden brick suddenly appeared in his hand.
He aimed it at the blue-haired young man’s head.

“What do you want to do?” The blue-haired young man jumped in fright.
He had a bad feeling.

“It’s alright, don’t be afraid.
It won’t hurt.
It will be fine after a while,” Wang Teng comforted him softly.

… Do you think I’ll believe you! The blue-haired young man screamed in his heart.

Wang Teng didn’t give him any chance to react.
He raised his brick and smashed it down.

The blue-haired young man squinted.
The remainder of his sentence was pushed back into his throat by the brick.

Dull thuds resounded in the area.

Everyone saw Wang Teng holding a brick and hurling it at the blue-haired young man’s face.
His arm turned into lingering shadows because of his speed.
The muscles on their faces started twitching.

This young man was heartless!

Couldn’t he give him a fast death? Every time he used the brick, the person would turn into a pig’s head.

Wang Teng didn’t think too much.
He picked up some attribute bubbles dropped by the blue-haired young man, but he felt that it wasn’t enough.
There weren’t many spirit and enlightenment attributes, so he continued beating him.

That was it.
He had no other intention.
He didn’t like torturing people!

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