Chapter 734 An Astonishing Piece Of News

Sha Didi was stunned by his own thoughts.
But the instant this thought appeared, he shook his head and denied it.

No one could disregard the power of the contract, not even formidable martial warriors in the universe.
This Earthling wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Are you sure you signed the spiritual contract?” Two items suddenly appeared in Wang Teng’s hands.

One was a spiritual contract while the other was an ordinary beast scroll.

Sha Didi’s bad feeling got stronger.

Wang Teng smiled as he opened the two scrolls, placing them in front of Sha Didi.
The Spiritual contract was empty.
Their previous transaction was written on an ordinary scroll.

“How is this possible!” Sha Didi squinted.
His expression changed entirely, and he started screaming in disbelief.

“Nothing is impossible.
You got tricked!” Wang Teng gave an evil smile.

He had used Spiritual Illusion while signing the contract.
Sha Didi’s spiritual power was injured, so he failed to detect it.

“You’re… despicable!” Sha Didi was indignant.
He had no choice but to accept fate.
The truth was laid out in front of him.
He had to believe it.

However, he didn’t understand how Wang Teng swapped the two scrolls.

“You know why you came to Earth.” Wang Teng sneered.

Sha Didi’s gaze flickered.
He admitted that they had evil intentions when they discovered this planet outside of the Olant Federation.
Thrilled and exhilarated, they lost their cool.

Before they landed, they realized that this planet was extremely backward.
The strongest warrior hadn’t even reached the planetary stage.

They could easily take over this remote and underdeveloped planet even though they were almost the weakest in the universe.

Thus, they let down their guards.
This caused an accident when they landed on this planet.

They didn’t realize that there was a space overlap on this planet.
They only noticed it when they got closer and their spacecraft got affected by the power of space.

They reacted in time, but all of them got grievously injured by the frightening power of space.
A human found them coincidentally and captured them.

Thinking back about it, it was a sorrowful event.

This was a great chance for them to get wealthy.
Mind you, in the universe, a planet with life was an important resource.
This planet was enough to generate real wealth.
if they did it properly, they might obtain part of the operations and earn for the rest of their lives.

The mission of Universe Explorers like them was to find planets.
That was why they traveled thousands of miles in space.

Also, this might not be a bad thing for the locals on this planet.
They could get advanced technologies and higher martial arts paths.
It was better than living in stupidity for the rest of their lives.

Of course, this was their own wishful thinking

Which planet would want to sell itself?

Wang Teng didn’t know any of the details, but he could guess from Sha Didi’s expression.
These aliens had no good intentions.

“What do you want?” Sha Didi snorted.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from Wang Teng.
Thus, he stopped hoping.
Explorers like them fought their way through the universe.
The universe was a mysterious place with countless dangers.
None of the explorers were easy to deal with.

Cough, even if he was afraid of death, he wouldn’t show it.

“Why don’t I suggest an exchange with you?” Wang Teng smiled.
“An exchange?” Sha Didi felt exasperated.

He said this to Wang Teng some time ago, but now, their roles were switched.
He knew that the other party had his own intentions.
But he wouldn’t give up easily when there was a chance.

If he didn’t have to die, he wouldn’t want to.

“What exchange?” Sha Didi asked in frustration.

“It’s very simple…” Wang Teng opened his mouth and looked into Sha Didi’s serious


Before he finished his sentence, a crimson glow appeared.


“Damn it, this move again!” Sha Didi was stunned.
His expression changed, but this time, he had no chance of resisting.
His mind trembled, and he lost his consciousness.

“Hmph, an exchange? Only an idiot will make a deal with you.” Wang Teng smirked.
He confirmed that Sha Didi had lost consciousness before questioning him.

Under the Bewitch skill, Sha Didi told him everything he knew.
Very soon, Wang Teng dug out all the secrets of these aliens.
The more Sha Didi said, the more serious Wang Teng’s expression got.
He could see a large universe map gradually opening in front of him.
The world was vast, and there were numerous complicated races in it.
They were also formidable presences that could rule the universe… All these things were a huge stimulation to him.

This was beyond comprehension!

There was a large world outside Earth!

In this universe, there were also powerful martial arts civilizations many times stronger than Earth.

Mind you, if the Xingwu Continent didn’t get connected to Earth, it might still be an ordinary planet with no martial arts.
Earth was an underdeveloped planet!

