Chapter 678: I Have No Time

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‘Wang Teng didn’t think that the news of the exchange event would spread so quickly.
Even the people in Donghai had heard about it.

He smiled when he saw everyone’s astounded expression.
“That’s an exaggeration.
This was an exchange event, and the interaction was peaceful.
No one was beaten to death.”

Governor Jiang, Ye Jixin, and the others looked at Wang Teng speechlessly.

Peaceful interaction?

Ordinary people might be fooled, but they wouldn’t.

The clash of talents from around the world must have been extremely intense.
All of them would be fighting to be the winner.

However, they didn’t expose Wang Teng since he didn’t want to explain further.

“What do you plan to do in Donghai? Why don’t I give you a position?” Governor Jiang pondered as he said.

He was trying to get Wang Teng on his side.
With Wang Teng’s current ability, it was only natural for him to do this.

Wang Teng might belong to the military, but he wouldn’t be crossing the line if he gave him an official post with little to do.

Grandpa Wang and Wang Shengguo’s eyes lit up.

This was a good deal!

More identities meant more routes to choose from.

They felt emotional.
Even Governor Jiang was trying to pull Wang Teng over.
In the past, they would never dare to think about this.

“It’s alright.” Wang Teng shook his head and rejected the offer.

‘The Wang family was startled.

Why did he reject such a good opportunity?

“Don’t be in a hurry to reject me.
You won’t need to do many things if you hold a position in the governor’s office.
We just need you to make an appearance on special occasions when we need a general-stage martial warrior.
After all, there aren’t many general-stage martial warriors in Donghai,” Governor

Jiang explained.
“Also, you will have many conveniences, like monthly allowance and benefits.
If we talk about contribution points, you can get 500—”

“Governor Jiang, I understand your kind intentions, but I don’t have the time.” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.
“I’ll be heading to the Xingwu Continent soon to take assume the chief commander position of the Black Sparrow Troop.
I really can’t hold any more responsibilities.”

“The chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop!” Governor Jiang widened his eyes in shock.

Ye Jixin, who was still observing the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft, leaped over when he heard this.

“What did you say? You’re going to lead the Black Sparrow Troop?” he asked in disbelief.

“Erm… yes.
I just received the order.” Wang Teng got a fright.

Wasn’t it just a chief commander position? It was tiring, arduous, and thankless.
Did they have to give such a huge reaction?

Everyone was speechless when they saw his look of contempt.

The chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop was as high in status as a governor.
The military strength he could command was even higher than the governor.
Yet, this young man seemed to dislike it.

‘The Wang family stared at Wang Teng in a daze.
They wanted to confirm it again, but they didn’t know how to open their mouths in front of Governor Jiang and the other martial warriors.
They were afraid of being looked down upon for making an unnecessary fuss.

As for Lin Chuhan and Zhou Baiyun, they stared at Wang Teng with their mouths slightly agape.
This felt like a dream.

In the blink of an eye, one of their peers was in a high position and could command an entire troop.

‘Who would believe them!

Yet it was the truth.
They couldn’t question it.

“In that case, I won’t be able to keep you.” Governor Jiang took a deep breath and shook his head with a forced smile.
“A military position will definitely keep you busy.
You won’t have the time.”

They chatted for some time before parting.
He was the busiest among them, so he didn’t dare to waste any more time.

“Congratulations, Chief Commander!” Ye Jixin cupped his fists.

Upon learning that Wang Teng’s ability was on par with his, Ye Jixin started treating him as his companion.
Now that he was in a high position, there was a hint of respect in his actions.

“President Ye, you’re too polite.” Wang Teng smiled and waved his hands.

Beside them, Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan wore complicated expressions.
They were more familiar with Wang Teng compared to Ye Jixin.
After all, they had watched him grow from a small martial warrior into someone they had to look up to.

Outsiders wouldn’t understand their emotions.

“Come to the Jixin Martial House when you are free,” Ye Jixin said.
Then, he bade farewell and left.

Once the bigshots left, the Wang family crowded around him.

“Son, are you really the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop?” Li Xiumei sized up Wang Teng and asked in amazement.

“That’s right.
I’l be taking over tomorrow,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“You’re so young.
Why did they let you be the chief commander?” Li Xiumei still found it unbelievable and kept muttering to herself.

“What do you know? Our son is very powerful.
Even Governor Jiang and President Ye look up to him.
He has the right to be a chief commander,” Wang Shengguo said proudly.

“Hahaha, this must be the accumulated virtue of our ancestors.
Our Wang family finally has a high-ranking official!” Grandpa Wang laughed happily.

This was one of the obsessions of the older generations.

‘The Wang family did business and had a natural yearning and respect for power.
To them, becoming a high-ranking official was glory for their family and their ancestors.

‘Wang Teng had helped them realize this dream.
Moreover, his rank wasn’t low.
Even the governor had high hopes for him.

He held great power.

Wang Teng felt relieved when he noticed how happy everyone was.
After all, everything he did was for his family.

The atmosphere within the family was harmonious after Wang Teng’s return.

At night, Li Xiumei and Wang Teng’s auntie prepared a huge table of food for the family.
Everyone gathered together.

Li Xiumei asked Lin Chuhan to stay, who sat beside Wang Teng restlessly.

“This isn’t your first time.
Why are you so nervous?” Wang Teng teased her in a low voice.

Lin Chuhan glared at him.
She was the only outsider here, with so many Wang family members.
How could she feel at ease?

“Anyway, why is Zhou Baiyun here?” Wang Teng suddenly remembered her and asked.

“She’s a friend I made recently.
She came to find me today.
When auntie called me over, she said that she had some interactions with your family, so she followed me,” Lin Chuhan explained.

“The Zhou family!” A sharp glint appeared in his eyes.
“They were a powerful family in the past.”

“You know her?” Lin Chuhan glanced at him.

“Imet her once.” Wang Teng admitted it immediately.
“Girls from such families are very smart.
Be careful.”

Lin Chuhan receded into deep thought.
She wasn’t stupid.
She could tell that Zhou Baiyun had ulterior motives.
After Wang Teng’s reminder, she felt even more certain in her guess and nodded.

Wang Teng wanted to laugh when he saw her expression.

Zhou Baiyun must have underestimated Lin Chuhan.
If she had other thoughts, she might suffer in Lin Chuhan’s hands.

He started to feel excited.

“Why are you whispering to each other?” Li Xiumei laughed beside them.

Lin Chuhan raised her head and saw everyone staring at them ambiguously.
She blushed.

“Cough, let’s start eating.” Wang Teng’s skin was extremely thick.
He coughed and pretended that nothing had happened.
He started eating like usual..

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