Chapter 70: Principal, Do You Have Any Sacred Kungfu To Teach Me?

The inspection in the morning lasted until 12 noon.

Wang Teng and his friends followed the crowd and left the martial disciple training hall of Jixin Martial House.
Many of the students were discussing the results of the inspection just now.

“That Wang Teng from Donghai No.
1, where did he pop out from? He’s so amazing!”

“You’re right.
He’s an extreme martial disciple! He’s just one step away from becoming a martial warrior!”

“He must have purposely hidden his true power.
He was probably waiting to make his mark during the university entrance exam and attract everyone’s attention.
That’s so scheming of him.
What a sinister fellow…”

As Wang Teng listened to the conversation, he suddenly felt that it sounded wrong.
His face turned black.

Do you know how to speak properly?

Damn it, how am I a sinister fellow? Don’t leave.
Explain what you just said.

If Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian hadn’t pulled him back, Wang Teng really wanted to dash forward and pull the examinees into a corner to have a good chat about life.

This bunch of little brats hadn’t experienced the brutality of society.
They dared to say anything!

I, Wang Teng, am an upright and forthright person.
How can I be a sinister fellow? What a joke!

“Alright, alright, they were just complaining about you.
It’s not a huge matter.
Why are you so narrow-minded?” Lin Chuhan said while suppressing her laughter.

“Easy for you to say.
They are not complaining about you.” Wang Teng scoffed.

Yang Jian chuckled secretly.
He quickly changed the topic and said, “Have you heard the results of the advanced stage martial disciples from Huiying High School just now?”

“I heard the announcement of one of them.
He was closer to me.
His name is Qin Tao, strength 901, speed 3.6 seconds, and physique 90,” Lin Chuhan said with a stern expression.

“Wow, he’s really strong,” Yang Jian exclaimed in surprise.
“I heard one of their results too.
Lin Qing, strength 866, speed 4.1 seconds, physique 87.”

“It looks like the martial disciples from Huiying are all quite strong,” Lin Chuhan lamented.

“What are you afraid of? We have a boss with us.
We can definitely beat them.
They should be the ones getting worried now.” Yang Jian looked at Wang Teng and smiled.

“How’s the result of the other three advanced stage martial disciples from our school?” Wang Teng ignored Yang Jian’s words and asked.

“I’m not sure.
I don’t think they were able to take the morning inspection.
They probably had to wait until the afternoon.” Lin Chuhan shook her head.

“Zhou Wu finished his inspection.
Strength 915, speed 3.9 seconds, physique 93,” Yang Jian suddenly said.

Zhou Wu was one of the five advanced stage martial disciples from Donghai No.
1 High School.

“Oh, his result is probably the highest, right?” Wang Teng said in surprise.

“Brother, how can you say that so shamelessly?” Yang Jian looked at him from the corner of his eyes.

“There’s no point in comparing with me.” Wang Teng pretended to be proud like an old master.



Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian expressed their disdain. We know you’re powerful, so can you keep your arrogance and self-indulgence to yourself?

“Oh right, I need to call my mom!” Lin Chuhan suddenly remembered this.
She hurriedly took out her phone and called her house.

“Oh my god, I forgot that I need to tell my parents this piece of good news quickly.” Yang Jian slapped his forehead.

The moment they passed the level inspection, they would head to the next exam venue.
The examinees would stay there for two to three days.

The examinees that didn’t pass would be sent home directly.

The ones that passed could only contact their families using their phones to tell them the good news.

Wang Teng took out his phone and hesitated for a moment before dialing Li Xiumei’s number.

“Ring, ring, ring!”

After a few seconds, the call was picked up.

“Hey, Son, have you finished your exam? What time are you coming back? I’m cooking now.
It’s alright if you didn’t pass.
We are mentally prepared.
You can come home and prepare to repeat your year obediently…”

Before Wang Teng could open his mouth, Li Xiumei started blabbering nonstop.

“Mom, I passed the level inspection!” Wang Teng took the chance when Li Xiumei paused between her words and said hurriedly.

“You passed? I knew it.
I knew that you won’t be able to pass.
Isn’t that very normal—” Li Xiumei suddenly stopped midway.
Then, her pitch rose by an octave.
“What? You passed!”

“Yes, I accidentally passed,” Wang Teng replied.

At this moment, Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian had already finished their calls.
When they heard this sentence, they had a new understanding of Wang Teng’s shamelessness.


Hmph, where did his face go!

Wang Teng spent much effort before he finally managed to convince Li Xiumei that he had really passed the martial disciple level inspection.

Li Xiumei was thrilled and worried at the same time.
Although passing the inspection was something to be happy about, she had to worry about the actual combat assessment later on.

