their results wouldn’t make much of a difference.

However, an announcement caused him to raise his eyebrows unconsciously.
A naughty smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

“Li Rongcheng, strength 812, speed 4.8 meters, physique 83—pass!”

Li Rongcheng’s results were out!

From the data, he had managed to pass the inspection with the standard of an advanced stage martial disciple.

However, he knew clearly that the guy hadn’t performed well.

The pressure that Wang Teng gave him was too great.
There was already a grudge between the two, so the better Wang Teng performed, the more he wanted to overtake him.

In the end, not only was he unable to overtake him, he couldn’t even release his full potential.

“Damn it!”

Li Rongcheng glared in Wang Teng’s direction.
Ever since he met this fellow, he had never been lucky.

Wang Teng chuckled uncontrollably when he heard this result.
He had fought with Li Rongcheng before, so he knew that his true capability was stronger than this.

It was obvious that he didn’t perform well this time!

“You can’t blame me for that, right?” Wang Teng muttered to himself.

Speaking of him, whether in his past life or this lifetime, before the Wang family went downhill, there were no huge grudges between Li Rongcheng and him.
They were just rich second generations who didn’t see eye to eye with each other.

But, after the Wang family collapsed in his past life, Li Rongcheng didn’t let go of that good opportunity to jeer at him.

Not only did he hit him when he was down, he even humiliated him frequently.

At that time, Wang Teng was having a hard time.
He had to work to support himself.
One time, Li Rongcheng bumped into him at work and humiliated him right there.
He even framed him for being sticky-fingered and caused him to lose his job…

This was how the hatred between them was formed.

In this lifetime, Li Rongcheng was quite innocent.
He took the blame for something he didn’t do and got beaten up terribly because of it.

After that, he kept getting suppressed by Wang Teng wherever he went.
This caused him to gnash his teeth with hatred.

Every time Wang Teng saw how much Li Rongcheng hated him but was unable to do anything about it, he would recall his past life.
This was exactly how he felt back then.
This allowed him to understand things at a deeper level.

He didn’t care if his past life had any relation to this life.
He also didn’t care whether Li Rongcheng had bullied him in this lifetime or not.
He just didn’t like Li Rongcheng!

Hence, he must be unlucky!

I, Wang Teng, am a narrow-minded person!

As he recalled his painful past, the inspection slowly drew to a close.

Lin Chuhan’s name was closer to the bottom of the name list, but she had ended her inspection too.
She managed to pass, even though it was a narrow escape.

Her data was quite dangerous.

Strength 323, speed 6.8 seconds, physique 55!

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say about her results.
He never imagined the god-like student, Lin Chuhan, would have a moment like this.

Poor, her results were too poor!

Hahaha, every dog has its day!

Lin Chuhan looked at Wang Teng.
He wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to do it.
She rolled her eyes uncontrollably.
“Laugh if you want to.
My martial arts results aren’t as crazy as yours!”

“I’m not laughing.
I’m very serious.” Wang Teng hurriedly denied it. Are you kidding? How can I laugh when a lady asks me to laugh? That’s so insensitive.

After some time, Yang Jian finished his inspection.
He passed too.

This fellow had an uncle working in the Ministry of Education, so he had received insider news long before the rest of the students.
He had ample time to prepare.
It wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t pass.

He walked over from afar.
When he saw Wang Teng, he rushed over and started shouting, “Young Master Wang, I’ll walk towards you on my knees and shoot the ground with my head!”


Wang Teng was dumbstruck.

“What does he mean?” He turned to look at Lin Chuhan.
He wanted to let this star student translate for him.

“He feels like kneeling in front of you,” Lin Chuhan felt speechless as she replied.

Yang Jian nodded furiously at the side.
“Young Master Wang, you have my respect.
I’m willing to bow down to you.
I didn’t know that you’re so impressive! Boss, please accept my knees!”

“Go away!” Wang Teng was speechless.
This fellow must be crazy!

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