Chapter 67: What Are You Looking At?

After the buses led by Liu Wenshi arrived at Jixin Martial House, another two groups of buses came in one after another.

Approximately one-third of the martial arts examinees from Donghai were gathered here.

The examinees alighted the buses and gathered in small groups.
They were extremely noisy.

“I didn’t expect us to get assigned to Jixin Martial House for our level inspection!”

“There must be many examinees at Leiting Martial House and Bailian Martial House too.
These top three martial arts academies place much emphasis on the martial arts exam.
Every year, they will fight for the right to become the exam venue so that they can look out for potential examinees to draw over to their side.”

“Not only that, but I heard this is a way for the martial arts academies to display their strength.”

“The examinees will be able to witness the ability of the martial arts academies when they take their exams.
Thus, when they make their choice in the future, they will naturally lean towards the martial arts academy they took their exam in.”

The students discussed the topic seriously.

At this moment, the leaders of the three bus fleets met each other.
They were all from the Ministry of Education and knew each other.
They just had different missions today.

“Line up properly and follow me!”

After they finished speaking, the examinees quickly queued up in three different lines.

Each of the three main groups was then split into eight or nine small teams based on the number of students.
Each team was led by a teacher.

The three leaders led their groups towards the martial disciple training building.

The exam hadn’t started, so no one was allowed to enter the martial disciple training building.
They could only wait outside.

“Those are the students from Huiying Private High School, right?”

“It should be them.
Look at their uniform.”

“Although it’s a private high school, their school is famous for being strict with their students.
I’ve seen it for myself today.
They even need to wear school uniforms for their university entrance exam.”

“I heard that Huiying is very impressive.
They had as many as eight advanced stage martial disciples.”

“Tsk, what’s so impressive about that? They snatched at least five of them from the other schools using money…”

The conversations between the other students floated into Wang Teng’s ears.
He followed their gazes and looked at the group of students on the side.

A bunch of examinees wearing blue and white uniforms were standing in a straight line.
There seemed to be quite a few of them.

The examinees stood there with their chests raised and chins out.
All of them were trying their best to display an arrogant expression.

The eight students at the front of the line caught most people’s attention, though.
Even the other students from Huiying were murmuring about them.

Of course, since Donghai No.
1 High School was a top high school, they also became the topic of discussion for the examinees from other schools.

“The examinees from Donghai No.
1 High School don’t seem weaker than those from Huiying High.”

“I heard that they have five advanced stage martial disciples, and all of them entered Donghai No.
1 using their results.
This is different from Huiying, who bought their students.”

“Also, the number of examinees from Donghai No.
1 High School is around the same as Huiying…”

Donghai No.
1 High School and Huiying High School.
One was a top public high school, while the other was a strong private high school.
It was understandable that people would compare the two.

The examinees from Donghai No.
1 High School immediately felt proud.

Go ahead and compare.
Who’s afraid of you?

In an instant, the students from Donghai No.
1 and Huiying couldn’t see eye to eye with one another.
As they exchanged gazes, sparks flew everywhere…

‘What are you looking at?’

‘Why can’t I look at you?’

‘How dare you look at me again!’

‘I will kill you if you continue looking at me…’

The students from the other schools became their background.
They weren’t very happy and were all holding their anger in their hearts.
They would astound the crowd during the inspection.

If they were able to surpass Donghai No.
1 and Huiying, that would be even better!

Time passed quickly.
Soon, the main entrance of the martial disciple training building opened slowly.
A few staff stood at the entrance.

“They are from the Office of Inspector General!”

Someone recognized the identity of the staff at the door and exclaimed in surprise.

Wang Teng’s expression changed as his gaze landed on the staff.
He had long heard of the Office of Inspector General.

In the past, when he was researching online, he chanced upon the Office of Inspector General.

Just like the City Protection Bureau, the Office of Inspector General was a department ruled by martial warriors.
They were in charge of inspections.
Any criminal that fell in their hands would suffer terribly even if they didn’t die.

Many officials, who were martial warriors, trembled in fear when they met the people from the Office of Inspector General.
They were like mice in front of a cat.

