Chapter 748 Nicholas.I’m Your Dad.Wang

Wang Teng didn’t expect his clone to get discovered so quickly.

The actions of the blue-haired young man angered the clone.
He accidentally released some aura and got detected by the other party.
His ability and senses were frightening.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He couldn’t control the clone’s thoughts.
There was still some difference between him and the clone.

Unfortunately, he was far away, so he couldn’t do anything no matter how agitated he was.
Anyway, he had expected this to happen.
The clone would definitely die on this journey.

If he could figure out the opponent’s ability, it would be a worthy loss.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
He looked into the spacecraft through the clone’s vision.

The clone retreated the moment he got discovered.
The blue-haired young man chased after him with a smirk.
He clawed at the clone’s neck.

This opponent might be a formidable warrior on this planet, but to him, he was just a nobody that he could kill with a pinch of his fingers.

The martial warriors in the cage got attracted by the commotion and looked over.
When they saw the clone’s face, they were stunned.
It was an unfamiliar face!


While everyone was guessing his identity, the blue-haired young man became impatient.
He stomped out and dashed towards the clone at the speed of lightning.
A claw formed from blue light appeared on his hand.
He wanted to grab the clone’s neck.

The clone remained calm.
Despite being in peril, it reacted instantly.
Forces erupted from his body, and he punched at the blue claw.


Crimson red Force enveloped the fist as it slammed onto the blue claw.
The two martial warriors paused for a split second before an explosion occurred.

The clone made use of the impact to retreat ten meters.
The blue-haired young man only flew back for three meters.

The difference in ability was vast!

“Very strong!” To the other martial warriors, the clone was already very powerful.

“Where did this martial warrior come from?” The spectators were stunned when they saw the clone remaining unscathed after taking a claw from the blue-haired young man.

They were puzzled too.
They started guessing his identity.

By right, the other formidable martial warriors in Country Xia wouldn’t be able to arrive so quickly.
They had never seen this person around either.

It was impossible that they hadn’t heard of his name.

Did he grow out from the soil?

The blue-haired young man stopped in his tracks.
With a gloomy expression, he placed his hands behind his back and squinted at the clone.
“Not bad.
What’s your name? You look a little ugly, but I have decided to give you a chance to be my subordinate.”

His tone was full of conceit, and his expression was proud.
He was the perfect display of a man who was born with arrogance.

“Oh my, I guess I have to thank you,” the clone said in a mocking tone.
“I don’t mind telling you my name.
Listen carefully, I’m the most handsome man in the universe, the one who charms thousands of ladies, women’s best friend and the ruler of the red light district, Nicholas.I’m Your Dad Wang!”

The blue-haired young man was stunned.
To hell with being the most handsome man in the universe and charming thousands of ladies.

Women’s best friend and the ruler of the red light district?

Why don’t you look at yourself?

Please forgive him for being inexperienced, but he had never seen such a shameless person!

“Nicholas.I’m Your Dad Wang, right? Damn it, what kind of name is this?” the blue-haired young man said helplessly.

He didn’t notice anything wrong with the name.

The Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders looked at him strangely.
They had a familiar feeling.

Especially the three great commanders.
They had seen how despicable someone was.
This young man’s style was exactly the same as that fellow’s.

In addition, that name… Nicholas.I’m Your Dad.Wang!


He must be Wang Teng!

I’m your dad? Wasn’t he scolding the blue-haired young man directly?

Only that fellow could think of such strange ways to tease a person.

As for his current appearance, they didn’t think that it was a problem.
There were many ways for someone to change their faces.

The Leader of martial arts hadn’t witnessed Wang Teng’s shamelessness personally, but he had heard the rumors.
Hence, he arrived at the same conclusion.
He exchanged glances with the three great commanders and confirmed his thoughts.

It was that fellow!

They turned serious.
Didn’t they tell him not to come? This fellow was too stubborn.
He didn’t listen to them at all.

They were furious and agitated.

Despite knowing that he wasn’t the young man’s match, he still came.
Wasn’t he walking right into the trap?

Wang Teng shouldn’t have done such a stupid thing!

They didn’t understand.

“Think carefully.
Are you willing to be my subordinate?” The blue-haired young man asked again.
He didn’t mind Wang Teng’s diss just now.

“Where are you from?” The clone asked a question of his own.
He took out a blade and held it in his hand.

“It looks like you want to tempt fate!” The blue-haired young man didn’t want to tell his background.
His gaze turned sharp when he saw the clone taking out his weapon.

“In that case, let’s fight.
My fated enemy, this is a battle between two men.
The winner will get the woman,” the clone said in a serious tone.

It sounded extremely stupid and strange.

The three great commanders: …

The Leader of martial arts: …

Everyone: …

The blue-haired young man: …

Damn it, where did this weirdo come from? Why was he so strange? How frightening.

What did he mean by the winner would get the woman?

Where did that woman come from?

The blue-haired young man felt goosebumps rising on his skin.
He shivered uncontrollably.

“Have a taste of my blade!” The clone stepped forward and shot toward the blue-haired young man like an arrow.
He slashed the sword down.

Crimson red light exploded in the air.

Flaming blade conscious!


The roaring flames swarmed toward the blue-haired young man along with their scorching heat.

“You’re overestimating yourself.” The blue-haired young man snorted.
A blue long sword appeared in his hand.

The long sword was as clear as crystal and gave off a glistening glow.
It looked extraordinary.

The long sword trembled and turned into lingering shadows as it headed towards the crimson blade glow.


An explosion rang through the air.

The clone squinted.
His blade was chopped into two like a piece of tofu by the blue sword.
Then, he felt a pain in his chest.

He lowered his head and noticed that the long sword had penetrated his heart.

The Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders closed their eyes in despair.

They didn’t want Wang Teng to come back because he was their last hope.

The clone raised his head and looked at the blue-haired young man, who was staring at him with a mocking smile.
He cried in a strange tone, “Ah… you’re so strong! I’m going to die…”

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