Chapter 746 Capital Xia Had Fallen!

“What is going on?

“What’s that shooting star?”

Wang Teng was jittery.
He looked in Country Boar’s direction before turning to Country Xia.

He could ignore the other places, but his friends and family were in Country Xia.
If anything happened to them…

A few seconds later, his gaze turned firm.
He took out the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft from the space fragment and decided to stop his cultivation temporarily.
He wanted to go back and take a look.

However, just when he was about to step into his battlecraft, his wristwatch vibrated.

There were messages.

It wasn’t just one message.

The Leader of martial arts: Don’t come back!!!

Commander Hong: Alien invasion.
Extremely powerful.
Don’t come back!

The messages appeared on Wang Teng’s wristwatch almost at the same time.
His expression underwent a huge change.
He was thunderstruck.

Alien invasion!

What he was afraid of the most still happened in the end!

What a coincidence.
He got to know of aliens only recently, and there was suddenly an alien invasion.

He didn’t think that they would come so quickly.
He even felt that it might not happen at all.
The universe was huge, and Earth was just an inconspicuous planet situated in a remote planetary sector far away from the central region of the alien civilization.

Thus, the chances of the aliens discovering Earth were extremely small.

However, this small chance still got realized.
Aliens had invaded Earth.
From the messages sent by the Leader of martial arts and the other commanders, it wasn’t hard to tell that these aliens were a mighty force.

They were unharmed by the overlapped space on Earth.
They didn’t get injured and caught like the Plato beings.
What was happening there?

Wang Teng sent messages back to confirm the situation, but no one replied to him.
They were like pebbles dropped in the sea; there was no response.

“Something bad has happened!” Wang Teng’s expression turned grim.
His eyes flickered, and the forbidding feeling in his heart grew stronger.

He had never been so serious in his life.

Everything happened too quickly.
Only half an hour had passed since the meteors fell on Earth to the time the Leader of martial arts sent him the message.
Yet, he couldn’t get any response from them.

Something bad had already happened.

This was proof that the aliens were extremely powerful and terrifying.
Even the Leader of martial arts got caught by them.
His life might even be in danger.

Wang Teng took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.
He pushed down the urge to return.
If the Leader of martial arts couldn’t defeat the invaders, he would just be sending himself to death.

He hadn’t converted this Forces into constellation Force, so he wasn’t the aliens’ match.

Nonetheless, he wouldn’t feel at ease unless he knew what happened.

Wang Teng felt that he should do something.
The gears in his mind turned, and he thought of a plan.


He could use his clones as scouts to find out the latest situation!

Wang Teng’s concealing skills were exceptional, but he wasn’t certain if he could hide from the aliens.
If he couldn’t, it would be dangerous for him to go personally.
However, this wasn’t a concern if he sent his clones.

Clones could send information back even if they were killed.
It wouldn’t harm his life either.

Wang Teng sat down cross-legged.
The spiritual power and Forces in his body moved according to the Darkness Clone Technique.

Outside, a ball of black mist started gathering.
Soon, it turned into another Wang Teng.
But he didn’t stop there.
He pondered for a moment and added earth and wood Force into the clone’s body.

Just now, he only gave fire Force to the clone.
Considering how powerful the aliens might be, Wang Teng felt that he should instill more Forces into him.

He didn’t need to be very strong, but he mustn’t be weak.

He needed to be appropriately powerful.
That way, he could fool the opponent and make it easier for him to sneak attack in the future.

After putting earth and wood Force into the clone, Wang Teng stopped and looked at him.
He said, “Thanks for your hard work this time.”

“Master, this is too much.
You’re sending me to death!” the clone said bitterly.

Wang Teng specially changed his appearance to Yao Ji’s, the person whom he disguised as when he was in the Zhenli Clan.
He looked funny.

What a poor clone.
He was being sent on a suicide mission!

“Cough, you’ll get used to dying.
It’s nothing,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and said.

The clone: …


F**k, is this what you should say?

Although Wang Teng was the true form, the clone wanted to curse and swear at him.

“Don’t sweat the details.
You can come to life again after you die.
Isn’t that good?” Wang Teng comforted him.

“This doesn’t sound good either.” The clone rolled his eyes.
He waved his hand and said, “I’m leaving.
If I stay a second longer, I’ll die from anger before I get killed by the aliens.”

“All the best!” Wang Teng clenched his fist and cheered for his clone loudly.

The clone stumbled.
He felt so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.
He felt tired.

It was a tragedy for him to have such a master!

The clone quickened his pace and entered the battlecraft.
The cabin door closed behind him.

Wang Teng watched the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft as it rose into the air.
It turned into a ray of black light and shot towards the horizon, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“I can only wait now.” Wang Teng closed his eyes and tried his best to remain calm.

Things had already happened, so he could only wait patiently.

One hour later, the battlecraft reached Country Xia.
Before it could get closer, it was forced to stop.

The clone walked out of the battlecraft and looked at the huge flying object hovering over Capital Xia.
He was dumbfounded.

“Is this the alien’s spacecraft?” The clone muttered to himself in astonishment.

The spacecraft almost covered the entire central district of the capital, casting its shadow on the city below.
Many skyscrapers got destroyed by it.
The spacecraft gave off a bright and mysterious glow in the night sky.
It lit up the entire Capital Xia, clear and dazzling.

Wang Teng saw this scene through the clone’s eyes.
He was flabbergasted and solemn.

This spacecraft was many times bigger than the Minos III spacecraft he had obtained from the Plato beings.

If this spacecraft was a luxurious mansion, the Minos III spacecraft would be a small single-story house in the village.

These two were incomparable!

Wang Teng’s attention was quickly attracted by the situation in Capital Xia.

Runes were seen everywhere in Capital Xia.
It had suffered a huge wave of destruction.
Flames and smoke could still be seen in certain areas.
Explosions kept resounding from all over the city.

Capital Xia, the heart of Country Xia, had suffered such a frightening calamity.
The streets were filled with the blaring sirens and terrified howls of civilians.

People were running everywhere while glancing at the huge spacecraft above them in fear.
Some of them even kneeled down to pray and plead.
The scene was chaotic.

It seemed as if the apocalypse had come.

Capital Xia had fallen!

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