Wang Teng took a deep breath after some time.
There was a strange glint in his eyes as he muttered to himself.

“The Olant Federation!

“Planetary stage! “Universe Explorers! “Selling planets with life on it!”

All these astonishing pieces of news jumped out of Wang Teng’s mouth.
If there were other people present, they would be dumbfounded.

This was too much information.
Even Wang Teng was at a loss.

He wanted to report this information to the higher authorities of Country Xia and the world.
After all, this was important news for Earth.

But the impact was too huge.
He wouldn’t know what to say even if he wanted to.

Wang Teng thought for a moment and gave up on this idea.

Some people might lay their eyes on his spacecraft if he revealed the information.
At that time, things would become troublesome.

Although he didn’t plan to hide it, he wanted to wait until he was strong enough.
At that time, no one would dare to touch his things.

It wouldn’t take long!

At that moment, Sha Didi woke up and looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.
His heart was filled with despair.

This fellow was a devil!

Everything he said was fake.
An exchange? He was lying to him again!

Sha Didi recalled what happened and realized that he had been tricked all the way.
His bluffing skills were nothing in front of Wang



He felt hopeless.

Wang Teng started self-reflecting when he saw his expression.
Was he a little too outrageous?

Even an alien was doubting himself.
He couldn’t bear to see him in agony.



Wang Teng self-reflected for three seconds before he looked at Sha Didi.
“Any last words? If you have nothing to say, I’ll release you from your predicament.
You seem to be in pain.”

Sha Didi was astounded.

This was the first time he had heard someone using such a refreshing way to tell him he wanted to kill him.

Damn it, he was inhumane!

Sha Didi wanted to curse, but he didn’t dare.
He looked at Wang Teng’s indifferent gaze and felt a chill run down his spine.

“I don’t want to die.
Don’t kill me.
I’m still useful,” Sha Didi swallowed his saliva and cried in a hurry.

“Oh?” Wang Teng was surprised.
Then, he asked with interest, “I can’t think of how you might be useful.”

“I know that someone like you won’t want to stay on this undeveloped planet for the rest of your life.
One day, you will step into the vast universe.
I might not be the strongest, but I’ve been to many places.
I can be your guide.
It will save you much trouble when you enter the universe in the future,” Sha Didi explained quickly.

“You seem quite useful.” Wang Teng touched his chin and nodded in agreement.

Sha Didi was elated.
He felt that he had managed to save himself.
But this still wasn’t enough.
He struck when the iron was hot and said, “There are many factions in the universe.
You are born on an undeveloped planet, so your starting point is behind others.
You will definitely meet many obstacles if you don’t have someone guiding you.
You might even provoke someone you shouldn’t.
I can help you evade all these.”

“You’re good at promoting yourself.” Wang Teng looked at Sha Didi strangely.

He was prepared to kill him, but this alien had managed to convince him.
He had to admit that he made sense.

“Nevermind, I’ll spare your life for now.
This is my territory, so you won’t be able to cause much trouble anyway,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

He was in control of this spacecraft, and they were in his space fragment.
It was impossible for him to escape.
Hence, Wang Teng wasn’t worried.

In the future, when he got stronger, these Plato beings wouldn’t be his match.
He wouldn’t need to be afraid of them backstabbing him.

Other people wouldn’t dare to lower their vigilance in front of an alien even if it was heavily injured.
Moreover, this was their first time hearing about the presence of planetary stage formidable warriors.
They didn’t know if they could beat them.

However, Wang Teng was a bug.
He was extremely confident in himself.

Knowing one’s limitation was wisdom.
He had it.

Sha Didi heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Wang Teng’s words.
This is too difficult!

He was a planetary stage warrior, but he fell in the hands of an Earthling who hadn’t even reached his level.
He even had to promote himself and beg him to show mercy.

This was the most arduous moment in his life.

Sha Didi felt that he was probably the most unlucky planetary stage formidable warrior in the universe!

“Oh right, let me take a look at your cultivation scriptures and battle techniques,” Wang Teng suddenly said.
“Erm…” Sha Didi was shocked.
He hesitated.

“Why? You can’t do it?” Wang Teng’s expression turned cold.

“No, you misunderstood me.
I can’t take out these scriptures or battle techniques!” Sha Didi explained hurriedly.

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