Chapter 745 Heaven Fire Meteor! (3)

Poison Force: 5230/20000 (11-star)

His poison Force increased once again and stabilized at a new level.
He had more than 60 thousand blank attributes currently.
It was a sizable amount.

“Let’s go.
Continue!” Wang Teng’s eyes were glowing.
He ordered the metal armor flaming scorpion and Little White to clear up the scene before leaving.

Wang Teng didn’t leave the Posiriah Plains.
He continued killing star beasts here.
From the south to the north, from the west to the east.
Day after day, more and more lord-level star beasts died in his hands.

One day, a team of martial warriors from Country Boar arrived in the west of the Posiriah Plains.
They were discussing in low voices.

“I think there was a lord-level snow wolf nearby.
Why aren’t there any movements today?”

“That’s right.
There are fewer star beasts around.
Did they migrate?”

“I heard others complaining that the number of star beasts in other regions has decreased sharply.
Did something happen here that we don’t know about?”

“Who knows? This is not our business.
The higher authorities should have received the news.
They will investigate this matter and arrive at a conclusion soon.
Let’s act accordingly.
Once something isn’t right, we’ll leave.”


Their footsteps went further along with their voices.

All the martial warriors from Country Boar noticed that there were lesser star beasts when they came to the Posiriah Plains to hunt.

Fortunately, ordinary martial warriors didn’t dare to offend lord-level star beasts.
Hence, they didn’t realize that many lord-level star beasts had disappeared without a trace.

One month later.

At night.

Wang Teng sat cross-legged on the crown of a tree and counted his gains.
Scanning his attributes panel, a smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

After more than a month of constant killing, all of his Forces had reached the 13-star general stage.
This included the mutated elements: wind, lightning, poison, and ice.

All the nine elements had reached the 13-star general stage.
No one might believe him if he told them.

But the truth was, he did it.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, poison, and ice.
Wang Teng pushed all these elements to the 13-star general stage by killing star beasts.
His light Force and dark Force didn’t increase since none of the star beasts possessed these two Forces.

At this moment, even if he didn’t mobilize his Forces, his body naturally gave off a frightening aura.
He was like a terrifying beast, powerful beyond imagination.
Currently, he was at the peak of Earth’s martial warriors.
He could even challenge the Leader of martial arts.

Wang Teng slowly stood up on the crown of the tree.
He gazed at the night sky and felt emotional for some reason.

He had finally reached this step!

It seemed like yesterday when he stepped onto the martial arts path.
However, he was already at the peak of Earth’s martial warriors.
An even higher level was waiting for


The night breeze blew against his black hair, revealing his young face and that pair of bright and deep eyes.
“It’s time to practice the planetary stage scriptures and convert the normal Forces into constellation Forces!” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
His eyes were shining.

Other than killing star beasts, he also farmed attribute bubbles from the Plato beings.

He had received all five basic element planetary stage scriptures.
True to his guess, they were the Star Fire Scripture, the Star Wood Scripture, the Star Metal Scripture, the Star Earth Scripture, and the Star Water Scripture.

They shared some similarities, so Wang Teng decided to cultivate them together to see what effects he could achieve.

His blank attributes had also reached an unprecedented number.

Blank Attribute: 123780

He had more than 120 thousand attributes.
He had never accumulated such a huge sum.
Unfortunately, he was going to use them soon…

Wang Teng got ready to start his cultivation session.
Suddenly, a frightening explosion came from the distant sky.
It sounded far away.

“What was that?” Wang Teng was astounded.
He raised his head and looked in the direction of the noise.

Two large balls of fire shot down from the sky like two shooting stars, leaving a trail of flames behind them.
One landed in the direction of Country Boar while the other landed in Country Xia.

Heaven fire meteor!

“This is…” Wang Teng’s expression turned grave, his heart pounding furiously in his chest.
An ominous feeling wafted into his heart.

He didn’t know that many other shooting stars had landed on Earth at the same time.
Some fell into the sea while others landed in the White Eagle Nation, Country Bat, Country Inka, and Country Star… Gales blew throughout Earth…

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