Chapter 750 Sahara

Constellation Force (Water)*120

Imperial Realm Spirit*55

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*46

There were only three attribute bubbles, but Wang Teng was able to get some information out of them.

This blue-haired young man possessed water Force.
Of course, he might also have other Forces.
Furthermore, his spirit had reached the Imperial Realm too.

This blue-haired young man was probably at the same level as Sha Didi.
They were both at the planetary stage, but there was a stark difference in their abilities.

His sword was also an exceptional weapon!

The blade his clone used was a 9-star rune blade he stole from the base of the Zhenli Clan.
Yet, it got easily cut into two by that sword.

Wang Teng analyzed the blue-haired young man’s ability using these details and compared it with himself.
No matter what, he needed to raise his realm to the planetary stage.
That way, he had a chance to fight with that young man.

Before that, he must convert all his five basic element Forces into constellation Force.

Many thoughts flashed through Wang Teng’s mind.
Finally, he made his decision.
He added the blank attributes to the five planetary stage scriptures.

The higher his grasp of the scriptures, the faster his cultivation speed would be.
Hence, Wang Teng decided to invest the blank attribute into the planetary stage scriptures.

Foundation, well-versed, specialized, small achievement, big achievement, perfected…

Wang Teng raised the levels gradually before stopping He realized that a large number of blank attributes were needed to raise these scriptures from the foundation to the perfected stage.

The foundation stage required 500 points.
The well-versed stage required 1000 points, then 3000 for the specialized stage, 5000 for the small achievement stage, and 8000 for the big achievement stage.
Finally, the perfected stage required 10000 points.

In summary, he needed 27500 points to reach the perfected stage for one scripture.
If he wanted to max out all five scriptures, he would need 137500 points.

Wang Teng’s face turned green.

Damn it, he had worked so hard to accumulate 123780 points of blank attributes.
Only to find out that they weren’t enough!


Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse.

What’s so great about these planetary stage scriptures? Why do they need so many blank attributes?

Wang Teng almost had a breakdown.

He felt like a villager who came into a second-tier city hoping to buy a house with 500,000 RMB, only to realize that this was the deposit of a small studio.
He could buy a mansion with the same amount of money in the countryside.
That was not the end.
After paying the deposit, he still had to work hard to pay off the loan.

“Add it.
These five scriptures are nothing to me.
I believe I can handle them!” Wang Teng was a decisive person.
The need of the hour was to increase his ability.
He gritted his teeth and added all the blank attributes to the scriptures.

This was an investment.
Once his ability increased, he could gain more attribute bubbles.

Also, he wanted to see what would happen if he raised these five seemingly-connected planetary stage scriptures to the perfected stage.

After adding the blank attributes, the levels of the five scriptures shot up instantly.

Star Fire Scripture: 10000/1000 (perfected)

Star Water Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Metal Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Earth Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Water Scripture: 4280/8000 (big achievement)

All the blank attributes were used.
Besides the Star Water Scripture, the other four had reached the perfected stage.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time and began cultivating.
Instantly, the Forces in his body started boiling as if there was a heater below him.


Force swarmed around his body in waves.
It spread to his limbs and meridians following the path of the scriptures.
Every time a circulation was completed, a part of his ordinary Force got converted into constellation Force…

The conversion speed was incredible.
Other people might need half an hour to complete one cycle after reaching the big achievement stage for the scripture, but he only needed 10 minutes.

This was thrice as fast.

No wonder the difference between a normal person and a genius was so huge.

One day later, a small portion of his five basic Forces had been converted into constellation Force.
He stopped this cultivation session and got up.
After stretching, he took out the Minos III spacecraft from his space fragment and boarded it.

Wang Teng gave the order when he reached the control room.
“3957, let’s head to the Sahara!”

“Yes, master.” Mick 3957’s voice was heard.

Minos III spacecraft rose into the sky.
Fluctuations appeared in the air before it disappeared on the spot.

The Sahara used to be the largest desert on Earth.
It was still an insurmountable presence to humans because of its vastness and the mysterious and powerful star beasts living inside.

There were almost no signs of humans here, so it naturally became a heaven for star beasts that used to live in deserts.

The star beasts moved around all the time.
Few people knew about them.
Only the martial warriors who had entered deep into the Sahara would know the secrets hidden here.

Wang Teng drove the Minos III spacecraft and landed on a random oasis in the desert.
Walking down the spacecraft, he looked around him and got surprised.
The oases situated in the vast desert were miracles of life.
They were like pearls in this sea of sand.
They were etched in the desert, giving off a magical glow.

After the invasion of Force, the plants in the oasis appeared even denser.
The trees climbed high up, acting like pillars of the sky.

Wang Teng kept the Minos III spacecraft and strode forward.
He saw a clear lake in the middle of this oasis.
It was so deep that he couldn’t see the bottom.

Wang Teng stood at the edge of the lake and activated his Eyes of Essence and Spiritual Sight.
His gaze went through the surface and reached deep into the lake.

A large ball of Force light entered his vision.


The 11-star lord-level star beast at the bottom of the lake seemed to have sensed his presence.
It gave an angry roar as a warning.


The surface of the water exploded from the frightening soundwaves, and a huge beast rose up.

This was a hideous and strange-looking fish.
It flapped towards Wang Teng and opened its wide mouth, revealing two rows of sharp teeth that looked like a sawtooth.
They gave off a sharp glint like metal.

“How welcoming.
You gave me a gift the instant I came.” Wang Teng shook his head and raised his finger.

Blood Moon Thorns!

Numerous blood-red needles were fired at the strange-looking fish amidst a red glow.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

The strange-looking fish didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so powerful.
Its body was in mid-air.
so it couldn’t dodge in time.
It got stabbed by the needles directly.

All the light needles penetrated the fish’s body.
It froze in the air before plummeting towards the ground.


It slammed right in front of Wang Teng and died immediately.
A few attribute bubbles dropped.

Get it!

Water Force*680

Water Force*350

Blank Attribute*1250

Wang Teng didn’t care about this strange-looking fish.
His expression remained indifferent as he turned and walked out of the oasis, entering the desert.

His massacre journey had begun again!

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