Chapter 685 Be An Ambitious Scorpion

The Fire Blast Giant Ape was dead.
Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion almost lost their lives in its hands earlier, so they didn’t show it any mercy.

When they came over from afar, they saw Wang Teng’s eyes shimmering.
They were shocked.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the metal armor flaming scorpion.

The layers of obstacles started turning invisible.
First, the shell.
Then, the flesh, the blood, and the bones.
Finally, he saw a ball of chaotic light.

That was… the soul!

The metal armor flaming scorpion shuddered in fear, feeling a chill all over its body.
It seemed to be standing naked in front of Wang


What’s wrong with this brat? His eyes are so strange.
He’s not normal!

The metal armor flaming scorpion was frightened.
It stepped back uncontrollably, wanting to distance itself from Wang Teng.
It got even more scared of him than ever before.

“Why are you running away?” Wang Teng smiled ambiguously.

Master, your aura is exceptional.
I don’t dare to get closer to you.
I should stay away as far as I can,” the metal armor flaming scorpion stammered.

“Since you’re so free, dig the star cores and star bones out of those corpses.” Wang Teng didn’t care about the metal armor flaming scorpion’s thoughts.
He gave his order.

“I… I don’t know who has star cores and star bones!” The metal armor flaming scorpion felt hopeless.
This was an arduous task for it.
This brat had killed so many star beasts.
How could it find the star bones and cores?

“I’ll point and you’ll dig,” Wang Teng said meaningfully.

After obtaining the Eyes of Essence, he could see through all matter.
He could tell which star beast had star bone and which had star core.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was puzzled, but it remembered the strange feeling it had when Wang Teng looked at it just now.
An absurd thought entered its mind.

Can he see them?

“That Scorching Wind Leopard, take its star core and the star bone in its left leg.” Wang Teng scanned the corpses and started ordering the scorpion.

Feeling doubtful, the metal armor flaming scorpion slit the body of the Scorching Wind Leopard with its pincers and took out a wind element star core and a wind element thigh star bone.

It was dumbfounded and in disbelief.

“The poisonous python on the left.
Take out the star core.” Wang Teng’s voice was heard again.

“And the star core from the green-skin rhinoceros.”

With Wang Teng’s instructions, the metal armor flaming scorpion turned into a busy little bee, spinning around the corpses like a worker bee.

With each passing second, the astonishment in its heart grew stronger and stronger.

He was right!

All of Wang Teng’s predictions hit the mark.
It was as if he could see them.

This was… unbelievable.

In the end, the tired metal armor flaming scorpion finally managed to collect all the star cores and star bones.
After some rough calculations, there were 136 star cores and 12 star bones.

These star cores were all 8-star and above.
They were worth some money.

There were 8 lord-level star cores too.
They could fetch a higher price than the other star cores.
If he sent them for auction, the general-stage martial warriors would scramble to snatch them.

Also, among the 12 star bones, three of them were from lord-level star beasts.
One of them came from the Fire Blast Giant Ape.

Star bones were more precious and rarer than star cores.
People would fight for them.

Wang Teng wanted to keep the star cores and star bones, but he noticed Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion staring at them greedily.
He smiled and took out six fire-element star cores.

“Little White, here are four for you.
Scorpion, here’s your share.” Wang Teng passed the star cores to his two pets.

Little White cawed delightedly at the metal armor flaming scorpion.
It lifted its claws and took the four star cores.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was jealous.


It had worked so hard, but it only got two star cores.
The stupid bird didn’t do anything yet received four.
Moreover, the level of its star cores was higher and the Force inside was purer.

This brat was too biased.

“Perform well and you will have more benefits in the future.” Wang Teng reminded the metal armor flaming scorpion at the right time.

The metal armor flaming scorpion shuddered.
It felt that Wang Teng had read all its thoughts.
The unhappiness in its heart disappeared without a trace.

“Master, wait and see my performance.
I will be your most loyal spiritual pet and your sharpest weapon.
I will follow your orders and never disappoint you.” The metal armor flaming scorpion started displaying its loyalty, loudly knocking its shell with its pincers.

It knew that this brat had gotten stronger again.
All these powerful star beasts were nothing in front of him.
They were killed as easily as waving his hand.

It would be advantageous for him to follow this powerful master!

Look, the little crow recognized its master earlier, so it gained more benefits.

No, as an ambitious scorpion, it must catch up!

It just had to be a spiritual pet, right?

Who didn’t know how to act obedient and cute?

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
He could almost see the scorpion throwing its dignity on the ground and crushing it into pieces.

“Cough, not bad.
I have high hopes for you.” He coughed awkwardly and encouraged the scorpion.

“Master, I have a piece of good news.
Will you be interested?” The metal armor flaming scorpion sniggered.

“Oh, what good news?” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows curiously.

“These star beasts’ bases must be nearby.
I’m familiar with most of them.
Since they’re dead, the spiritual herbs in their base are free for all.
Why don’t I go and collect them?” the metal armor flaming scorpion asked.
Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He nodded and said, “Let Little White go with you.
Move quickly.
Don’t waste any time.”

“Give me one hour.
I promise I’ll be back in one hour.”

The metal armor flaming scorpion left with Little White.

Wang Teng stayed behind and kept the corpses in his space.
The flesh of these advanced-rank star beasts was good stuff.
Since he had enough storage space, he didn’t want to waste valuable resources.

After keeping all the corpses, his eyes brightened.
A purple divine star beast appeared on his palm.

Three-eyed Suanni Lion![1]

Wang Teng’s gaze shimmered as he sized up the Three-eyed Suanni Lion.

From his memory, Wang Teng knew that this magical beast was the source of his Eyes of Essence.

This was an ancient beast with an ancient bloodline.
Its bloodline was sacred and remarkable, possessing the Eyes of Essence talent.
However, this talent hadn’t been activated or it would have been stronger.

Unexpectedly, this talent was dropped when Wang Teng killed it.

Destiny likes to fool people!

Wang Teng felt that this Three-Eyed Suanni Lion had died a wrongful death.
It was quite unlucky.

However, it deserved it.

It should have stayed in its nest obediently.
Why must it come out and be a busybody? Look, this was why it died.

[1] A mythical creature in Chinese legend

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