Chapter 690: Who Made This Brilliant Summary!

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After some time, he kept his brick happily.

Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill: 35/300 (well-versed)

He had raised this skill from basic understanding to well-versed.
However, this was the best he could do.

The man was bleeding.
He couldn’t hit him anymore.
After all, he was still a kind person.

‘Wang Teng took off the perverted man’s clothes and put them on.
His face and figure started changing too.
After a few seconds, he had turned into a scrawny young man.

That perverted aura was overflowing!

To be safe, Wang Teng sealed the man’s Force and tied him up.
He even stuffed that piece of undergarment into his mouth.
Even if the man woke up, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Wang Teng clapped his hands after finishing his tasks.
He felt that his plan was perfect.
He just felt a little guilty when he saw the pair of underwear in the man’s mouth.

“Cough, since you like this style, I’ll satisfy you.
You don’t have to thank me.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and pushed the man under the bed.
Then, he turned around and left.

He couldn’t stay here.
It would be troublesome if Ma Feifei came back and bumped into him.

‘As Wang Teng swaggered down the road, everyone looked at him with disdain.
All of them hated him.

‘Wang Teng felt that this fellow must have a hard life.

He walked along the streets and had a clear picture of the formation within the mountain.
However, he knew that the base of the Zhenli Clan was within three mountains and this was just the interior of one of the mountains.
He hadn’t looked at the other two.

“Come, I heard that the talents in our clan are having a duel, and they are going to fight in the life-or-death arena in the left peak.
Let’s go and take a look.”

“What, they’re having a duel in the life-or-death arena?”

“What happened? Why is there such a huge commotion?”

“Who knows? I heard it’s because of a woman…”

Suddenly, a few figures ran past Wang Teng, their panting voices entering his ear.

“Left peak, life-or-death arena!”

‘Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He caught up with those people and headed to the left peak.

Many people were heading in the same direction.
There was an uproar, and all of them seemed excited.
The crowd squeezed towards the left peak.

There was a stone pavement linking the spaces within the two mountains.

These evil clansmen must have gone crazy from the confinement.
Why are they so excited over a love affair? Wang Teng complained in his heart.
He merged into the crowd and followed them.

Everyone was moving in that direction, so no one would notice a nobody like him.

Very soon, he crossed the passageway and entered another space.

The situation here was different.
There were mostly arenas and training facilities.
This was a place for martial arts practice.

The majority of the people were gathered around a large arena in the middle.
It was extremely noisy.

“It’s Hong Peng and Murong Shan.
Why are they fighting?” someone nearby asked his companion.

“Haven’t you seen her?” The other person pointed at a beautiful lady with an amazing figure standing on the other side of the arena.
He smirked.

“Ma Feifei!”

“Haha, now you know.
Ma Feifei dated Hong Peng and seduced Murong Shan at the same time.
She enjoyed the love of two men for some time, but Hong Peng found out in the end.”

“I knew that Ma Feifei wasn’t a good person.
What a bitch!”

“Wait, shouldn’t they kill her for cheating? Why are they fighting among themselves?”

“You don’t understand.
No man can resist the charms of a beautiful woman.
These two are mesmerized by her.
No one is willing to let go.”

“Tsk, this is atrocious!”

“You’re right.
But if Ma Feifei sat on me, I think I’ll surrender in three minutes.”

“Haha… I don’t think I can last a minute…”

You could imagine how strange Wang Teng’s expression was as he listened to the chatter around him.

‘What were they saying?

Were all the evil clansmen like this too?

Pfft, why did he use ‘too’?

Oh right, isn’t Ma Feifei the dream girl of that perverted young man? Honestly, her figure is a little… I wonder how long Hong Peng and Murong Shan lasted when they were with her? Wang Teng touched his chin and scanned Ma Feifei’s body like a robot.
With his current appearance, he seemed even

more wicked than the original owner of his face.

“Oh my, isn’t this a three men show!” Wang Teng suddenly clapped his hands and shouted.
He was looking more and more like a pervert.

The evil clansmen around him looked over.

Who made this brilliant summary? It was straight to the point!

Although this ‘three men show’ wasn’t that ‘three men show, it didn’t prevent their thoughts from running wild.
Strange images started appearing in their minds, and they shuddered uncontrollably.

Ma Feifei was too seductive.
Many people had thoughts about her, so they got even more excited when someone said it blatantly.

Soon, they realized that Wang Teng was the one who spoke.
They weren’t surprised by the discovery.

‘As expected of this fellow!

“Yao Ji, you’re a talent!” A bulky man slapped his shoulder forcefully and laughed.

Yao Ji was the name of this perverted young man.
Wang Teng pretended to be weak and stumbled, almost falling to the ground.

The bulky man and the people around him laughed.

Hong Peng and Murong Shan also noticed the commotion here.
They looked at Wang Teng.
Malicious intent flashed in their eyes.

How dare he start a rumor! Did he have a death wish?

Ma Feifei’s gaze turned ruthless too.
She looked at Wang Teng without hiding the contempt on her face.

It was this idiot!

How dare he speak like this!

Ma Feifei knew that Yao Ji was timid, so she was a little puzzled.
However, she didn’t think too much.
She would never guess that this Yao Ji was a fake one.

“Start!” someone suddenly shouted.

The duo in the arena thought that their opponent was distracted by the scene below, so they attacked at the same time.
They wanted to finish the match quickly by striking first.

Unfortunately, no one succeeded.
They attacked simultaneously and shot toward each other at the speed of lightning.


Hong Peng held his blade while Murong Shan held his sword.
They collided in mid-air.

The blade glow and the sword glow danced in the air.
However, the impact was kept within the arena.
There was an invisible shield circling it, preventing the attacks from flowing out..

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