Chapter 752 Moons In The Sea! (1)

Yellow sand covered the entire sky.
If anyone saw this scene, they might think that a frightening sandstorm had dawned on this part of the desert.

Numerous Black Sand Lizards hissed as they controlled the yellow sand that was wreaking havoc in the air.

Wang Teng stood in the middle of the sandstorm with a calm expression.
There was excitement in his eyes.

No one saw what he did, but multiple sharp glints rose from his back and stabbed into the sandstorm.

The shrill sonic boom got engulfed by the howls of the sandstorm.
However, the hisses of the Black Sand Lizards had changed.
They were now crying in fear and agony.

“Stop!” The two lord-level Black Sand Lizards were astounded and furious.
They screamed at Wang Teng

“It will be embarrassing if I stop when you ask me to,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

The flying daggers turned into sharp flashes of light as they shuttled back and forth in the sandstorm.
Under the control of his spiritual power, they formed a large net and turned this area into a meat grinder, crushing all the Black Sand Lizards inside.

There was a thick bloody stench in the air.
The cries got weaker and weaker.
Gradually, no voices could be heard anymore.

The sandstorm died down, and the situation inside was revealed.

The scene was tragic.
There were Black Sand Lizards’ corpses everywhere, and the yellow ground turned red from the blood.

Within a few seconds, the majestic troop of Black Sand Lizards was almost exterminated.
Only the lord-level Black Sand Lizards were left.
They were like generals without an army.


Wang Teng looked at the two lord-level Black Sand Lizards and smiled.
“Did you just say you wanted to kill me?”

The two lord-level Black Sand Lizard shuddered.
They found Wang Teng’s smile evil and terrifying.
They stepped back unconsciously and tried to suppress the fear in their hearts, stuttering, “No, we didn’t!”

“Really? Are you saying I heard wrong?” Wang Teng asked.

“No, you didn’t.
We…” The two lord-level lizards didn’t know what to say.
Why did they offend this monster?

The entire race was annihilated, and he made it look so easy.
This human was appalling!

He wasn’t a human!

“Never mind, you can’t even speak properly.
You’re wasting oxygen by staying alive.
You should die.” Wang Teng sighed.
His tone was sincere though.
He seemed deeply emotional that he had to send them on their way.

The two lord-level Black Sand Lizards were at a loss.
Why do you mean by we can’t speak properly!

Is it our fault?

Don’t you know why we are stuttering?/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

The two lord-level Black Sand Lizards wouldn’t sit and wait for death.
They glanced at each other.

“Run!” They escaped without any hesitation.
They gave up when they should!

The sand tossed and turned on the ground.
It flew up and blocked Wang Teng’s vision.
The two lord-level Black Sand Lizards hurriedly crawled underground.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
He activated his Eyes of Essence to see through the layers of sand until he found the two lord-level Black Sand Lizards.

These two Black Sand Lizards were extremely smart.
They knew that they needed to separate, so one headed to the east while the other to the west.
They allowed fate to decide which one would survive.

However, they had underestimated Wang Teng’s ability.

A smirk appeared on his lips.
He stretched his hands and clenched his fists…

Heart Of Zhongyan!

He activated the Heart Of Zhongyan.


A loud eruption occurred deep inside the ground.
The ground vibrated.

Sand started gathering and formed two big hands.
They clawed at the two Black Sand Lizards.

The two Black Sand Lizards never imagined that Wang Teng would have this skill.
They were caught off guard, but they wouldn’t wait for death.
They hurriedly released their Sand Control Talent and maneuvered the sand around them to resist the big hands.

Wang Teng felt an obstruction in his hands.
He remained indifferent, though, just increasing the force a little.


The resistance of the Black Sand Lizards was destroyed.
They were grabbed tightly by the two large hands and dragged out of the sand.


Sand spurted out like a volcano.
A magnificent scene appeared not far away from where Wang Teng was standing.

Two large hands formed from sand shot out from the ground with two lord-level star beasts.
No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn’t escape from the grip.

Sand Lock!

Wang Teng felt that this was a great name for this skill.
He nodded to himself.


I’m such a talent in giving names! “Don’t kill me!”

“Spare me!” The two Black Sand Lizards were terrified.
They twisted and flapped in the hands.

Wang Teng showed no mercy and clenched his fists tightly.
The two Black Sand Lizards opened their mouths.
They wanted to scream in pain, but their voices were stuck in their chest.
They couldn’t let it out.


Suddenly, The two Black Sand Lizards exploded and turned into a splatter of blood rain.
It merged with the sand and landed on the ground.

“Eww… This is a little disgusting.
This move is too cruel.
It will offend the Gods.” Wang Teng shook his head and expressed his compassion.
After all, he was kindhearted.

He self-reflected for three seconds before he scanned his surroundings.
There were countless attribute bubbles floating on the sand.
His eyes shone brightly.

Get it!

Sand Control Talent*20

Blank Attribute*350

Earth Force*420

Earth Force*280

Blank Attribute*610

Sand Control Talent*15

Earth Force*350

Wang Teng gained many attributes.
In summary, he received 2580 points of Sand Control Talent, 18300 points of blank attributes, and 16500 points of earth Force.

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