Chapter 689: I Might Have Found A Secret…


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At first, Wang Teng just wanted to get information about the base and leave, but he changed his mind.
Since this place was so fun, he should take a tour!

He hid in the dark and rubbed his chin, scanning the bustling crowd in front of him.
Finally, his gaze landed on an evil clansman who looked like a pervert.

You’re it!

‘Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
He followed the evil clansman silently.

The overall design of this little town was extensive.
Some structures were built right next to the mountain walls, so everything appeared narrow and cramped.

No one greeted this evil clansman when he walked along the streets.
Most of them looked at him with contempt while others just ignored him.
No one cared about him.

It was obvious that this evil clansman wasn’t liked by his peers.
However, he didn’t seem angry or frustrated.
The cheeky smile remained pasted on his face.
He didn’t look like a good person.1

When he reached a secluded area, he suddenly turned onto a stone path and scurried along like a thief until he arrived in front of a stone door.

‘There were many similar passageways on this stone pavement, lining up orderly along the walls.

‘Wang Teng wanted to kill this person and use his identity to sneak into the headquarters of the Zhenli Clan.
However, he got curious and decided to wait and see.

He hid in the dark and stared at the evil clansman with interest.

The evil clansman’s hands started glowing.
The light gathered on his finger, and he pointed at the stone door.

A faint light lit up on the stone door.
A small rune array appeared.

With his eyes brightening, his hand speed increased.
He tapped a few times, and the array on the stone door shone brightly.
Then, it dimmed.

Good riddance, this is interesting.
Wang Teng was stunned.

He could tell that this perverted evil clansman had used some special method to break the rune array temporarily.
These stone doors wouldn’t stop him for now.

The evil clansman inspected his surroundings and confirmed that there no one was around him.
He then pushed the stone door and entered the cave.

Wang Teng reacted quickly and flew in when the stone door opened.
However, due to the close distance, he caused a breeze.

“Where did the wind come from?” The evil clansman was puzzled.
He glanced around him vigilantly and muttered, “Nevermind, let’s get down to business first.”

‘Wang Teng stood in the dark corner and stared at him with wide eyes.
His expression was strange.

This fellow was a habitual offender!

He must be really bold to steal from his own people.
Wasn’t he afraid of getting caught?

“Hehehe… My babies, here I come!” The evil clansman laughed cheekily and walked towards the bed in the room.

Gasp… Damn it, this fellow is a pervert! I want to slap him to death.
Goosebumps appeared on Wang Teng’s skin.
He shuddered.

He shifted his gaze away.
He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his desire to kill this fellow if he continued looking at him.

He finally had the time to size up his surroundings and realized that this was a lady’s room.
There were many items used by ladies here, so it was easy to tell.

Suddenly, he heard the perverted laughter again.

“| found it.
Ma Feifei’s figure is atrocious.
She keeps hanging around men and seducing them.
I knew that she wears these things.

‘As he spoke, he placed a thin piece of cloth close to his nose and took a deep breath.
He seemed mesmerized

Damn it, I might have found a secret.

F**k, this is a real pervert.

‘Wang Teng’s face turned black.
This bastard was holding the undergarment of a lady!

He didn’t think that this man, whom he picked randomly, had such a unique character.
He regretted his decision and wanted to leave.

But thinking about it, it wasn’t easy to find a person.
Also, this fellow was unsociable and odd.
It would be hard to find another one like him.

Alright, let’s just use him.

‘Wang Teng was a little unwilling, though.
His gaze turned sharp, and he appeared behind the evil clansman silently.
Then, he raised his hand and smashed his brick down.


There was a dull thud, and the evil clansman widened his eyes in shock and disbelief.
After a second, his eyes rolled back, and he fell onto the bed.

“Tsk, what a loser.
One hit, and he fainted.” Wang Teng shook his head.

A few attribute bubbles also dropped.

Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill*5

Spiritual Realm Spirit*6o0

spiritual Realm Enlightenment*55

“Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill? What’s that?” Wang Teng was surprised.
His mind shook, and a memory appeared out of nowhere.

In his memory, a scrawny young man was studying runes.
He looked ordinary and a little sneaky.
He seemed like a pervert.
However, his rune talent was extremely high, and he was sensitive to all kinds of runes.
He was a genius in this field.

Unfortunately, because of his looks, he always got bullied and was never treated fairly.
Other people only mocked and teased him.

As time went by, he got more and more eccentric and lonely.
He didn’t like to converse with others, so he locked himself in his room and decided to take revenge on those people who looked down on him.

It was easier for people with extreme personalities to go on the wrong path.

This young man knew that his martial arts talent was low, so he placed all his focus on studying runes and deciphering them.
In the end, he managed to invent a theory that could break rune arrays.

This was the Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill!

He used his own surname to name this skill.

Wang Teng was astounded.
He kicked the person to turn him around and looked at the perverted face.
He couldn’t link this face with his talent.

He didn’t seem like a genius at all!

“This fellow is an odd genius!

“The Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill is quite useful, though.” Wang Teng’s eyes sparkled.
He suddenly smiled.

From his point of view, this Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill wasn’t profound.
Since the other party wasn’t a runemaster, his mastery and knowledge of runes were limited.
Naturally, the skill he invented couldn’t break runes created by master-level runemasters and above.

However, Wang Teng wouldn’t underestimate this skill.

He caught the crux of the issue immediately.
As long as he increased the points of this skill, he could raise the effects limitlessly.

If he added his blank attributes to the Yao Family Rune Deciphering Skill, this skill might reach a level he couldn’t imagine.

“But before that, I should get everything I can from him.
I mustn’t waste this opportunity.” Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the perverted man again.
His expression turned dangerous.

Bang, bang, bang

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