Chapter 710 Wang Teng, Move Aside!

The martial warriors from the three troops charged toward the evil clansmen.
They were powerful and experienced soldiers who had survived many battles.
In terms of combat experience, the evil clansmen couldn’t be compared with them.

Poof, poof, poof…

Within a few seconds, the majority of the evil clansmen present were killed.
The sound of weapons hitting the flesh could be heard everywhere.
Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Of course, the cries of agonies couldn’t be missed either.

Yet, no one sympathized with them.
Their hands were all stained with blood, and their deaths were not to be regretted.
Killing them on the spot was a mercy to them.

In the sky, Wang Teng, Zhou Xuanwu, and Xiao Nanfeng were fighting with the pope of the Zhenli Clan.
A dangerous faint aura surrounded them.

The martial warriors and evil clansmen around them didn’t dare to get too close.
They kept their distance.

There was no one within a few hundred meters radius around them.

“The pope of the Zhenli Clan has reached the peak of the general stage.
He might have even taken a step further.
Be careful.” Wang Teng used voice transmission to remind the other two chief commanders.

Taken a step further?

The two of them were shocked.
They understood what Wang Teng meant.

In the general-stage zone, every martial warrior was working hard to climb up the realm.
However, the martial warriors on Earth had only reached the general stage and were finding their way up to another level.

Whether they could take this step was extremely important.

A natural chasm blocked the two realms.

They were all finding a path across this chasm.
If the pope had already found the path, they must be on their guards.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng turned serious.

“I have to admit that you guys are amazing talents to be able to reach this stage,” the pope suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“You don’t have to flatter us.
It’s useless.
We have our principles.
No matter what you say, we won’t let you leave,” Wang Teng said.


The pope: … A vein suddenly popped up on his forehead.
What was wrong with this brat’s mind? Was he flattering them?

What kind of understanding ability was this? What was he thinking?

Was he an idiot!?

The pope took a few deep breaths to calm his burning anger.

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng gave Wang Teng a strange glance too.
The pope spoke in a high and mighty tone, yet Wang Teng made it sound as if he were currying favor with them.

The commenter became a man fawning upon his opponents.

At first, they were a little infuriated by the pope’s tone.
As chief commanders, they felt that the pope didn’t have the right to comment on them.
But now, their anger had disappeared completely.
They even found the situation a little funny.
“As expected of a young and foolish man,” the pope said calmly as he looked at Wang Teng.

“You’re right.
I’m young, unlike you who already has one leg in the grave.
I’ll send your other leg into it later.
You don’t have to thank me,” Wang Teng replied.



The pope of the Zhenli Clan felt his head hurting a little.
No, it was extremely painful!

His face turned gloomy, and a long sword appeared in his hand.
It gave off a sharp glint.

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll fulfill your wish,” the pope snapped back.
The instant he finished speaking, he disappeared on the spot.

“Be careful!” Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Nanfeng’s expressions changed.
They took out their weapons and scanned their surroundings vigilantly.



A soft sound echoed in the space.
A pale white sword glow appeared in front of Wang Teng and chopped down on his head.

This sword was so fast that it almost couldn’t be seen clearly.
It flashed like a bolt of lightning.
The pope’s face appeared behind the sword glow.

However, Wang Teng didn’t evade the attack.
He looked at the sword glow and even dashed toward it.
The next instant, a large weapon appeared in his hand, creating a sonic boom as he waved it.
A dazzling golden sword glow shot out of it.


The two sword glows collided in mid-air and shattered with a loud bang.
The Force explosion formed a gale that swept over the entire area.

The pope’s expression froze.

This young lad’s ability wasn’t right!

When he exchanged blows with him in the past, he managed to injure him until he vomited blood.

He thought that his ability was at most at the 11-star general stage, but from the looks of it now, it was all an act.

“Are you surprised? Did I stun you?” Wang Teng sniggered.
The pope was frustrated.
He felt that Wang Teng had fooled him.
The anger he had forcefully suppressed earlier came bubbling up again.

Boom, boom, boom!

A series of explosions suddenly came from afar.
The pope glanced around him and squinted.

Most of the evil clansmen were brutally slaughtered.
However, more reinforcements were rushing out from the mountains and joining the intense battle.

After all, this was the base of the Zhenli Clan.
All the members of the clan were gathered here.
Their numbers were frightening.

Also, there were formidable warriors in the Zhenli Clan too.
There were more than ten general-stage martial warriors.

Their ruthlessness was ignited during the massacre, and they turned crazy.
They started fighting with the troops without any fear of losing their lives.
In an instant, the Zhenli Clan started to turn the tides around.

The three chief commanders’ expressions changed slightly.
“It looks like the winner is still undecided,” the pope suddenly smiled and said.

“Hmph!” Zhou Xuanwu snorted.
“Stop wasting time and kill this evil man!”

The Force around him erupted.
He grasped his blade and slashed it at the pope.

“Kill!” Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp too.
He rushed forward.

Xiao Nanfeng followed closely behind.
They surrounded the pope and started hurling attacks at him.

However, the pope was a formidable character.
He didn’t suffer any disadvantage even though he was facing the three of them.

Suddenly, he found an opening and swung his sword out, forcing Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu back.
At the same time, he released his fist and punched Xiao Nanfeng.

“Pfft!” Xiao Nanfeng vomited a mouthful of blood and flew out like a sandbag.

Zhou Xuanwu and Wang Teng were shocked.
They hurriedly blocked the pope to prevent him from chasing after Xiao Nanfeng.

“Move!” The pope was furious.
His face turned icy, and he slashed the sword in his hand.
An overwhelming sword aura surged out, shooting toward Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.

The power of this attack was at the peak of the general stage.
A normal martial warrior wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Wang Teng, move.”

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression underwent a change.
He rushed in front of Wang Teng and raised his blade above his head.
A terrifying blade aura soared into the sky.
The blade glow ran for a few hundred meters as he threw his blade down.

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