Capital Xia used to be the most prosperous city in the country, yet it was taken over by a huge spacecraft, which cast its large shadow over the city.

In the center of Capital Xia, on a high platform made of metal, there laid a few cages with people locked up inside.
Many people were looking at them from the tall buildings around them.

The blue-haired young man didn’t stop them.
He was glad to see this scene.

This was like an execution scene in the olden days.
Normal people could spectate the scene to serve as a warning and frighten the public.

The members of the Wang family weren’t martial warriors, so they were in excruciating pain after the electrocution.
They groaned in agony.

But no one said anything.

The blue-haired young man didn’t get impatient.
He wore a mocking smile on his face as he looked towards the other cage and asked, “You’re Wang Teng’s classmates, right? You are the closest friends he had in school.
Do you know where he is?”

Hou Pingliang, Baili Qingfeng, Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and a few others were locked up in this cage.
They sat cross-legged on the ground.
Although agitated, as martial warriors who had experienced calamities such as the sea beasts riot, they had a strong mentality.
They were able to remain composed.

“What an unexpected catastrophe.” Lu Shu pushed his glasses, reflecting light on the transparent glass.

“As expected of the man who I felt was dangerous.
Even when he isn’t around, his dangerous aura is affecting me.” Baili Qingfeng was tensed up.
His muscles were bulging out like a wild beast ready to launch its attack.
Yet his words made others speechless.

“I don’t know about the danger, but that blue-haired fellow is too pretentious.
He has so many beauties around him, yet he’s enjoying them all alone.
Outrageous!” Song Shuhang said furiously.

“That’s right, outrageous!” Lu Shu’s eyes lit up.
He continued, “Anyway, which one do you fancy? I like the one with a big chest.”

“I like the one with a firm butt.
That line… is too exaggerating.
My mom says that someone with a nice butt is a good wife!” Baili Qingfeng commented seriously.

“I like the one with long legs.
I can play with those legs for a year!” Song Shuhang said.

The blue-haired young man: …

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and Yu Hao were speechless.
Where did these three weirdos come from? Didn’t they know what situation they were in currently?

Wasn’t their focus point a little askew?

“Enough, seriously!” Hou Pingliang covered his face.
He felt embarrassed.

The smirk on the blue-haired young man’s face below suddenly froze.
He looked a little constipated.

Constipation for three days straight!

These three fellows dared to ignore his words and disregard him!

They even commented on his servants in front of him.

No one had ever dared to treat him with such disrespect.
Yet these low-class Earthlings he looked down upon did what others didn’t and said what others wouldn’t.

How could he bear with it!

Y’all are amazing!” He squeezed these words out of his mouth in anger.

Instantly, glaring sparks appeared on the cage.

The three young men trembled from the electrocution.
They looked as if they had a spasm.
Burnt smell wafted out from their bodies, and their hair stood up.

A few seconds later, their faces turned black, and white smoke started floating out of their mouths.
They kept twitching.

The Wang family immediately felt that their electrocution was nothing when they saw their intense reaction.

Grandpa Wang felt his face muscles trembling.
“They’re here because of us.
But they’re a little cheeky.”

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei didn’t know what to say.
They had strange expressions on their faces, and they seemed hesitant to voice out their thoughts.

“I’ll spare you for now.
I’ll teach a lesson properly later.” The blue-haired young man snorted.
He turned and looked at the last cage.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were locked up there.

The blue-haired young man’s eyes lit up when he saw the two sisters.
He had noticed them for a long time and was startled by their looks.

Besides, they were sisters!

He couldn’t control the desire in his heart since they were already in his hands.

The blue-haired young man stood up and came to the third cage.
He looked at Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia and gave a gentle and handsome smile, or at least that was what he thought.
He said in an arrogant tone, “I know that you have a close relationship with Wang Teng.
I’ll give you one chance to tell me where he is.
I won’t make things difficult for you, and you can even be my servants.”

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were stunned.
They were astounded as if they had heard something absurd!

Was he asking them for Wang Teng’s location?

They didn’t know, but even if they did, they wouldn’t betray him.

The funniest thing was, this blue-haired fellow wanted them to be his servants.
He seemed to think that this was a gift for them.

Were aliens all so strange?

“Young Master, what’s good about these two female Earthlings? Are they better than us?” Before Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxua could say anything, a pitiful and seductive voice sounded behind them.

A beautiful young lady in a purple gown walked over with a pout.
She stared at the blue-haired young man bitterly.

This young lady was one of the servants of this blue-haired young man.
It seemed that her status wasn’t low.
If not, she wouldn’t have dared to speak to him voluntarily.

“Look at what you’re saying.
They can’t be compared with you guys, but they are still quite beautiful.
Also, your young master needs a change of taste sometimes,” the blue-haired young man held the lady’s purple gown with a smile and said shamelessly.

“Young Master~” The young lady dragged her words, whining in a sweet and seductive voice.

The blue-haired young man’s heart almost melted.
He liked this servant dearly.
Her figure and looks were top-notch, and he never got tired of listening to her voice.
Hence, he didn’t mind her occasional small tempers.

“Sister, they’re so disgusting.” While they were flirting, someone interrupted them and spoiled the entire atmosphere.

“That’s right, they look like dogs.” Another soft voice joined in the conversation.

“Yeah, a male dog and a female dog that came from outer space.” The person who spoke first laughed loudly as if she had seen something extremely funny.

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