Chapter 721 Making Some Contributions After Your Death Is Fine, Right? (3)

The Golden Ray Sword Skill was a scripture cultivation skill that comprised of a scripture and an attacking skill.
Its value was many times greater than a normal scripture or a battle technique.

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious: 440/10000 (tenth-level)

Golden Ray Sword Skill: 150/500 (small achievement)

380 points of the Golden Ray Sword Skill attribute moved him into the small achievement stage directly.

Memories appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
His understanding of this skill was the same as someone who had practiced it for two to three years.
The speed was amazing.

Overall, his gains were great.

As expected of the big boss.
He dropped the most attribute bubbles.

The pope died a worthy death.

He had been wreaking havoc for so many years, so it made sense for him to make some contributions after he died.

“Wang Teng!” At this moment, the residual impact had dispersed.
Zhou Xuanwu came down and called Wang Teng.
“Is the pope dead?”

He had heard the pope’s sorrowful cry before he died.

“Yes.” Wang Teng had already kept the crystal skull.
He turned to look at Zhou Xuanwu and replied calmly, “He’s very sly.
He wanted to escape using his Origin Of Soul, but I discovered him and burned him to death.”

“Origin Of Soul!” Zhou Xuanwu was shocked.
The pope could escape using his Origin Of Soul.
This wasn’t a skill normal martial warriors would possess.

But Wang Teng stunned him the most.

He didn’t realize that the pope had escaped using his Origin Of Soul, yet Wang Teng noticed it and caught him.
He even killed him.

This was a mysterious young man.

He admit that he couldn’t do this!

“Since the pope’s dead, let’s hurry back.
The battle at the base might still be ongoing,” Zhou Xuanwu said.

“Okay.” Wang Teng had no objections.

They turned into rays of light and rushed back to the Zhenli Clan’s base.

Before they arrived, they heard the fighting sounds from afar.
The remaining martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan were still frantically resisting.
No one wanted to give up until the last moment.

Nobody wanted to die.
Besides, they were the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan, the ones who thought that they had grasped the truth.
But, when Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu came back, the clansmen turned pale.
Their gazes were filled with despair.

On the other hand, the martial warriors from the three troops were elated.
“Chief Commander!”

“Chief Commander!”

“Victory to the Black Sparrow Troop!”

“Victory to the Xuanwu Troop!”

“Victory to the Crimson Tiger Troop!”

The martial warriors started cheering with joy.

They had no qualms anymore.
They charged forward and slashed the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan one by one.

Cries of pain sounded continuously.
They echoed in everyone’s ears, but no one showed any mercy.

Everyone in the Zhenli Clan had killed innocent people in their lives.
They wouldn’t be able to answer to those innocent lives lost if they let them escape.

Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu started fighting too.
Once the two most powerful martial warriors in the troops joined the battle, there was no chance for the Zhenli Clan to resist.

They were like two meat choppers.
Their weapons slashed the enemies around them wherever they went.
They killed from one side to another.

Many general-stage martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan had died.
Only a few were left.

Feng Quan was one of them.
He had many skills to survive.
He wanted to escape, but he got blocked by a general-stage martial warrior from the Xuanwu Troop.
He didn’t have the chance.

Wang Teng disappeared on the spot and arrived in front of Feng Quan in a split second.

“Feng Quan!” An eerie voice came from his throat as if he were Hades.

Feng Quan shuddered.
His heart almost jumped out of his throat.
His head turned numb, and he felt goosebumps all over his body.

It was him!

It was that brat!

I’m going to die!

Feng Quan was appalled.
He screamed in despair in his heart.
But he was decisive.
He knew how frightening Wang Teng was, so he stopped evading the attacks of the martial warrior in front of him.
He charged toward him directly.


A sword stabbed into his body.

The martial warrior was thrown back by his palm too.
Feng Quan took the chance to fly far away, making one last effort to escape.

“Old fellow, where are you going?” Wang Teng’s voice appeared behind him again, echoing around him.
Feng Quan’s face turned green.
He ran even faster.

“Don’t run.
You wanted to kill me, right? Why are you running away?” Wang Teng followed him closely.
He didn’t attack and only maintained a close distance while throwing jeers at him.

Feng Quan panicked.
He was extremely tense and terrified.

This felt frustrating.
He knew that he couldn’t escape from Wang Teng, but he didn’t want to wait for death either.
He could only try his best to find a chance of survival in this situation.

A cornered beast would put up a desperate fight.

He was that beast.

Thus, a funny scene appeared on the battlefield.
A guardian was scurrying around like a frightened mouse.
When he thought that he had escaped, a figure would appear in front of him and block his path.

Feng Quan jumped in fright.
He changed direction and tried to find another way to escape.
Unfortunately, after running for a long time, he still couldn’t escape the pursuit.

Feng Quan panted heavily.
His eyes were bloodshot, and he was on the verge of breaking down.

“Wang Teng!” He couldn’t stand it anymore.
He roared in anger and glanced around him.
He tried to find Wang Teng.

The other martial warriors felt pity for him when they saw his tragic state.
They would rather die than be in that situation!

Feng Hua was hiding far away.
He was grievously injured and looked miserable too.
He trembled in fear when he saw his father’s situation.

This is so scary!

Wang Teng wasn’t a human.
He was a devil!

He didn’t understand why he had offended this devil.

“Wang Teng, I think it’s enough.
He’s a guardian.
Let him die with dignity,” Zhou Xuanwu shouted from afar.
He couldn’t stand the sight of it either.

“Since you have spoken, I’ll give you some face.”

Wang Teng’s voice sounded.
He appeared behind Feng Quan, and a golden ray of light cut through the air.
It slammed down heavily.
“I…” Feng Quan was frightened.
He wanted to dodge but it was too late.

Bang, bang, bang…

In an instant, a pig’s head appeared in front of everyone.
It staggered and fell to the ground.


Feng Quan’s body slammed on the mountain with a loud bang.

“I was wrong!” He spoke with difficulty.
His voice, which was filled with regret, echoed in the mountain.

Everyone was flabbergasted.


Wang Teng looked around and saw Zhou Xuanwu’s astounded gaze.
He asked, “What do you think? Is this good enough?”

“… Do you call this a dignified death?” Zhou Xuanwu exclaimed in surprise.

“I think so.” Wang Teng nodded seriously.
He looked around and asked, “Anyone wants to die with dignity? I can fulfill his wish!”


All the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan retreated as far as they could.

Some martial warriors broke down and threw their weapons away.
They kneeled and beg for mercy.

“Spare me!”

“I surrender!”

“Stop killing.
Please show some mercy!”

The martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan were terrified.
Their faces were white, and they had no courage to resist anymore.

Wang Teng’s method had crushed their last ounce of courage.

“Damn it, this works too?!” Zhou Xuanwu’s jaws almost dropped to the floor.
He cursed uncontrollably.
He had fought so hard to kill his opponents, but they didn’t surrender.
Wang Teng just fooled around a little and managed to scare these unruly martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan into submission.

This wasn’t right!

Zhou Xuanwu felt unconvinced.

He wasn’t the only one.
The martial warriors from the three troops were dumbfounded too.
Their mouths were agape.
Were they supposed to continue fighting? Their opponents had surrendered.
How could they continue?!

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