Chapter 704 You’re… Very Strong!

The pope’s voice behind them was cold and indifferent.
The killing intent in it was evident.
The voice sounded a little angry too.

Someone found out his greatest secret and came beside him to poison him.
This was a deliberate provocation.

This invader must die!

We’re dead!

Zuotian Liehua shuddered in fear when she heard this voice.
She had been hiding in the Zhenli Clan for more than a year, so she was familiar with their pope.

In the eyes of the evil clansmen, their pope was a vicious figure.
Any enemy who landed in his hand would suffer terrible consequences.
Anyone who disobeyed him would die a horrifying death.

In the past, a guardian had instigated a few betrayers and wanted to form their own clan.
They underestimated the power of their pope.

The betrayers were tortured for three entire days in front of the whole clan.
At that time, everyone present was in great trepidation.
They felt respect and fear towards their pope.

“Quick, we mustn’t get caught or we will be dead,” Zuotian Liehua said agitatedly.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid of fighting with the pope directly, but he didn’t know whether the rune arrays outside were placed or not.
Hence, he didn’t want to face him so quickly.

Unfortunately, things didn’t happen as he wished…


Along with a loud explosion, a powerful and ferocious force swept towards them.
The pope of the Zhenli Clan appeared, his palm aimed at Wang Teng’s back.

Damn it, do you think I’m afraid of you? Wang Teng turned around instantly and welcomed the palm with his fist.

However, when he released his fist, he remembered something and retracted some of his power.


The fist and the palm collided.
Wang Teng was thrown back violently.
He spurted out a mouth of blood when he was in mid-air.

“You’re… very strong!” he pointed at the pope with difficulty and spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Hmph, how dare you create trouble when I’m around.
You must die today!” The pope of the Zhenli Clan placed his hands behind his back and snorted.

Anyone familiar with him would have seen through Wang Teng’s exaggerated performance.
However, the pope didn’t know him, so he couldn’t tell.

Wang Teng made use of the impact to dash to the entrance of the passageway.

At this instant, Zuotian Liehua had reached the entrance too.
She ran faster than Wang Teng.

“Are you trying to run away?” The pope of the Zhenli Clan sensed that Wang Teng was only at the 11-star general stage, so he didn’t mind him too much.
He smirked and strolled toward them.

However, when he reached outside, his expression froze.
Then, his face started to darken.

“Damn it, how dare you fool me!”

When he walked out, the evil clansmen around him were shocked.
They kneeled down and greeted him.
“Your Highness!” “There are invaders.
Seal all passageways and search for the invaders!” the pope shouted.

The evil clansmen were startled.
There were invaders, but they didn’t notice anything amiss.

“Yes!” Everyone yelled in unison.

All of them started moving.
The base of the Zhenli Clan was like a huge machine with the evil clansmen as its gears.
It started operating.


No large faction should be underestimated.
After many years of existence, their internal structure was extraordinary.
When everyone joined the search team, they discovered something Hong Peng had disappeared.
They also found the real and naked Yao Ji, who was tied up and stuffed below Zuotian Liehua’s bed.

Yao Ji was brought over.
His face was badly bruised and swollen, and he was naked.
Someone kicked him, forcing him to kneel in front of the pope.
The pope was stunned when he saw Yao Ji’s state.
Then, he resumed his indifference and asked, “Who hit you?” “Your Highness, I… I don’t know.” Yao Ji stuttered in fear, “The person attacked me from behind.
I didn’t see his face.”

The pope frowned.
He felt that this was a useless person.

“Why were you in Ma Feifei’s room?” someone at the side asked.

It was Guardian Feng Quan.

“I, I…” Yao Ji’s expression changed.
He stammered and couldn’t give an answer.
He couldn’t tell them that he went to steal Ma Feifei’s clothes, right? How could he say that?

“Useless!” The pope snorted.

Suddenly, Yao Ji’s eyes widened in fear.
A line of blood appeared on his neck.
A moment later, fresh blood spurted out, and he fell to the ground weakly.

Before he lost his consciousness, he felt a tinge of regret.

He shouldn’t have gone to steal that thing…

Yao Ji didn’t think that he would die because of this.
He felt extremely wronged.

But to the pope, he was a mere evil clansman who could be killed without any reason.
It was no different from killing a chicken.

“Did you find Ma Feifei?” the pope asked again.

“No, she seems to have disappeared,” an evil clansman replied.

“She’s probably related to the invader.
I sensed two of them.
Find her! If you can’t find her, you can behead yourselves,” the pope ordered coldly.

“Yes!” Everyone replied hurriedly, their bodies


There was another round of chaos, All the evil clansmen were searching for Wang Teng and Ma Feifei, who was actually Zuotian Liehua.

At this moment, the duo in question had evaded a search party and was hiding in an abandoned cave.
Zuotian Liehua kept complaining, “I’ll get killed because of you.
I’m completely exposed now.”

“What does it have to do with me? You are the one who was discovered.” Wang Teng refused to admit his mistake.
“Yao Ji is your die-hard fan.
He went to steal your… clothes.
I knocked him unconscious and stuffed him under your bed.
You should thank me instead.”

“… You call that a die-hard fan?” Zuotian Liehua was speechless.

That was a pervert!

She suddenly felt a little fortunate.
She needed to fool Hong Peng and Murong Shan, so the items in her room were all stolen from others.
They weren’t her personal clothes.
If not…

She trembled in disgust when she imagined Yao Ji doing indescribable things to her clothes.

This is so scary!

That stupid pervert!

“But… Who are you?” Zuotian Liehua took a deep breath and asked in a low voice.

“Is that important?” Wang Teng asked.
“Your spiritual flame is with me.
Don’t think about these useless things.
Pray that we can escape safely.”

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this awkward state.” Zuotian Liehua snorted.

“Hmph, we’ll escape for sure.
What are you so afraid of?” Wang Teng replied calmly.
“Stop talking.
It’s not difficult to leave.
We’ll find two evil clansmen later and disguise as them.
Then, we’ll sneak into the crowd and leave.”

“It looks like this is the only way.” Zuotian Liehua nodded.

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