Chapter 714 Tremor Conscious!

Golden sword conscious exploded in the sky.
On the other side, a stream of lava cut through the air.

Everyone was attracted by the battle above.

“Go!” The pope’s gaze turned ruthless.
He snorted angrily.
The frightening golden sword conscious slashed out.
Within a few breaths, it collided with the stream of lava.


A loud, thunderous explosion shook the sky.

The stream of lava was forcefully stopped by the golden sword conscious.
It froze a few meters above the pope’s head.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

The martial warriors from the three troops turned serious.
They stared intently at the point of collision.

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He could tell that this sword attack was extraordinary, but he didn’t expect it to reach this stage.
The golden sword glow forcefully split the stream into two and continued flying towards Wang Teng

“Wang Teng!”

“Chief Commander!”

Zhou Xuanwu, the Xuanwu Troop, and the members of the Black Sparrow Troop were astounded.
They shouted uncontrollably.

The martial warriors from the three troops were extremely anxious.
Their hearts almost stopped beating.
When Zhou Xuanwu fought with the pope, he wasn’t the other party’s match.
If Wang Teng, who possessed the strength of the array, couldn’t defeat him, their mission this time would fail.

They might even die here!

If that was the case, their mission would be a joke.

The loss of half the military strength in three large troops was a major setback for the country.
No one could take responsibility for the implications.
Even to a big country like Country Xia, it would be a huge blow.

Under everyone’s worried gaze, Wang Teng squinted his eyes and clenched his fist.
He stared directly at the golden sword glow until it was ten meters away from him.
Right then, he moved.


The attack wasn’t garish.
It was just a simple punch.
It wasn’t a quick one either.

However, the punch seemed exceptional.
It passed through space and traveled ten meters in a split second, smashing right into the golden sword glow.

Strength of Ultima!

All the Forces in Wang Teng’s body were activated.
Even if they weren’t compatible with one another, they merged obediently at this moment and erupted out of his body.

A frightening explosion occurred.
Fist glow enveloped the sky and covered up the golden sword glow.

Cracking sounds rang out continuously.
Multiple lines started to appear on the glowing sword.

However, when Wang Teng’s fist glow collided with the golden sword glow, he felt a powerful tremor coming from his opponent.

The tremor conscious was very strong.
It seemed to be able to affect any matter.
Even his Strength of Ultima fist glow was starting to vibrate.
It was about to shatter due to the violent vibration.

Furthermore, this sword attack was exceptionally sharp.
It could almost cut through everything.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He released his Force to offset the opponent’s tremor and sharpness.
The fist glow and the sword glow kept sparkling.
They entered an equilibrium.

However, this balance was extremely weak.
It could topple at any moment.
As expected, the stalemate didn’t last for long.


A dull thud was heard, and the fist and sword glows disintegrated.
The impact of the resulting Force explosion swept through the mountain.

The pope and Wang Teng were the first to receive the impact.
The residual force slammed onto them, knocking them a few meters back.

The majority of the martial warriors had escaped far away.
However, they were still hit by the aftermath.
The sharp force and the terrifying strength knocked against them, leaving bloody scars on their bodies.
Their faces turned pale.

Fire in the city gates, a calamity for the fish in the moat!

They were dumbfounded and frustrated.
The crowd continued retreating, staying as far away from the two martial warriors as possible as if they were some terrifying monsters.
Zhou Xuanwu stood some distance away and felt the powerful residual force.
However, it couldn’t hurt him.

He was shocked, though.
He knew that Wang Teng wasn’t weak.
He had gone through many unexpected experiences, so you couldn’t treat him like a normal 11-star general-stage martial warrior.
However, he didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so powerful.

Wang Teng didn’t use the strength of the array in that last attack.
He used his own fist power to resist the sword conscious from the pope.

With his ability, he knew that the golden sword conscious had reached the peak level.
There seemed to be a special power attached to it too.

He couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to withstand the attack without getting injured.

Yet, Wang Teng did the impossible.
The other party didn’t gain any advantage.

Just like others, Xiao Nanfeng was also startled.
Wang Teng’s ability had exceeded his expectations.
This fellow matured too quickly.
One year ago, he was still being chased by 7-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Now, his ability was on par with a martial warrior at the peak of the general stage.
If his subordinates appeared in front of Wang Teng again, he would be able to kill them with a pinch of his fingers.
Even he himself might not be able to beat Wang Teng! What a huge blow this was!

Xiao Nanfeng felt a little bitter.

Zuotian Liehua, who was hiding in a corner, was staring at Wang Teng with her mouth agape.
She was at a loss for words.

This fellow could fight with the pope of the Zhenli Clan!

In the past, she sang praises of the pope in front of him.
Thinking back about it, he was probably not afraid of the other party.
After all, he was a formidable martial warrior at the same level!

Zuotian Liehua took a deep breath.
This felt like a dream.
Wang Teng was so young.
How could he be so powerful? Did he start cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb?

Some distance away, Feng Quan and Feng Hua’s faces had turned green.


They didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so mighty.
Even if they could escape, they would live in fear because they had offended a powerful martial warrior!

Wang Teng and the pope stopped themselves in the air and stared at each other.
They could see the seriousness in each other’s gazes.

The pope remained silent.
He had started to view Wang Teng in a different light.
At the start, he thought that Zhou Xuanwu was his greatest enemy among the troops.
Now, he knew that Wang Teng was the real difficult person to deal with.

Wang Teng scanned the ground and noticed a few attribute bubbles that had dropped during the battle just now.

Metal Force*460

Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious (tenth-level)*60 Constellation Force (Metal)*25

He picked them up hurriedly.
His mind trembled, and he gained new enlightenment.
“I see.
This Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious is a combination of the metal sword conscious and the tremor conscious?” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
His gaze turned strange.

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