Chapter 699 Magnetic Physique

The attribute bubbles merged into his body.
Some flowed through his meridians while others went to his mind and became memories.

At this instant, Wang Teng’s mind was trembling.
He felt an immense amount of knowledge overwhelming it.

Strange knowledge floated in his mind.
Biology, microbe, pathology, human body, medicine, and many more.
Medical Knowledge: 750/3000 (small achievement)

In an instant, Wang Teng’s medical knowledge went from basic understanding to well-versed to small achievement.
It passed three levels at once.

This was the level of a chief physician in a normal tertiary hospital.

Wang Teng’s eyes shone brightly.
His expression was fantastic.
Gaining medical knowledge in this place was out of his expectations.
Also, the rise in the level was a little too fast.
In the blink of an eye, he was on par with someone who had been in this industry for twenty to thirty years.

This wasn’t just theoretical knowledge.
It was a combination of theory and practice.

That meant that if he wanted to, he could be a real chief physician.
No one would know that he was a fake.

Well, he just didn’t have the credentials!

This was called illegal medical practice.

He was able to reach this stage quickly because the scientists present were all elites in their field.
Since they were able to participate in this human research, they weren’t just normal medical personnel.

The Zhenli Clan was quite impressive.
How did they gather so many elites?

Wang Teng had to acknowledge their ability.
Well, at least they were skilled in brainwashing people.

After the stream of knowledge calmed down in his mind, Wang Teng’s body started transforming.

As the Origin Of Life merged into his body, his status of life increased again.

This time, there were 48 points.
His origin of life reached…

Origin Of Life: 1416

A normal person wouldn’t be able to experience a level up in their status of life.

It felt… out of the world!

Zuotian Liehua suddenly realized that Wang Teng was trembling.
It was very faint.
If she wasn’t close to him, she wouldn’t have noticed it.

She found it strange.

What was going on? Was he trembling in anger because of what he saw inside?

Zuotian Liehua’s thoughts ran wild.
Her gaze turned softer when she looked at Wang Teng again.
This fellow didn’t seem as irritating as before.

He might be a little perverted, but his character… wasn’t bad!

Wang Teng wasn’t looking at her.
He was focused on his body.
Besides gaining Origin Of Life, he also received constellation Force.

There were two constellation Forces, wood and earth.

He had the fire Force already, so he possessed three constellation Forces now.

Wang Teng was shocked.
Did the Zhenli Clan manage to find a way to cultivate constellation Force?

No, they hadn’t grasped it entirely!

They only found a way for the people inside the glass cubicles to breed constellation Force.
But even so, this was a huge step.
Country Xia hadn’t even reached this stage, and they had an alien to research on.

Wait! Wang Teng thought of something.
Maybe the Zhenli Clan caught an alien too? Hong Peng had told him that the pope of the Zhenli Clan had captured an alien spacecraft.
They might have found some aliens inside.

No wonder!

Wang Teng was enlightened, feeling that he had solved the problem.

The alien the Zhenli Clan found might be newer than the one in Country Xia.

So, where was this alien?

Wang Teng was intrigued.
He couldn’t do anything to the alien in Country Xia, but that wasn’t the same for the alien here.

He sniggered, and his gaze turned evil.

They were going to exterminate the Zhenli Clan, so he shouldn’t let the alien go to waste.
After all, he was also finding a way to convert ordinary Force into constellation Force.

He had the Fire Essence Scripture from the martial warrior from Country Inka.
If he could get his hands on an alien to experiment, he had a high chance of succeeding.

At least he would be faster than others.

The alien would realize its value only in his hands.

He wasn’t arrogant.
It was because other people were too lousy! “Come, let’s go to the laboratory below to take a look,” Wang Teng spoke to Zuotian Liehua using voice transmission.
He took one last look at the humans inside the glass cubicles and turned to leave.

After walking another ten meters, he saw another laboratory.

This laboratory was different from the one before.
There were gigantic cages inside made from some special material.
Many huge beasts were locked up inside them.

They were all star beasts! Some were in poor spirits while others remained ferocious.
They roared and clawed the cage.
When their bodies touched the bars, there would be a spark, and the star beasts would howl in pain.
They shrunk back into the cage.
It was electricity.

There was a rune necklace around their throat.
It seemed to be restricting the Force in their bodies.
They could only use their physical strength, but the cage was extremely sturdy and tough.
There were runes carved on it too, and it used high-voltage current to keep them in check.
The star beasts couldn’t escape.

There were many people wearing white robes here.
They gathered around an operating table and were dissecting a star beast.

Many attribute bubbles floated around the caged star beasts and the operating table.
Wang Teng picked them up without any hesitation.

Earth Force*260

Blank Attribute*420

Fire Force*330

Wood Force*280

Blank Attribute*540

Metal Force*350

Blank Attribute*610

The attribute bubbles merged into his body.
Most of them were forces and blank attributes.
There was nothing special.


Suddenly, he froze.

An attribute bubble caught his attention.

Magnetic Physique*10

Wang Teng immediately felt a change in his body.
Special energy flowed into his limbs and muscles, and his physique underwent a unique transformation.

He gained a special physique here.

Magnetic Physique!

Just like its name, this physique would allow him to control anything with a magnetic field.
It was intriguing.
He seemed to have turned into a magnet.
Just like that, he had gained this special physique.
He just received it and the talent wasn’t strong, so he could only control some magnetic objects.
But this was truly a special physique.
You needed luck to find it!

Wang Teng’s eyes were glistening.
He immediately looked at the spot where the Magnetic Physique attribute bubble was dropped.
There lay a quiet beast.

The star beast had spikes all over its body and its skin was brown-yellow.
It looked hideous.
This was a large lizard.

At this moment, the lizard sensed something.
It opened its large eyes and stared in Wang Teng’s direction with its ice-cold vertical pupils.
There was confusion in them.

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