They went back the same way they came.
Her speed was on par with Wang Teng.
As someone who was able to hide in the Zhenli Clan for more than a year and survive, she had some skills up her sleeves.
At least her running speed was amazing!

“Who is it?!” At this moment, the pope, who was in deep sleep, suddenly opened his eyes.
His expression changed, and he bellowed in anger.

“Oh my, that was fast!” Wang Teng was shocked.

Indeed, the pope was a powerful martial warrior.
He noticed the change immediately after the Demon Lotus Poison Body’s poison entered his body.

Zuotian Liehua and Wang Teng escaped to the hall at the speed of light.
“What did you do? Why did he wake up with a start!” Zuotian Liehua asked with a black face as she escaped.
This fellow was so troublesome!

“I didn’t do anything.
I just added some nutrient solution to his sleeping cabin,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.
Zuotian Liehua almost went mad.

What do you mean by nutrient solution! Do you think I’ll believe your bullshit?

This bastard was still trying to fool her.

Zuotian Liehua was appalled.
“Wait, did you poison him?!”

“Huh? You’re not so stupid after all,” Wang Teng said.
She knew that Wang Teng was up to no good, but she didn’t think he would poison the pope of the Zhenli Clan.
Zuotian Liehua finally understood how sly the guy was.

Indeed, he was a bad guy!

“Why are you looking at me like that? There can never be too much deception in war.
Any method is good as long as it can defeat our opponent.” Wang Teng was furious.
He felt humiliated.

“Yes, yes, your method is amazing.” Zuotian Liehua was speechless.
This fellow had a few screws loose.
Was this the time to care about this?

“… Whatever you say!” Wang Teng replied indignantly.

“Since you poisoned him, why are you still running away? Why can’t you fight with him?” Zuotian Liehua asked angrily.

“What do you know? Before you kill a mouse, you must let it run around.
That way, the rat poison in it will spread through its body faster,” Wang Teng said with a straight face.
“Are you treating the pope as a rat?” Zuotian Liehua didn’t know what to say.

They seemed to have talked for a long time but only a few seconds had passed.
They had run to the hall and were sprinting towards the passageway linking to the ground.

The pope of the Zhenli Clan had stepped out of his sleeping chamber.
Since his cabin was filled with liquid, the door would only open after it had been emptied.
That was why he took some time.

The sleeping cabin was part of the alien civilization.
Due to the difference in language and culture, the Zhenli Clan hadn’t grasped the use of all the items inside the spacecraft even though they had had it for some time.

For instance, they had only learned the most basic use of this sleeping cabin.
He couldn’t open it quickly from inside or his speed would have been faster.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry.
That rat came in secretly and used such an unscrupulous method.
Hence, his ability must be weak.
He wasn’t worried that this rat would run away.
He wouldn’t be able to escape using the short time he took to get out of the sleeping cabin.

It was ironic that both Wang Teng and the pope treated each other as a rat.
Who would be the rat in the end?

The pope stepped out of the cabin and disappeared on the spot.
His cold voice echoed in the spacecraft.
“You can’t run away!”

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