Chapter 680: Handover

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Lin Chuhan’s family watched Wang Teng leave before turning back into their house.

‘When Lin Chuhan saw her mother’s excited expression, she wanted to run away immediately.
She knew her mother was going to ask many questions.

The daughter knew her mother best!

However, Mother Lin grabbed her and said angrily, “What are you treating me as? Why are you running away before answering my questions?”

“Mom, don’t ask.
We’ll settle our own things,” Lin Chuhan said helplessly.

“Alright, alright.
I won’t interfere.
But as your mother, I have the right to know what’s happening, right? How far are you guys in your relationship?” Mother Lin asked excitedly.

“Erm, nowhere.
We just confirmed our relationship.” Lin Chuhan’s ears turned red when she remembered the kiss on the way.
Her gaze flickered.

As someone who had been there and done that, Mother Lin understood her expression.
She laughed and said, “Why are you feeling shy? Alright, I won’t ask.
You can settle your own relationship.
I know Wang Teng, and I believe in his character.
I have nothing to worry about.”

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.
She felt that her mother believed in Wang Teng more than she believed in her.
People might think that Wang Teng was her son.

Lin Chuxia’s eyes dimmed a little when she saw this scene.4

Unfortunately, no one noticed.


The next day, Wang Teng said goodbye to his family after he finished breakfast.

The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft rose into the air and turned into a black shadow, disappearing on the horizon.

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo watched the battlecraft until they couldn’t see it.
They retracted their gaze unwillingly.

“Twonder when he will be back,” Li Xiumei said sadly.
There were tears in her eyes.

“Our son has grown up.
He will have to leave one day.
Don’t worry,” Wang Shengguo consoled her.

I’m just expressing my thoughts.
I’m happy that our son is more successful than everyone else,” Li Xiumei replied.

Not long after Wang Teng left, Grandpa Zhou came with Zhou Baiyun.
They didn’t get to see Wang Teng, though.

‘The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft Wang Teng was in hovered over the Huanghai Military Academy.
A figure shot up from the instructors’ dormitory and entered the plane.

It was Dan Taixuan.
When they had returned to Donghai, she went to the Huanghai Military Academy, and now, she was following Wang Teng to the Xingwu Continent to hand over the chief commander position to him.

‘The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft landed near the dimensional rift.
Wang Teng kept the battlecraft in his space fragment.

‘The benefit of the space fragment was shown once again.
It was large enough to store this huge battlecraft.
How convenient.

Dan Taixuan’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Where did you get such a big storage space?”

“L got lucky.” Wang Teng chuckled without giving a direct answer.

He couldn’t tell her that he got it by picking up attributes, right?

After a round of inspection, they passed through the dimensional rift and entered the Xingwu Continent.




‘Wang Teng’s space talent had increased by multiple folds already.
He picked up many space attributes when he traveled through the dimensional rift.

Yong City.

A lot of buildings were destroyed during the invasion of the Zhenli Clan, but most of them had been rebuilt.
The entire city had regained its vitality.

‘Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan didn’t alert anyone.
They went out of the city right after arriving and boarded the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft to head to Black Sparrow City.

Black Sparrow City!

‘The appearance of the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft instantly caught the attention of the entire Black Sparrow City.
The deputy commanders stationed here rushed out at once.

There were no battlecraft in the Xingwu Continent.

Hence, they thought that it was a flying star beast and got ready for a fight.
They even activated their heavy rune weapons and aimed them at the sky.
All they needed was a command to fire.

‘Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.
They used the communication system to contact the people below.

The soldiers were shocked when they received the news.
After learning that this was a big misunderstanding, they heaved a sigh of relief.

The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft landed, and Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan walked out.

Everyone was amazed when they saw the battlecraft in front of them.

They were military personnel, so they knew what this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft represented.
Hence, they were curious when this battlecraft appeared in their city.

How was this battlecraft brought over to the Xingwu Continent?

‘They were puzzled.

“Chief Commander!” Song Wanjiang, Zhu Chengwang, and the other deputy commanders came forward.

They were greeting Dan Taixuan, not Wang Teng.

“Call everyone over to the field.
I have something to announce,” Dan Taixuan said directly.

‘The deputy commanders’ expressions changed.
They sensed something from her tone.

This was an important announcement!

‘They immediately took the order and left.

Half an hour later, numerous military martial warriors lined up on the practice field in the Black Sparrow City, They stood in an orderly manner quietly.

It was a magnificent sight.

All of them seemed curious.
They didn’t know why they were suddenly called over.

Some officers were sitting on the seats around the field and discussing in low voices.

Niu Li, Kong Li, and Yuwen Xuan were all present.

Even Han Zhu, Wan Baiqiu, Du Yu, and other graduates from Huanghai Military Academy had come to report.

‘They had received a huge stimulation during the sea beasts’ riot and understood how weak they were.
Thus, they came to the military to accept missions fervently.

They were talented, so with hard work, they quickly gained a firm foothold in the military and the recognition of their comrades.
Their reputation rose in the Black Sparrow Troop.

“What do you think is happening? Why is everyone here?” Kong Li nudged Yuwen Xuan and asked.

“How would I know?” Yuwen Xuan replied helplessly.

“Make a guess.
You’re so boring,” Kong Li replied angrily.
This fellow was dull for sure.

“It must be something huge.
I have never seen a scene like this for many years,” Niu Li opened his mouth and said.

“Old Niu, you don’t know what’s happening either?” Kong Li asked.

“Tjust received the news.
The deputy commanders gave the order directly.
I’m at a loss too,” Niu Li replied.

They weren’t the only ones.
The deputy commanders were also whispering to one another and wondered what Dan Taixuan was going to say.
Why did she gather everyone?

Amid the whispers, Dan Taixuan walked up the high platform.

The voices disappeared in an instant.
Everyone stared at her in silence.

Dan Taixuan placed her hands behind her back and swept the field.
Then, she said in a calm tone, “I will get straight to the point.
I’ve gathered everyone here to announce a matter…”

She paused.

“Twill be stepping down as the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop!”

‘There was a huge commotion.
No one had imagined that Dan Taixuan was going to drop such a huge bomb on them.

She was still young.
Why was she stepping down?

Sharp glints appeared in the deputy commanders’ eyes.
They straightened their backs instantly.
Though, they were still dumbfounded.

Dan Taixuan allowed everyone to digest the news for a few seconds before continuing, “After I leave, Wang Teng will be taking over the position as the chief commander.”


This time, the entire field turned eerily silent..

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