Chapter 729 Young Man, Is There Anything You Want?

“Cooperate?” Wang Teng was stunned.
This wasn’t what he expected.

This alien who called himself a Plato being wanted to cooperate with him?

No, he must be lying!

Those who are not our kin are sure to be of a different heart!

This Plato being must have other intentions.

Wang Teng wasn’t stupid.
He immediately guessed that the other party had ulterior motives.
However, he didn’t think that the pope had agreed to work together with these aliens.

Where did he get the confidence to do that? Wasn’t he afraid of getting fooled by them?

Wang Teng finally understood why the Zhenli Clan managed to make so much progress in their research.
It must have something to do with this collaboration.

Wang Teng snorted in his heart, but he didn’t display it on his face.
He hesitated for a moment and asked, “Cooperate? How?”

“Very simple.
Let’s make an exchange.
Tell me what you want and I’ll ask a favor from you that’s of equal value,” the awakened Plato being said.

“I see.
This sounds fair,” Wang Teng touched his chin and said in contemplation.

The Plato being was elated.
This young man was easier to fool than the other human.
He hadn’t even started his speech, yet this fellow was already duped.

“Oh right, what’s your name?” Wang Teng suddenly asked.

“My name is Sha Didi.Plato,” the Plato being replied after a moment of silence.

“Sha Didi?” Wang Teng was stunned.[1]

What kind of stupid name is that?

Was this fellow serious?

Wang Teng felt that this name was too casual.
Also, this Plato being used the planet’s name as his surname.
He suspected that the other party was lying.

“I’m not lying.
Our names are all like this.
Everyone uses our planet’s name as our surname,” Sha Didi knew what Wang Teng was thinking so he hurriedly explain himself.

“Alright, stupid little brother!” Wang Teng nodded.

“It’s Sha Didi!” The Plato being emphasized.

“Why are you familiar with our language?” Wang Teng asked.

“We have an advanced translation technology.
I’ve already grasped all the languages on this planet, including Country Xia’s language,” Sha Didi said proudly.

To show off, he spoke some of the more common languages on this planet.
He didn’t care if Wang Teng understood him or not.

Wang Teng didn’t care either.
It was easy for him to learn a language.
He just needed to pick up some language attribute bubbles.
This stupid little brother was seriously an idiot.
Why was he boasting in front of him? Wang Teng rolled his eyes in contempt secretly.

“Wow, amazing!” However, he still pretended to be amazed.

“So, do you want this language translation technology?” Sha Didi asked in delight.

“No!” Wang Teng refused.

Sha Didi was stunned.

He seemed impressed.
Why did he reject him so quickly and decisively? It was as if he was faking it.

“What do you want?” Sha Didi sighed and asked.

“What do you have that’s worth exchanging?” Wang Teng replied to him with a question of his own.

“I have a high-tech device that can allow you to teleport.
What do you think?” Sha Didi pondered for a moment before saying.

“Teleport!” Wang Teng was surprised.

After all, Earth’s technology hadn’t advanced to that level yet.
Indeed, the Plato civilization was outstanding.
They could travel through the universe and come to Earth.

“What do you think? With this teleportation device, you will have an advantage during a battle.
You can catch your opponent off guard and defeat them.
Any enemy will become useless in front of you.
You will reach the peak of your life and become the cream of the crop on Earth.
You will be admired and praised by everyone.
Think about the good life you will have…” Sha Didi started brainwashing Wang Teng.
He was like a salesman trying to induce Wang Teng to buy his products.

Actually, the teleportation device wasn’t as amazing.

First, you needed to charge it with a special energy.
Every single usage required a large amount of such energy, so ordinary people couldn’t afford to use it.
Sha Didi was digging a hole for Wang Teng to jump.

Once Wang Teng used the teleportation device and got a taste of its power, he would seek more and more energy to charge this device.
At that time, Wang Teng would have to come and find him again.

The teleportation device wasn’t convenient either.
It needed a long time to charge, so you needed to prepare before you used it.

The most lethal disadvantage was its short distance of teleportation.
Also, the location you got teleported was random.

If your enemy caught you or discovered your destination, all the efforts would be in vain.

Of course, you could use this device to save yourself at crucial times.
Also, if you used it properly, you could surprise your opponents during a battle.

This was why Sha Didi used it to trick Wang Teng.
He had to make sure that this device could continue attracting Wang Teng in the future.

Unfortunately, this was a useless object to Wang Teng.
It held no attraction to him at all.

He was a genius who possessed space talent.
He could travel through space without using any teleportation device, and the effects were much better.
It wouldn’t require additional energy and was convenient and environment-friendly.

If Sha Didi knew, his jaws might drop.
A space talent was rare even in the universe.
Yet, a human on Earth possessed it.
How was it possible?

“How far can you teleport?” Wang Teng had decided to reject him.
He twirled his pupils and asked a sharp question.

“Erm… probably within ten kilometers,” Sha Didi hesitated before replying to him.
He smiled and tried to entice Wang Teng again.
“Don’t look down on this distance.
If you use it properly, it can have unexpected results.”

“Fine, I don’t want it.
What can you do with ten kilometers?” Wang Teng rejected instantly.

Sha Didi: …

He was rejected again!

Rejected without any mercy!

Sha Didi felt exasperated.
This wasn’t what he had expected!

Why didn’t this young man take his bait? How could this country bumpkin from Earth resist this temptation?

Sha Didi was cursing in his heart.
He felt that all his efforts were futile.
He was helpless.

He made an important bet.

“Young man, I think you don’t have a suitable weapon, right? Well, I have one forged by a grandmaster blacksmith using the star bone of a Universe Behemoth.
With it, you will possess unparalleled battle power and be undefeatable among your peers.
Do you want it?” Sha Didi asked.

[1] It has the same pronunciation as ‘stupid little brother’ in Chinese.

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