In the Posiriah Plains!

Seven days later.

Wang Teng was hiding behind a large rock at the peak of a mountain.
He peeked into the valley below like a thief.

Snow covered the valley, along with corpses of numerous star beasts.
Blood flowed like a stream.

Wang Teng had sent these corpses over using his spiritual kinesis.
He didn’t reveal himself.

The valley was silent.
No noise could be heard.

By right, these corpses should attract many star beasts.
However, after some time passed, there was still no sign of any star beast.

The valley was eerily silent.

This situation lasted until night.
When the sky turned dark, the valley turned pitch-black.
The only source of illumination was the moonlight scattered on the ground.
It shone on the surroundings and allowed Wang Teng to faintly see what was happening.

Suddenly, there was a rustle.

It’s here! Wang Teng, who was getting bored, immediately turned vigilant.
He stared at the valley with glistening eyes.

The rustling came from all around the valley.
Very soon, numerous gigantic outlines could be seen crawling out from the cracks along the cliffs.

Their bodies were long and flat, and they had many legs crawling at the same time.
This was where the rustling sound came from.

Very soon, this group of star beasts covered the entire valley.

The large shadows lined up with the corpses in the center.
If someone saw this scene from afar, their hair might stand up.

This was a group of centipede star beasts!

Moreover, they were poisonous.

Wang Teng had exerted a lot of effort to find this group of poison-element star beasts.

He had found many poison-element star beasts over the past few days, but most of them traveled alone.
There was a limited number of attribute bubbles they dropped.

Finally, he discovered these centipedes and realized that they lived in groups.
He followed them to this valley and used his Eyes of Essence to observe them.
He confirmed that this valley was their nest.

This group of terrifying poisonous centipedes lived in this eerily quiet valley.

This was… amazing!

Wang Teng immediately decided to capture them.
That was why he was hiding behind the rock.

The centipedes crawled around the corpses, but they didn’t make any further movements.
They seemed to be waiting for something.


Suddenly, the ground trembled.
A small mound pushed up from the snowy ground, and an enormous centipede covered with dark red scales appeared under the moonlight.

This centipede was huge.
The other centipedes looked like children when compared with it.

Lord-level star beast! Wang Teng smiled.

He guessed that there must be a lord-level star beast here, but he was still surprised when he saw it personally.

This was a poison element lord -level star beast.
It was extremely rare!

Of course, the important thing was, they would give him a large number of attribute bubbles.

When the lord-level centipede crawled out from the ground, he felt a chill.
There seemed to be an evil aura surrounding this valley.

Lord-level star beasts were smart and intelligent, so when it first saw the free corpses in its territory, it was puzzled.
It only dared to come out after waiting an entire day and confirming that there were no dangers.

After all, the valley was filled with corpses.
It was enough for them to fill up their stomachs, so they wouldn’t give them up easily.

But the instant it came out, it had a bad premonition.
If it wasn’t worried about losing its face in front of its subordinates, it would have shrunk back into its cave.

It was a lord-level star beast, the ruler of this territory.
Other powerful mid -tier lord-level star beasts wouldn’t dare to provoke it because of its poison Force.
There weren’t many things that it was fearful of and it didn’t believe that there was anything nearby that could threaten its life.

So… it might have been an illusion!

The lord -level centipede crawled out of its cave after some consideration.
It headed towards the corpses as the other centipedes cleared a path for it.
Very soon, it realized that there were no dangers.
It permitted the other centipedes to start eating.

Its subordinates were getting impatient.
They furiously pounced on the corpses and bit the flesh and blood of these corpses.

The noise of chewing and tearing of flesh and bones sounded exceptionally frightening under the night sky.

The lord -level centipede also stopped hesitating.
It pulled out a corpse and ate it alone.

Wang Teng smiled lovingly at them when he saw this scene.
Have a nice meal.
After you finish it, I’ll send you to hell.

There were many centipedes, so they finished the corpses quickly.
Afterward, they sprawled on the ground in satisfaction and basked in the moonlight.
They started cultivating.

This scene seemed harmonious and beautiful!

Wang Teng almost couldn’t bear to attack them.
Fortunately, he had a strong mentality.
If he said that he would kill them, he would.

At this moment, there was a commotion among the origmally quiet centipedes.
They started hissing in fear.

Especially the lord -level star beast.
It started talking in human language.
“Who is it? Who poisoned us!” Its voice was filled with anger.

Bingo!Wang Teng gave a sly smile.
He popped his head out and looked down.

How could he not add some extra seasonings to this free feast?

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