Chapter 702 These Little Creatures Are Quite Exquisite!

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua finally reached the end of the stone staircase.

A ray of light shone over from afar.

The two of them walked to the exit carefully.
Unexpectedly, what appeared wasn’t an underground space.
It was a glowing circular screen formed by white light.
It looked like a mirror.

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua glanced at one another.
None of them expected this scene.
They were caught by surprise.

“What should we do?” Zuotian Liehua asked involuntarily.
“Don’t worry.” Wang Teng released a wisp of spiritual power and pushed it forward, touching the circular screen gradually.

He was prepared to leave the instant he felt something amiss.

To be safe, he even disconnected the spiritual power from his mind.
He didn’t care about losing some of it.
He had ample spiritual power.

He wasn’t timid.
This was a strategic withdrawal!

The spiritual power stretched into the circular screen like a tentacle.
Zuotian Liehua started to get nervous too.
Her body tensed up.
She was worried that the pope of the Zhenli Clan would jump out off the screen.

Nothing happened.

Everything was calm.
Through his spiritual power, Wang Teng sensed the situation inside.
There were no signs of living creatures and humans.
Am I thinking too much? Wang Teng thought to himself.
After some hesitation, he decided to enter the screen.

“Let’s go; it shouldn’t be dangerous,” Wang Teng said.

“Should?!” Zuotian Liehua’s face turned black.

Please don’t say such irresponsible words!

Wang Teng ignored her.
He had already stepped into the screen of light.
Zuotian Liehua gritted her teeth.
She glanced at the empty passageway behind her and followed Wang Teng in.

Her vision blurred, and she entered a round passageway.
Wang Teng was not far in front of her.

“Catch up!” Wang Teng’s voice entered her ears.
The two of them felt their way through the round passageway.
They walked a few meters and arrived at a silver hall.

The hall looked like those in the science fiction movies.
It was silver and white with a semicircle as its roof.
It was made of an unknown metal, and there were no gaps at all.

A ray of light shone down from the top.
The entire hall looked dreamy.

“Where are we? Was he lying about the alien spacecraft?” Zuotian Liehua scanned her surroundings with uncertainty.

“If I’m right, we are inside the spacecraft,” Wang Teng pondered and replied.
“Huh?” Zuotian Liehua was startled.
“Isn’t the pope of the Zhenli Clan here? Will it be alright for us to stroll in like this?”

Wang Teng’s expression was gloomy.
He contemplated before replying to her, “Success doesn’t come easy.
This is an alien spacecraft.
It’s necessary to take a risk.”

Zuotian Liehua’s expression changed, She knew that Wang Teng wouldn’t leave so easily.

The hall was silent.
Wang Teng glanced around him.
There were no paths leading to other places.
He activated the Eyes of Essence and scanned the surroundings once again.
Very soon, he saw two passageways hidden behind two silver doors.
The walls were made of some special technique, so everything was seamless.
It was impossible to see the door with the naked eye.

Wang Teng realized that the Eyes of Essence skill was extremely useful.
He could see everything clearly.
“This way!” Wang Teng opened his mouth and said.

Zuotian Liehua was shocked.
How did he know?

She quickly followed him silently.

Wang Teng came to a certain part of the hall and felt around the walls.
A digital screen popped up.

He tapped it lightly, and the door gradually opened to the side.
A path made using an unknown alloy laid out in front of them.

They walked along the passageway and saw many rooms.
There were sleeping chambers inside the rooms with strange creatures resting in them.

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua were stunned.

Were these… aliens?!

The creatures in the sleeping chambers looked abstract.
Their mouths stuck out like an ape and they had monkey chins.
They looked like the monkeys on Earth.

But there were a few differences.
Their eye sockets were deep and their heads were big.
They didn’t have fur.
Instead, they were covered with scales…

These little creatures are quite exquisite!

They weren’t any intelligent species on Earth.

“These…” Zuotian Liehua pointed at the creatures inside and asked in bewilderment.

“They should be aliens,” Wang Teng replied.
He stopped looking at them and continued going deeper.

Very soon, they arrived at a room at the end of the path.
They saw someone unexpected here.
That was right; it was a human! It was a middle-aged man around 30 years old.
He looked stern and domineering.
He had long black hair and was wearing a purple long gown, appearing extraordinary.
But to Wang Teng, he was just a person who liked the attention.

Just like the aliens, this person was in deep sleep.
He was lying in a huge sleeping chamber.

“The pope of the Zhenli Clan!” Zuotian Liehua exclaimed.

Wang Teng ignored her.
He had guessed that this was the pope of the Zhenli Clan, so he wasn’t surprised.

What caught his attention were the attribute bubbles on the ground.

Get it!

Metal Force*320

Constellation Force (Metal)*10 Constellation Force (Metal)*12

Metal Force* 450

Constellation Force (Metal)*15

Constellation Force (Metal Force)*8

Emperor Realm Spirit*50

Emperor Realm Spirit*65

Emperor Realm Spirit*48

It’s… constellation metal Force! An incredible thought popped into Wang Teng’s mind.

Had the pope grasped the method of converting Force into constellation Force?

If not, why were they so many constellation Force attribute bubbles floating around him? There were normal metal Force bubbles too.

There was only one explanation.
He was converting his Force.

This was why these two Forces were dropped.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
Things were getting tricky.
If the pope of the Zhenli Clan had managed to learn the skill of changing Force into constellation Force, he needed to reevaluate his power.

After all, there were rumors that the pope was at the peak of the general stage.
If he completed the conversion of his Force into constellation Force, he might enter a higher realm.

Also, Wang Teng noticed that the pope’s spiritual power had reached Emperor Realm.
He was already a powerful presence among the general-stage martial warriors.

“Wait for me here,” Wang Teng suddenly said.
He looked at the sleeping pope and decided to do something

He must stop him from growing stronger.
Who knew what level he might reach?

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