This powerful department actually appeared at the exam venue of the martial arts exam.
Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

“I’ve heard that in the early days, there were many cases of cheating.
The situation only got better after the Office of Inspector General interfered in the exam,” Yang Jian whispered beside him.

Wang Teng nodded in understanding.

They followed the group and entered the exam venue.
The Office of Inspector General staff verified the identification card and the examination identity card one by one.
They also scanned the examinees’ bodies.
The entire process was rigorous.

When it was Wang Teng’s turn, he successfully passed the scanning without any accidents and entered the exam venue.

“I’ll be going in first.
See you again after the exam!”

“Alright!” Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian nodded.

Wang Teng had come multiple times to this martial disciple training building.
He was very familiar with the environment here.

However, when he entered the building this time, he realized that the interior had undergone an enormous change.

All the different pieces of equipment had been moved.
Only the strength inspection devices, speed indicator devices, and physique inspection devices were left.

Also, it wasn’t just one or two devices.
There were rolls and rolls of them.
They filled up the entire training hall.

Each group consisted of one strength inspection device, one speed indicator device, and one physique inspection device.
There were two staff standing at the side to help with the inspection.

There was a number above each set of three devices.
The examinees needed to find the corresponding set of devices based on the number on their examination identity card.

Wang Teng looked at his examination identity card—Number 8!

There was already a long queue in front of the number 8 inspection device.
He walked over and queued up behind the crowd.

There were many examinees.
However, since this was an important event, everyone was conscientious.
No one dared to create trouble.
Within a short time, they finished forming a queue.

The announcement signaling the start of the level inspection sounded on the broadcast system.

Every group of staff had a name list in their hands.
They started calling out the names of the examinees one by one.

“Wang Junming!”

“Qian Zhengxiang!”

The examinees whose name got called went forward and started the inspection.

For intermediate stage martial disciples, their strength needed to be between 300-700kg.
Their 100-meter sprint must be between five to seven seconds, and their physique had to be between 50 to 80.

After the examinee finished his inspection, the staff would announce the result on the spot.
The other staff would enter the details into the laptop in his hand.

“Wang Junming, strength 362, speed 6.8 seconds, physique 56—pass!”

“Qian Zhengxiang, strength 411, speed 6.2 seconds, physique 61—pass!”

“XXX, strength 298, speed 6.9 seconds, physique 51—fail!”

When he heard this announcement, the examinee’s face turned pale.
He was grief-stricken as if bereaved of his parents.
He kept muttering unconsciously, “How is this possible? How is this possible? I inspected my strength a few days ago.
It had exceeded 300kg.
Why is it 2kg less now?”

The other examinees looked at him with pity.
It was normal to have some fluctuations in one’s strength and speed.
It all depended on the person’s performance.

It was even more so for people who were hovering at the passing mark.
A slight dip in performance would cause them to fail.

“No way, I want to do my inspection again.
I didn’t release all my potential.
I’m already an intermediate stage martial disciple.
I want to do the test again!”

The examinee went a little crazy.
He rushed to the inspector and pleaded with him to give him a second chance.

“Drag him out,” the inspector said calmly.

Every examinee only had one chance for their martial arts exam.
Their performance was a test of their mentality too.
If they couldn’t perform well, they had no one to blame.

Also, the criteria this year were already lowered tremendously.
If this examinee couldn’t even hit the requirements, he wouldn’t have any hope of passing the actual combat assessment later on.
It would be a waste of time for him to continue.

After the inspector finished speaking, a few security guards with stern and cold expressions appeared out of nowhere.
They lifted the examinee and dragged him out of the exam venue.

“No, I won’t want to leave.
Please give me another chance, please.
Give me another chance…”

The examinee was unwilling to accept his fate.
He struggled furiously and refused to leave.

“If you continue kicking up a fuss, your martial arts exam right will be removed!” An indifferent voice sounded from the broadcast system.

The examinee froze on the spot.
He instantly gave up hope and didn’t dare to make any more sounds.

The other examinees felt their hearts stopping momentarily.
The strictness and inhumane nature of this martial arts exam caused them to tense up.
They didn’t dare to slack, treating the inspection even more seriously.

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