Chapter 728 The Alien Awakens (2)

Zhou Xuanwu felt awkward and said in embarrassment, “Erm, that’s a misunderstanding.
Let’s not talk about it anymore.
Quick, saving lives is more important.
We mustn’t waste any time.”

Xiao Nanfeng chuckled to himself.
He knew how narrow-minded Wang Teng was.
If he laid his eyes on you, you would be in trouble.

He felt fortunate that he didn’t speak.
If not, he might be the one saying ‘nanny.’

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
He must be really unlucky to be given this nickname out of the blue.
Besides, it was such a speechless nickname.
Who did he provoke?

“Let’s go!” He walked out with a grim expression.

He wouldn’t joke about saving lives.

“Okay, okay.” Zhou Xuanwu followed him carefully.
At the moment, a 13-star high-tier general-stage martial warrior seemed like a sidekick.
He smiled and didn’t dare to offend Wang Teng again.

The following matters were simple.
Wang Teng executed the Bestow Of The Goddess two times with a wave of his hand and treated the seriously injured patients from the two troops.
Then, he left with a black face.

This nickname would stick with him after this matter ended.
He was certain of it.

Wang Teng arrived at his room and sighed.
There were too many mishaps in his life.
He was so unlucky.
He did a good deed, yet he still ended up with a weird nickname.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.
Gradually, his consciousness entered the space fragment in his mind.

There was a circular spacecraft placed in the middle, taking up a large section of the space fragment.

The spacecraft was entirely black.
It gave off an eerie and deep feeling.
No gaps could be found on its surface.

Wang Teng remembered the scene he saw inside the spacecraft.
There were no cracks inside either.
It was amazing.
He wondered what technology was used to build this spacecraft.

Wang Teng wanted to enter the spacecraft, but he realized that he was in a spiritual form.
Even if he went inside, he couldn’t touch anything.
How was he supposed to investigate the spacecraft?

Outside, Wang Teng frowned.
He contemplated and said, “By right, if I can keep things inside, I should be able to enter too.”

He decided to give it a try once he thought of it.

“But before this, I should leave a clone outside just to be safe.” Wang Teng started putting his thoughts into motion.

He merged his Force and spirit and formed a special mist.

The mist in front of him started changing shape.
Another Wang Teng appeared gradually.

“I’ll leave you outside,” Wang Teng said.

The clone sat down cross-legged on the bed and nodded with a smile.
“No problem.
Go ahead.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He activated his mind and employed the method he used to store the other items on himself.


In an instant, his figure disappeared.
The clone’s eyes flickered and he muttered to himself, “His body disappeared, and I can’t sense the presence of the space fragment.
This is a paradox.
The space fragment is inside his body, but he can enter the space fragment.
Interesting “Forget it.
I can’t make sense of it.
Let the real Wang Teng think about it.” The clone shook his head and gloated.
He slowly closed his eyes and started meditating like an old monk, disregarding everything that was happening outside.
Wang Teng also knew the situation outside through his clone.
It was just like he imagined.

But when he knew what his clone was thinking, he wanted to laugh.

You are my clone.
Shouldn’t you help me!

Why are you gloating when you see me facing a hard question?

Wang Teng shook his head and walked into the spacecraft.

It felt different this time.
His mentality had changed.
Last time, he had sneaked in unlike his swaggering style now.
He wasn’t worried about anyone finding him.

Wang Teng passed through the hall and entered the room where the alien was.

These aliens were kept in sleeping cabins.
They weren’t dead, but their vitality was weak.

However, they couldn’t escape his Eyes of Essence.
He didn’t look at them carefully in the past because the situation didn’t allow him to.

Wang Teng came to the room directly and opened the door.
He walked in.

The aliens were still hibernating.
There was no movement.

Wang Teng walked to the sleeping cabins and frowned in deep thought.
He hadn’t thought of what to do with these aliens.

Through the transparent sleeping cabins, he could see that the aliens inside were locked up.
They were tied to the bottom of the sleeping cabins and couldn’t move.

With his level of rune mastery, Wang Teng noticed the runes on the locks.
They were especially used to seal one’s Force.
They were different from the other binding runes he saw in the past, but they were profound.

This was why he felt at ease.

Who knew if these aliens woke up suddenly and ran out?

Wang Teng had no idea who they were.
They might cause trouble if they ran wild.

He cok=mplete a couple of rounds and confirmed that there was nothing strange.
He decided to look at other areas to understand the operations of this spacecraft.
He might be able to get some information about these aliens.

But just as Wang Teng was about to walk out of the room, his expression changed.
He turned around abruptly with a vigilant expression.

Just now, a strange voice had suddenly rang in his mind.

“Young man!” The voice was strange, but he was speaking in Country Xia’s language.
Thus, he understood.

Wang Teng’s body tensed up.
He was the only person from Country Xia here.
The others were hibernating aliens.

This was his space fragment.
There were no other living creatures here.
So… were these aliens talking to him just now?

Wang Teng turned serious.
He glanced at the sleeping cabin.
It would be troublesome if they woke up.

But when he scanned the cabins, none of them had opened their eyes.
They were in the same posture.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He activated his Eyes of Essence to see which one was awake.

Very soon, he found his target.

One of them was indeed awake!

After receiving the Eyes of Essence, Wang Teng experimented with it many times, including using it to observe the difference between a person’s soul and body when he was awake and sleeping.

Normally, when a person was asleep, the cells in their body and their souls would be sleeping too.
If they were awake, they would be more active.
There was a huge difference.

You couldn’t tell the difference from the outside.
However, if you observed it at the microscopic level, it was easy to observe.

Wang Teng sneered.
Despite being awake, he was using this method to communicate with him.
It looked like his condition was bad.
That was why he put on this show in an attempt to fool him.

However, he was always the one to fool others!

What a joke.
Does he think he can fool me? He should be glad that I didn’t fool him!

Wang Teng decided to beat him at his own game.
He pretended to panic and said, “Who’s speaking? Come out!”

The Oscar winner was in action!

“Don’t be nervous, young man,” the voice resounded again.

“Who are you? Come out! If you don’t, I’ll leave.” Wang Teng pretended to be scared.
He seemed ready to escape at any moment.

The alien felt speechless.
Why was he so afraid of death? Look at how timid he was!

“I’m in front of you.
I have no evil intention.” The alien had no choice but to be direct.
He was afraid that the young man would really run away if he frightened him.

“In front of me?” Wang Teng glanced at the sleeping cabin ahead and exclaimed in astonishment, “Are you the alien?”

“To be more exact, we are Plato beings!” the voice replied.

“Plato beings!” Wang Teng muttered.
He stammered and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Don’t worry.
Plato beings are a peaceful race.
I won’t do anything to you.
I just want to have a chat with you.
I hope that we can cooperate just like how we worked together with the human before you,” the voice continued.

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