He asked his clones to look up the situation all over the world and discovered that there were signs of aliens in every big country.
All the large nations on Earth were in their hands.

In front of absolute power, any resistance was futile.

Looking at the performances of these alien invaders, Wang Teng realized that they didn’t have a harmonious relationship.
They were competitors in some sense.

There seemed to be an unknown motive behind their actions.

He had too little information, so he couldn’t give his analysis yet.

He placed most of his attention on Country Xia.
He could tell that the entire country was in the control of that blue-haired young man.
He reorganized the structure and changed all the governors to aliens.

Fortunately, the Wang family was safe.
They had no choice but to listen to the orders of the invaders like other normal civilians.

The Earth seemed calm on the surface, but there were many undercurrents hiding beneath.
They were brewing a storm powerful enough to topple the human civilization.

Wang Teng kept his thoughts.
His expression was solemn, and his eyes were sparkling.
He mumbled to himself, “Everything is ready.
It’s time to advance to the planetary stage!

“I can only fight with them if we’re at the same level!”

He closed his eyes and followed the direction of the scriptures to break through into the planetary stage.
Focusing his mind on his body, he searched for the sea of nihility somewhere in his consciousness.

He had seen that sea of nihility before, so he had some idea where it was.

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He removed all thoughts from his mind and started concentrating on himself.
His consciousness sunk deeper and deeper…

This feeling was extremely interesting, but Wang Teng didn’t have the time to care about it.
As his mind sank, his surroundings turned darker.
He couldn’t see or feel anything.
He only felt loneliness and emptiness.

Wang Teng had lost count of time.
He didn’t know how long had passed until he finally heard a sound.

Such a clear and pleasant sound.
It was like a water droplet landing on the surface of a calm lake.

Wang Teng opened his ‘eyes’ and saw a sea… It was the sea of nihility!

This is it. He should be overjoyed after finding the sea of nihility, but he was calm and composed instead.

Form a bridge to link the sea of nihility.

A voice echoed around him.

Instantly, multiple rays of light appeared in the surrounding emptiness.
They gathered at one spot and formed a bridge of light.

Five bridges of light appeared in the emptiness.

The five bridges crossed the emptiness horizontally, heading straight for the sea of nihility.
They linked Wang Teng to the sea of nihility.

This was a jump in quality.

The entire sea of nihility began vibrating.
The calm surface started churning, and tall waves were formed.
It all seemed to be stopping the five bridges from birthing.

However, these five bridges remained sturdy and strong.
They were made of constellation Force, the purest and thickest form of Force.
They were indestructible.

Wang Teng didn’t know that there was a high chance of failure for a normal person when breaking through to the planetary stage.
The main reason was the lack of purity and density of Force.
They were unable to build bridges to cross the sea.

Wang Teng was different.
His constellation Force was converted using planetary stage Force skill scriptures at the perfected realm.
They might be basic, but they were the most complete set of scriptures.

These five planetary stage scriptures had been around for many years.
Countless people practiced them.
There was a reason for their long existence.

However, many people ignored them because they wanted to find better and higher-level scriptures.

At this moment, above the sea of nihility, five bridges of light were forming inch by inch.
They withstood the obstruction and vibration from the sea of nihility and finally crossed the seemingly endless distance to reach the shore on the other side.

A huge explosion occurred.
The surface of the sea of nihility erupted.

The five different types of constellation Force rushed into the sea, giving rise to huge waves.
A storm was raging on the sea.

The five constellation Forces gathered beneath the surface of the sea.
An invisible power compressed it, hammering and purifying it before it sunk gradually to the bottom of the sea.

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

The constellation Force sunk into the sea of nihility!

The scriptures didn’t mention this.
They said that after the construction of the bridges of light, the Forces would arrive at the sea of nihility and transform into stars.
Then, he would advance to the planetary stage.

Wang Teng was puzzled and astounded.
If he didn’t feel the powerful presence coming from the bottom of the sea of nihility, he might think that his five Forces got swallowed by this patch of sea.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He could only wait quietly.

After some time, rays of light suddenly appeared at the pitch-black bottom of the sea of nihility.
There were five rays: crimson, gold, blue, green, and yellow!

The rays of light rose up, and soon, five lotuses of different colors blossomed on the surface of the sea.
Thereafter, five huge balls rose up gradually.

This was his constellation Force!

Wang Teng had reached the planetary stage!

Also, all his five basic Forces had reached the planetary stage!

In the real world, Wang Teng opened his eyes.
A glaring light shot out of them.
If you stared at him carefully, you would notice five stars of different colors circling continuously in the depth of his eyes.

A powerful aura swarmed out of his body like a tide.

The five colors combined to form a light pillar.
It flew out of his body and soared into the pitch-black sky.

The sky trembled, and numerous stars shone brightly.
They gave off radiant glows as if celebrating and congratulating Wang Teng’s advancement into the planetary stage!

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