Chapter 732 Spiritual Contract And The Spacecraft Core! (2)

Last time, that human felt deeply grateful towards him once he gave him some small benefits.
He was so happy that he almost lost himself.

Yet, his methods didn’t work on this young man.

This young man wanted to snatch everything from him!

“My appetite has always been good,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.
At this moment, Sha Didi was forced to the edge of his consciousness.
Everyone’s consciousness had different sizes.
Sha Didi’s mind was only this big.

Sha Didi’s spirit started shivering.
It shrunk to a corner of his consciousness.
It stopped beating around the bush and told his intention directly, “Let me go, and I’ll tell you how to control the spacecraft.”

“Oh!” Wang Teng was stunned.
“You want to give me the spacecraft?”.

“Yes, if you’re willing to let me go, the entire spacecraft will be yours, including everything inside.
I will leave Earth and never come back,” Sha Didi said hurriedly.

“How can you leave Earth without the spacecraft?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“You don’t have to worry about that.
We have our way of temporarily surviving in outer space.
If you let me go, the deal will be fixed.”

“Is that so?” Wang Teng touched his chin and pretended to be in deep thought.
After some time, he nodded and said, “I can let you go.
Killing you doesn’t give me any benefits.
However, you need to tell me how to control the spacecraft first.
This is the prerequisite.”

Sha Didi was elated.
“I can tell you how to control the spacecraft, but you need to sign a spiritual contract with me to ensure the fairness of this deal.”

“A spiritual contract?” Wang Teng repeated the words in surprise.
He felt confused.

This spiritual contract seemed like an interesting item!

Use the spiritual contract to ensure the fairness of the deal?

Could it be that their civilization had grasped some profound rules he didn’t know?

“That’s right, a spiritual contract.
Once the people who sign the spiritual contract disobey the rules, they will get punished by the power of the contract.
In less serious cases, their souls will get injured, and they will become crippled.
In the more serious ones, the souls will get destroyed.
They will die instantly.” Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.
Suddenly, he asked, “Are you trying to trick me by using the rules of the contract?”

“How is that possible?” Sha Didi was stunned.
He said hurriedly, “If you don’t believe me, you can write the rules.
I’ll not interfere.”

“Alright, it’s decided then.” Wang Teng pretended to be reluctant as he nodded.
Then, he asked, “Where’s the spiritual contract?”

“I have a space item on my wrist.
The spiritual contract is kept inside.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He moved his thoughts, and his consciousness returned to his body.
However, a portion of his spiritual power still remained in Sha Didi’s mind to prevent him from creating any trouble.

With his current condition, it was impossible for him to turn the tides around anyway.

Sha Didi took out an item from his space wristwatch and said, “Open my sleeping cabin and I will send this out.”

“It’s alright.
I can take it,” Wang Teng said calmly.

Sha Didi was wondering how he would take the spiritual contract when he felt the weight on his hand disappear.
The item was already gone.

“What is this?” Sha Didi was dumbfounded.
He didn’t see how Wang Teng did it.

But with his experience, he immediately guessed the method.
He was flabbergasted.
This young man can control space!

“That’s right.
Only space power can do this.”

Wang Teng didn’t care about what Sha Didi thought.
His gaze landed on the item in his hand.

This was a rectangular wooden box made from some unknown material.
It was thick and sturdy and felt heavy.
There were many patterns on the surface too.
It looked simple and unpretentious.

“This feels ceremonial,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
He used his Eyes of Essence to look at the content inside.
After confirming that it was safe, he used his spiritual power to open the box.
He didn’t use his hands.

“Click!” The wooden box opened as per normal.
Nothing amiss happened.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
He wasn’t afraid of death, but it was always good to be careful in front of this unknown alien.
If not, he might die without any warning.

There was an ancient scroll made of beast skin in the box.
It didn’t look special, but with his stronger Origin Of Soul, he felt a special spiritual fluctuation.

There were spiritual fluctuations on the scroll!

Wang Teng was surprised.

His Eyes of Essence was still activated, but he realized that he couldn’t see the essence of this scroll.


Wang Teng smiled with interest.
He added blank attributes to his Eyes of Essence.

He had just received the Eyes of Essence not long ago, so it was still at the beginner stage.

Eyes of Essence: 1/10 (beginner)

If he wanted to rise to another level, he needed 10 points of attributes.
However, Wang Teng knew that the Eyes of Essence was the same as the Spiritual Sight.
It might look like 10 attribute points, but in reality, more blank attributes were required.

As expected, the blank attributes started decreasing dramatically.
At the same time, Wang Teng’s eyes started twitching uncontrollably.

He lost 10,000 blank attributes before the Eyes of Essence reached the intermediate stage.

Wang Teng’s face turned green.

Damn it, this Eyes of Essence was scarier than the Spiritual Sight.
This skill could empty his blank attributes instantly.

He couldn’t afford to raise it!

Mind you, he had exerted a lot of time and effort to accumulate 50,000 points of blank attributes.
Yet, a fifth of it was used in an instant, and more would be needed in the future.
He didn’t have the points to raise it anymore!


Eyes of Essence: 1/100 (intermediate)


Wang Teng stopped immediately when he saw the Eyes of Essence rising in level.
The intermediate stage was enough.
If there was a need, he would continue raising its level in the future.

Wang Teng continued looking at the spiritual contract.
The Eyes of Essence passed through layers of obstacles and saw the essence of the contract.

That was a ball of strange energy.
It seemed like a certain power of contract.
Wang Teng remembered the Strength of Ultima he had received from the Ancient God’s corpse.
This power was even more frightening and profound than the Strength of Ultima.

Wang Teng had never seen this energy before.

“How did you get this spiritual contract?” Wang Teng turned and asked Sha Didi with a strange gaze.

“I bought it.
It’s very expensive.”

“How is it made? Who made it?” Wang Teng asked again.

“It’s made by runemasters who have grasped the power of contract.
Only they can make this amazing spiritual contract,” Sha Didi replied directly.

Wang Teng nodded as he pondered.
He stopped asking.
He had gotten all the answers he wanted.
Sha Didi wasn’t a runemaster, so he wouldn’t get anything else out of him.

“In that case, let’s sign the contract,” Wang Teng said.
“How do I use this?”

“You can write the transaction rules on the contract.
Then, use your Origin Of Soul to sign your name and pass me to sign,” Sha Didi explained.

Wang Teng nodded.
He followed the instructions and handed the spiritual contract to Sha Didi after completing everything.

Sha Didi looked at the content carefully.
He reread it five times to ensure that there were no problems before signing his name.

“It’s done, right?” Wang Teng asked.
“Yes.” Sha Didi nodded.
Then, he used voice transmission to tell Wang Teng how to control the universe spacecraft without any hesitation.
He also took out an ice blue cube and said, “This is the core of the spacecraft.
I’ve already erased the spiritual marks inside.
You just have to carve your spiritual mark here and you can control the spacecraft.

“Can you let me go now?”

Wang Teng used his space talent to take the core.
He weighed it on his hand and nodded.
“Once I have tested and confirmed that everything is fine, I’ll let you go.”

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