She stopped cooking and wanted to call Wang Shengguo.

But, she remembered that he had gone overseas to discuss an important project with a business partner.
It was better not to increase his psychological burden at this moment.

When Wang Teng went for his martial arts exam, Wang Shengguo left on a business trip.
He never expected Wang Teng to pass the inspection.

Li Xiumei put down her phone.
She was anxious and all alone at home, unable to do anything.

She could only silently pray that Wang Teng would return home safe and sound.
As for whether he could get into the martial arts course, she didn’t really care.

In the afternoon, the examinees had their lunch in the Jixin Martial House cafeteria.

To display the generosity of Jixin Martial House, their lunch was buffet style, and it was free.
They allowed the examinees to eat until they were full.

Wang Teng, Lin Chuhan, and Yang Jian sat together at a table and ate their lunch.

The other martial arts examinees from class eight also gathered around them and greeted Wang Teng as though they were buddies.

Before knowing Wang Teng’s ability, all of them had kept their distance from him.
Now, when they learned that he had actually reached the stage of an extreme martial disciple, their attitudes changed.
They came over to get familiar with him.

Even the examinees from other classes walked over to witness our Young Master Wang’s ‘unmatched demeanor.’ Actually, they just wanted to see how amazing he was.

Unfortunately, Young Master Wang put on a cold face throughout the entire time.
He seemed even more cold and distant than he was normally.

In the past, you gave me the cold shoulder.
Today, I’ll make sure I’m above your station.

Also, that person is so ugly.
Is that a man or a woman? Oh my god, this person has a body odor.
Don’t come close to me—I reject everyone ugly.

After lunch, there was an hour of rest.

The leaders of Donghai No.
1 High School took this opportunity to walk over together with wide smiles on their faces.
“You must be Wang Teng, right? Indeed, you are a fine-looking man, and you’re extraordinary…”

“Principal, do you have any sacred kungfu to teach me? Will you ask me to save the world after that?” Wang Teng suddenly asked.

The principal: …

Lin Chuhan: …

Yang Jian: …

The students around them: …

“Haha, you’re really humorous.” The principal laughed awkwardly.

“You don’t? What a pity!” Wang Teng gave a regretful expression.
He looked as though he really wanted to save the world.

The principal was speechless.
He felt that the professionalism he had accumulated for so many years was about to collapse.

Stupid brat, can you be serious? I’m talking about proper business with you.
Who’s telling you to save the world?

Is that something we need to be concerned about?

Wang Teng noticed the bulging veins on the principal’s forehead.
He said hurriedly, “Principal, what did you want to say just now? Please continue!”

The principal took a deep breath and resumed his amiable and pleasant expression.
He said, “I came over to thank you for earning glory for the school.
At the same time, I hope that you will continue to work hard in the future segments of the exam and strive to be the top student in the actual combat assessment.
We hope that you will win honor for our Donghai No.
1 High School!”

“Principal, winning honor for the school is what we should do.
However, my capability is limited.
My results have been a mess in the past, and I’ve always been a hopeless student in the eyes of the teachers.
I have the heart, but I lack the ability.” Wang Teng gave a sad face.

The principal looked at the student in front of him and realized that he wasn’t like an ordinary high school student.
If it was other students, they would have patted their chest and promised to work hard after hearing his compliments.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t moved at all.
He even dared to act dumb in front of the principal. You’re a martial arts examinee.
What do your normal results have to do with this?

At the very least, even if Wang Teng wasn’t able to pass the papers for the martial arts exam, he just needed to perform better during the actual combat assessment.
He was an extreme martial disciple.
The top universities would still fight to give him special admission.

It looks like this fellow wouldn’t commit himself until he was certain of success.

“Wang Teng, you don’t know that our school has a reward system for martial arts examinees, right?

“If you’re able to get into the top 50 of the martial arts exam, you will be rewarded with a yellow-rank low-class energy stone.
If you get into the top 40, you will get three yellow-rank low-class energy stones.
Enter the top 30, and you will get five energy stones.
If it’s the top 20, you will get seven.
The top 10 will be rewarded with 10 energy stones.

“If you’re the top three of the cohort, you will not only receive energy stones, but you will also have a bottle of spiritual dan.”

The principal looked at Wang Teng and gave him a mysterious smile.
He said slowly, “If you are the first, you will not only get all the rewards I just mentioned but there will be another mystery reward on top that will definitely not disappoint you!”

Energy stone!

Spiritual dan!

Mystery reward!

Wang Teng was immediately hooked.
These rewards were getting more and more attractive.
Energy stones, spiritual dan… he didn’t expect Donghai No.
1 to be so rich!

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